As May 13 approaches, many Dafa disciples worldwide are pausing to reflect on our revered Master's infinite grace. We think back one year, two years, five years or ten to how we were before we attained the Fa and joined our beloved Shifu in the Fa rectification. We hardly recognize our previous, degenerated selves, and indeed, they are no more. Teacher has told us many times that he has altered the course of our lives. Here's how he put it in Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles [Questions and Answers, Part III]:

"From the day that a Dafa disciple takes up cultivation his whole life is rearranged. In other words, this life of yours is now the life of a cultivator. Nothing is by chance anymore, and nothing will happen just by chance. Everything on your life's journey is directly related to your improvement and cultivation."

 It is common to hear Dafa dizi praise our beloved Master for the many blessings of Dafa and for the opportunity to cultivate on this path of divinity, although we find it very challenging when we are unable to let go of human attachments. Here I would like to share with my fellow Dafa disciples, a short poem I wrote last year:


I. Zhen

You have to remove
So much of your/self
Layer by layer
The notions and habits
Yearnings and facades
That masquerade
As you.

To get to what is
True Nature
Truth be told:
So much accreted
Through so many lifetimes
Just has to be
Let go.

Cultivation can be hard, but the blessings of Dafa are innumerable and immeasurable. I am ever grateful for the many Dafa disciples cultivating alongside me for their examples of diligence and ingenuity, for their wisdom and unselfish hearts. I feel we are but a minute reflection of our revered Master's boundless grace and infinite mercy. Words are inadequate to express the joy and gratitude with which we strive forward in our efforts to save sentient beings and validate the Fa in this solemn Fa rectification period, knowing that Teacher is at the helm and that He will never abandon us.

My wish is that all Dafa disciples will honor the faith our Teacher has in us and the blessings He has bestowed upon us. Cultivate well and save more and more sentient beings.