(Clearwisdom.net) Many members of the European Council wrote letters to the Friends of Falun Gong in Europe to express their shock and concern over the Chinese Communist regime's removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners in forced labor camps.

European Council Member Christopher said, "I paid a high degree of attention to the report by the Washington Post you sent me, about 6,000 people detained in a secret concentration camp in northern China and the removal of organs which were sold for profit. This is an incident that the Human Rights Subcommittee of the European Council's Foreign Relations Committee definitely must conduct an investigation into."

European Council Member Graham said, "Thank you for your letter about the incident of removing organs in China. I was as concerned as you. I am one of the European Council members who actively pressured the CCP on the issue of China's human rights. I will raise the issue at a proper forum. Thank you for telling me about such a major issue in your letter."

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200605/32810.html