Dear Parents,

Greetings! I am on leave for several days to undertake a detailed physical examination in the hospital. My colleague, Mr. Li, who will teach for me temporarily while I am away, is a teacher with many years of teaching experience. So please don't worry.

Four years ago, I experienced a critical moment in my life. At that time, I got a cold when I was more than five months pregnant. A pregnant woman always worries about the possibility of a bad impact on the embryo if taking medicine, and therefore I just wanted to drink some more hot water. I thought that I would just suffer the pain for several more days and would just recover more slowly. I had not thought that the cold virus would unexpectedly get into my heart and cause heart inflammation (usually it would first invade the lungs, and initiate pneumonia). But it did, which created a rare disease - "pericardium membrane inflammation."

The doctor told me that this was a rare disease, that there was no medicine that would help, and that the heart function would slowly fail. According to former cases, a patient with this illness would live for only one year unless he/she underwent an operation, but the risk of surgery was high and the side effects after the surgery would last for the remainder of one's life. One would then have lifelong illnesses, and would have to follow many strict guidelines.

Such a sudden blow made me (who used to be healthy all the time and have very little worry in my life) feel helpless immediately. My three young children needed my attention very much. I was still young, had many unfinished dreams in my life. I therefore went everywhere to see good doctors, but with no positive effects. Instead, my physical condition became worse and worse, day after day. I also had to take long-term sick leave from school!

Just when I became very pained and weak, both physically and mentally, a colleague told me that I should try to practice Falun Gong. After I started practicing Falun Gong three years ago, my physical health improved. My mind became peaceful, healthy, and positive. My life was prolonged like a miracle. Several months later, the cardiology doctor told me that I was the first patient that he had heard of whose body functions were gradually restored without undergoing surgery. He wanted to study my case in detail and make reports on it. In the future, I would only need to return to the hospital for examinations every six months to one year.

It is Falun Gong that is responsible for the favorable turning point and rebirth of my life. Falun Gong let my young children live without losing their mother's attendance, and has given me a family of happiness and integrity. More importantly, Falun Dafa emphasizes that practitioners should regard and treat everything with "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance). The principles of being a good person in society and doing one's work well also helps me understand, better than before, how to be a good teacher. It brings me more wisdom that helps me handle classroom issues and the unpleasant things that happen on occasion. All of these have made me learn to feel grateful and treasure happiness and life even more.

May 7, 2006