Find the Fellow Practitioner That Fell Behind

Referred by another practitioner, practitioner A went to an older friend's home. The woman used to be a practitioner but became lost in ordinary people's environment for a long time. She was besieged by all kinds of diseases and needed help with her housework. She was very happy when she saw her friend and asked her to stay with her until the Chinese Spring festival, so practitioner A had an opportunity to exchange ideas in detail with her. She talked about validating Dafa and cultivation in recent years. The friend paid great attention to her and felt regret the more she listened. When practitioner A explained that our merciful Master is still waiting for her, the fellow practitioner that had fallen behind for many years started to cry. She cried very hard and declared that she would start cultivating from the beginning, and would not fail to live up to our Master's merciful expectations. Practitioner A was also very touched and had tears in her eyes. Suddenly she saw that the woman in front of her was sitting on a big beautiful lotus. She enlightened that Master was encouraging her and also enlightened that she had a deep predestined relationship with Dafa. Master encouraged her to strive forward and improve together with this fellow practitioner.

"You Have to Send Me Home Unconditionally in the First Place"

Not long ago, a practitioner met practitioner B in a neighboring village. Practitioner B told how she had broken out of the local detention center with her righteous thoughts. When she was taken in, she said, she thought that, since she had been taken advantage by the evil forces, she would walk well on the correct path, eliminate the evils with her righteous thoughts, and not cooperate. A policeman first tried to extort money from her and demanded 2000 yuan. She refused his demand very firmly and calmly clarified the truth of Dafa to the person who monitored her. They gave up. The policeman then said she could pay half of the money that they were demanding. She said, "I have no reason whatsoever to give you a penny. You have to send me home with no strings attached!"

Later, when the policeman persecuted her with extra work, she thought of Master's teaching,

"If you have righteous thoughts,
the evil will be destroyed"

("Nothing to Fear," Hong Yin II, provisional translation subject to improvement)

She sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors every hour. The policeman gave up again and only assigned her very little work, so she had more chances to get in touch with the other people, clarify the truth to them, and try to persuade them to quit the CCP and its related organizations. She had enabled many people to understand the truth and witness the beauty of Dafa. Two of them renounced the communist regime and Young Pioneers and said they would cultivate Dafa once they were released. The police could do no more and soon sent her home in a car.

"We Have Master and the Fa! What Do We Fear?"

Practitioner C from a rural village works during the day because his farm fields were taken and he has to work for others to support his family. When he returns home at night, he does the three things that practitioners should do every day and he is very diligent. The local authorities have persecuted him. With righteous thoughts and firm belief in Master and Dafa, he broke out of the local detention center. Policemen and the court officials have arrested and sentenced him and done so many times. His neighbor asked him to leave his home to avoid these troubles. When he exchanges ideas with other practitioners, he often says, "We have Master and the Fa! What do we fear?" He takes the hardships as happiness. Although his family is very poor, he is always very happy. In recent years, the police have not dared to bother him anymore.

Master Always Reveals How to Walk a Straight Path in Cultivation

Elderly practitioner D does not know how to read regular books but she can read Zhuan Falun very easily. After she finished one line of characters, the next line appeared. She enlightened that this was Master's way of encouraging her to be diligent. She used to say many bad words, and fellow practitioners reminded her many times to correct this bad habit. Perhaps she did not pay attention or perhaps it was too hard to correct an old habit, but it had an effect on her clarifying the truth. When she later read the chapter "Cultivation of Speech" in Zhuan Falun, the character for "mouth" became just a line. When this happened, she enlightened that Master was revealing to her that she should cultivate her speech. She thought about this and the next time she read the character for "mouth," the word opened up. Now, her fellow practitioners all say that she has cultivated her speech and she has improved a great deal.

Whenever she has time, this senior practitioner goes out to clarify the truth and persuade people to withdraw from the Party and its related organizations. Her thoughts are very righteous and she always touches people's hearts with very few words.

On night she learned that another practitioner needed many truth-clarifying materials and agreed to meet to give her some. While on her way, two police cars stopped right in front of her. Her first thought was to hide, but immediately she remembered the story of Sakyamuni taking a bath. Master said, "We should not have to stop taking baths because there are insects." She had this righteous thought: "We should not delay saving sentient beings because there is interference from the evil." She continued walking and calmly passed on the materials to the other practitioner. Later she told that practitioner that when she went to sleep that night, she clearly saw a group of celestial maidens from the heavens. They held each others' hands and walked close to her with a smile. She enlightened that Master was encouraging her. The celestial maidens were a hint to cooperate well with fellow practitioners, and that the effect of validating Dafa would be better.

May 4, 2006