(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I noticed that many practitioners have been arrested. In some places they even arrested entire groups of practitioners. However, in the face of such arrests, our efforts in exposing the evil on the Internet, in our local areas, and the overall rescue work were not very efficient. In specific areas, they have not even started to do rescue work. More practitioners need to pay attention to this phenomenon!

During the event on "April 25", 1999, practitioners who appealed in Beijing requested three things: One was to release the forty practitioners who had been arrested in Tianjin. This action indicated that we, as cultivators, knew in our minds that the persecution was unacceptable because it was not only aimed at individuals but also at Teacher and Dafa. In addition, from the viewpoint of everyday people, it is unreasonable to arrest practitioners for lawfully appealing. From the viewpoint of the Fa-rectification, it is a malicious sabotage to treat practitioners as criminals simply because they have attachments. The persecution has lasted nearly seven years, but why do we imperceptibly "acknowledge" that the evil arrests and detains practitioners? This is also an acknowledgment of the arrangements of the old forces. It is time to strengthen our righteous thoughts and to find our attachments that are contributing to such thoughts and actions. We have to get rid of them by cultivating ourselves better.

The arrests of practitioners were indeed caused by certain loopholes in our cultivation, as well as doing things cultivators should not do, not correcting these problems for a long time, and other reasons. However, those reasons should not be excuses for persecution. For example, if someone has an unrestrained personality and a weak sense of responsibility, that person may not be appropriate to do important coordination work. However, this does not mean that this person should be sent to a forced labor camp. Just like an athlete who does not achieve a certain level because of poor performance, does that mean that he or she should be sentenced to prison and tortured? These are not justifications. Thus, when such things happen to our fellow practitioners, we, especially practitioners in that area, all have a responsibility to rescue them in a timely manner.

Each practitioner is precious. The old forces think that some practitioners who are not qualified to be disciples of the Fa-rectification period should be thrown into jail and tortured. They believe that if practitioners cannot have righteous thoughts when they are beaten, they are bound to be destroyed. Practitioners should not acknowledge any of this. The path of cultivation that Teacher has arranged for each practitioner is to cultivate in ordinary human society, not in prisons. It is to study the Fa every day, to discover and get rid of our own attachments while doing the three things well, to gradually become a qualified Fa-rectification Dafa Disciple -- but not to be put in jail, brainwashed every day and forced to renounce Dafa, while not being able to hear the Fa or to contact sentient beings who should be saved. While we are not following the path arranged by the old forces, we also do not allow the old forces to force other practitioners to follow that path. This is also a manifestation of being responsible to fellow practitioners, people, Dafa and ourselves.

We need to be aware that if we adopt some human methods and simply rescue others for the purpose of rescuing them, such as giving bribes, compromising with the evil by writing a guarantee statement and so on, these actions will not disintegrate the persecution but will instead encourage the evil to continue. If we allow the evil to persecute other practitioners in order to protect our fear, it encourages the evil to continue the persecution.

At present, the most effective method to rescue fellow practitioners is to send information about the persecution, the crimes taking place in forced labor camps, and of the evil people's identities to the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, so that these may be reported in a timely manner. Meanwhile, practitioners should reveal the evil activities to local people. The more we clarify the truth to people and the more we put our efforts into exposing the evil, then the more the persecution can be disintegrated, and practitioners can be rescued. Only with strong righteous thoughts can we save sentient beings and manifest the power of Dafa.

The above is my personal understanding.