(Clearwisdom.net) The "Minghui Weekly" (issue 221) disclosed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is speeding up their slaughter of innocent Falun Gong practitioners, in an effort to destroy the evidence of its organ harvesting from live practitioners at Sujiatun concentration camp, other labor camps, prisons, underground concentration camps, and hospitals, etc.

That beckoned the thought, "Teacher said what the evil is really afraid of is exposure!" If we understood this remark from within the Fa and exposed the evil, the evil should be weakened and eliminated. How come it became more evil? Besides, the CCP is the most wicked evil cult. Are there problems among Dafa practitioners that need to be addressed?

Teacher said that everything in this world is influenced by Dafa practitioners' thoughts. I looked within, and with Teacher's benevolent and compassionate guidance, I recognized some common problems that trouble many practitioners, including myself.

Here, I wish to share my thoughts with fellow practitioners.

1. Interference by the Premise, "Fighting Evil with Evil"

The CCP's criminal activities, especially the organ harvesting from living practitioners, has reached such depravity that it is beyond anything I could imagine. After it was brought to light, we were shocked, and felt such pain as if we were suffering the same pain that our fellow practitioners, the victims, suffered. My human sentimentality [qing] toward practitioners increased the pain. I looked at the issue with ordinary human thoughts and without realizing that I was filled with hatred and anger. I treated everyone who perpetrated this evil as an enemy. When sending forth righteous thoughts, I wanted to eliminate all evil spirits, ugly ghosts, and dark minions on the spot. I wanted that all those perpetrating this horrendous crimes suffer the same pain they inflicted on their victims.

My xinxing sank and became one with the premise, "fighting evil with evil." I even hated the policemen that were around me. This premise is exactly on the old forces' level, which holds that everyone that they thought was bad had to be eliminated. Eliminating everyone who participated in atrocities is also an old force arrangement. They wanted to have those people destroyed by Dafa practitioners. The old forces are using this human sentimentality of "hatred," and thus they control the evildoers even more firmly.

I heard and saw that fellow practitioners used words that we discarded quite some time ago when describing Sujiatun concentration camp, such as "Wolves in Sheep's Clothes," or "Butcher in White Uniform," and so on. In fact, these words fit very well, but they show clearly that our hearts are not calm and that our minds are affected.

Practitioners are facing a test - the test of what we should have in our hearts, which is "Peace and Compassion." We need to end and disavow this crime, a crime that was initiated by the old forces. We need to save all sentiment beings that are being controlled by the old forces. We need to disintegrate, destroy and eliminate all of the CCP's evil spirits and dark minions. Impatience and hatred are to be discarded, as they cannot affect the outcome as required under the Fa. This attitude only indicates that we have sunk to the level of ordinary people. This is where the evil wants to take advantage of our loophole and our weaknesses.

2. Forbearance and Compassion Toward All Lives

The Dafa practitioners who are saving sentiment beings with their compassion despite their own suffering and dangers are magnificent. But, when I faced danger, I forgot about sentient beings. My heart wanted to protect fellow practitioners, including myself. I forgot about the horrible future that awaits those poor people who participated in the crimes. I held no more compassion toward them. I was angry and wished revenge on all of them. If only one or two practitioner thought this way, it might not matter much. But if many of us focused on hatred, we have lost our compassion. If we wished them to be destroyed, isn't it a weakness of ours? Won't the evil use this weakness to increase the persecution of practitioners, so they would send those who participated in the crimes to hell? Some of those people may still have a chance to be saved. Isn't the fate of life and death of those lives based on a single thought of Dafa practitioners?

What we should consider is that the persecution of our fellow practitioners is a persecution of all of us. But, we should also see evil's persecution of all those people who perpetrated the crimes. Let us not forget all sentiment beings that are involved. If we hate these individuals when we condemn the crimes, we may forget that there are some poor souls who are being controlled by the CCP. One of Dafa practitioners' duties is to save people with our compassion. Teacher said: "See the human world with eyes of compassion, Then are you freed from the spell of delusion." ("Success at Consummation" from Hong Yin) Only when I go beyond hatred and look at those who perpetrate the crimes against Falun Dafa with compassion, will I cry for those lives who will get destroyed.

At those times, I hold more firmly the wish to annihilate, destroy and eliminate all evil and all evil crimes in the world. At those times, I want to give one more chance to any life that can be saved. Compassion is a state, which is crucial to our mission. It is by no means equal to a compromise with and tolerance of the evil.

First, we should "use our righteous thoughts to stop the evil." Teachers said in his lectures that our righteous thoughts must continue as long as inhuman crimes are still perpetrated. We could use our righteous thoughts to transfer the pain of practitioners to the people who are committing the crimes. This is also an effective way to stop the evil.

3. Righteous Thoughts for Complete Elimination of All Evil

The objective in the rescue of practitioners is to "completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces " ("Dafa is Indestructible" from Essentials for Further Advancement II). We need to destroy the evil, stop sentiment beings from committing crimes against Dafa or Dafa practitioners, and show our compassion to sentient beings. Those practitioners being rescued must improve in accomplishing the three things Teacher assigned to us. We are not just rescuing them from suffering and difficulties.

We understood when sharing among us -- the establishment and actions of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, is the perfect way to totally end the evil CCP's persecution of Dafa, Dafa practitioners. The Fa-rectification is progressing rapidly. My fellow practitioners, our thoughts need to catch up with the progress of Fa-rectification!

We must deny, completely deny the persecution of the evil CCP toward Dafa practitioners, including all forms of detainment, and all methods used in the persecution.

We must look within and find any thought that agrees with the persecution, regardless of whether we feel that we are not a match for the evil and that we are somehow helpless, and regardless of whether we have become numb.

We should not watch the back of the evil. We cannot just come for the rescue of fellow practitioners and send righteous thoughts when we find that there is persecution perpetrated. What we need is to completely, totally stop this persecution, and keep in our minds the fact that it can never happen again. Each practitioner needs to erase the root of the old forces, and "completely opposes everything arranged by the evil old forces " ("Dafa is Indestructible" from Essentials for Further Advancement II).

Are we clear on the Fa? I think this is for all practitioners to consider.

Please kindly point out if there is anything that is not within the Fa.

Written: April 28 2006