(Clearwisdom.net) Tao Siwong lived in Qiantang Town, Hangzhou City during the Nansong Dynasty (1127-1279). He had a dye business, and was a very loyal person with integrity.

One day, Mr. Tao Siwong bought some purple grass that was worth four million coins. Another merchant came to his store, and said the purple grass that he bought was fake. Mr. Tao Siwong did not believe him. He then tested the grass, and found that it was all fake.

That merchant said to him, "Do not worry, you can still dye the cloth with these purple grasses. Then you can sell the cloth for a cheaper price to the smaller shops."

The next day, some merchants came to his shop to buy cloth. Mr. Tao Siwong did not dye any cloth with the fake purple grass, and burnt all of the fake grass in front of the merchants. He said, "I'd rather lose money than sacrifice others' benefit."

Emphasis on integrity over profit is a Chinese traditional virtue. Mr. Tao Siwong would rather lose a huge amount of money than cheat others. Therefore, his business became better and better. His children all followed his footsteps of integrity, and were all very successful.