(Clearwisdom.net) I was illegally detained in a forced labor camp for two years. My mother and sister saved me with righteous thoughts over three months. When the situation improved, my mother and I went to our workplace to ask for our jobs back. However, without righteous thoughts and accompanied by human concepts and the attachment of fear, we could not achieve what we should have achieved.

Under these circumstances, we strengthened our efforts by studying the Fa more. I clarified the truth, exposing the crimes of the district detention center and the forced labor camp. I became more mature during the process of clarifying the truth of Dafa face to face. It was not until two years later that we started to ask for our jobs back as one body.

Teacher said,

"Wherever there's a problem, that is where you need to clarify the truth and save people. Don't take a detour when you run into difficulties. When you see something that does us harm, or when you see something blocking our validating the Fa, don't take a detour -- you should face it, and clarify the truth and save those beings. This is the compassion (cibei) of a Dafa disciple, and it's our saving lives. At the same time, when you're clarifying the truth you can resolve the problem of many people having been deceived, the misunderstandings, and the prejudice." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference")

My sister did not want to go with us at first because of her disability, planning to send forth righteous thoughts at home. But through cultivation and experience sharing, she realized that this was a good chance to save sentient beings. Therefore, we went to our workplace to clarify the truth with the heart of saving sentient beings.

When the evil in other dimensions sees our attachments and loopholes, it definitely will attack us. People used to encourage me to take my sister for a walk when they saw us. One time, however, someone insulted my sister by saying, "It's a shame you have to walk around like that." After returning home, my sister sat down and burst into tears. My mother and I asked her, "Why are you crying? Do you realize why people insult you like that? What for?" My sister clearly knew that the evil is afraid that Falun Dafa practitioners will coordinate as a whole body, so it will try to hinder Fa-rectification. But when her ego was attacked she could not help but cry. We asked her if she would go with us. She replied, "I will not let the evil succeed."

On the way to the workplace, we still had to eliminate our acquired notions. In the beginning, my legs felt heavy, and my human side that is not well cultivated hindered my progress. I knew that my divine side was in conflict with the human side. When we had walked nearly half of the way, my mother suddenly recalled that the people in the workplace were going to study political propaganda as a group that day, and it would be impossible for us to find the relevant personnel. This excuse seemed to be reasonable, so we prepared to go home. But after pondering on this again, we thought it might be wrong for us to make such a decision. After hesitating for a while, we finally let go of all our human thoughts and approached the workplace with righteous thoughts. We not only found the right people but also told those predestined people the truth about Falun Gong.

The people in charge of human resources had always tried to keep me from going back to work using various excuses. We strengthened our efforts to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts every day. Moreover, we took every chance to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. It was apparent that the evil had fled with terror. By studying the Fa, we corrected the fundamentals we stood on.

Teacher said,

"Wherever a problem surfaces, go tell people the facts, and you shouldn't be doing it just to push the lawsuit forward but to tell them the facts. And if the lawsuit is stuck somewhere, then that must be where it needs you to clarify the facts, and then maybe the lawsuit will naturally go forward." "No matter what the end result will be, through doing this you will have chances to interact with more people and you'll clarify the facts on a large scale. Under normal circumstances you don't have the opportunity--if you just pull someone over to tell them the facts you might feel a bit awkward, right? Now that you have something to do, go and tell people." ("Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference")

We studied this paragraph of Fa again and again, using every chance to clarify the truth of Falun Gong. When the people in our workplace told us to start working again, we were very pleased, thinking that more people were saved through this effort. It seemed to us that we could also clarify the truth and save more sentient beings through this event.

In any case, I was allowed to go back to work unconditionally. I knew that it was our Teacher who arranged all these things. After breaking through fear, I regained the right to work. I deeply understand that my returning to work is also a way to validate Dafa.

The above are my personal thoughts and experiences on my cultivation path. I have also had many experiences with righteous thoughts and actions after raising my xinxing level, which I will share soon. I hope that all practitioners also put into words their righteous thoughts of understanding the Fa.