The Zhengzhou City Henan Province Women's Forced Labor Camp building was completed in early 2003. It has a capacity of five divisions, which amounts to thousands of people. A complete monitoring system is installed. The third division on the second floor holds a concentration of Falun Dafa practitioners. Newly arrested practitioners are locked up there, too. Each of them stays in a small cell, where she is forced to sleep on the floor and is monitored by two drug abusers or "transformed" inmates that act as "helpers."

Practitioners in this drab environment cannot leave their cells, they are not allowed to look outside their cells, they cannot greet other practitioners on the way to the bathroom, they cannot look at each other, they cannot walk in the middle of the hallway, and they need to get permission before they can use the bathroom. When the bathroom is vacant, their "helpers" will follow them to the bathroom.

Practitioners are locked on the north side of the building. For months they cannot see any sunshine. When inspectors tour this labor camp, the officers lock the doors from the inside of each steadfast Dafa practitioner's room and tell the inspectors, "There is no one staying in this room." In the staircase, however, people can always hear the noise of the jail officers' curses and beatings. As long as the practitioners are not "transformed," they will continue to be subjected to mental torture and physical abuse. Requiring them to stand in one position and depriving them of sleep are common methods used to persecute Dafa practitioners. Most of the practitioners are forced to stay here for months or even more than half a year.

What the authorities do to persecute practitioners is extremely evil, so much so that they are scared of their evil deeds being known by the public. For instance, they poke women's vaginas with screwdrivers, stuff their mouths with used sanitary napkins, hit their heads with a bench, slap their faces and heads with heavy plastic shoes, lash their hands with bamboo sticks, hit them with a closed fist, and kick them. These are all common occurrences. They always beat a practitioner until there are multiple wounds all over her body. Usually, at the beginning, they do not allow practitioners to go to sleep for the whole night. After a long time, they allow them to sleep after 4 a.m. but only for two to three hours. After being tormented for an entire day, when the practitioner finally can lay down on the floor, every inch of her body is sore and painful. Usually, right when they are about to fall asleep, the wake-up bugle sounds. This is their living situation, suffering wretched torture everyday. If the authorities detest a particular practitioner, they send her to be tortured, which includes the use of electric batons, being hung upside down, and "tying the ropes"(1). Some practitioners' entire outward appearance has been changed by persecution; they become frightfully skinny

Ms. He Junying was forced to stand in one position and forbidden sleep for a long time. Being beaten and cursed for no reason, both her mind and the body were seriously damaged. Her whole body became swollen. This was later diagnosed as cirrhosis of the liver.

Ms. Zhu Ailian is on a hunger strike to resist the persecution. She is very weak now, but the authorities still won't let her go. For a long time, she was not allowed to go to sleep. She was tied up and placed in a small chair. She can no longer walk or even stand up. When she goes to the bathroom, she needs other people to drag the small bench she is tied to to the bathroom. Although she is in such bad health, the guards still curse and hit her everyday, and they won't release her.

Because Ms. Ding Xiangying wouldn't give up her belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, they brutally beat her everyday. They used small benches to hit her head, they slapped her face with their hands and plastic shoes, they beat her with closed fists, and they kicked her until blood came out of her mouth, and her teeth were loosened. There are wounds all over her body. She went a long time without sleep and was forced to stand in one position and sit on a small bench with her arms tied behind her back for a long time. On top of all this, everyday, guards sat on her and cursed at her. After several months of this cruel persecution, Ms. Ding Xiangying's body and mind were persecuted to the limit. She was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis and her blood pressure was 220 over 130.

Ms. Chen Lijun, was a tall, neat, and beautiful woman. She had been illegally arrested three times for not giving up her belief in Dafa. The third time she was sent to the forced labor camp, she was persecuted with a cruel method called the "binding cloth." When others saw her they said she was almost unrecognizable. She could not even eat anything anymore. However, the authorities still force her to work and continued to beat her. Several people circled her and beat the lower part of her body until she developed internal injuries. One day the person in charge ordered, "Hit her lower part. Beat her until she cannot go to the bathroom anymore, beat her until she cannot walk anymore, and make sure nobody will be able to recognize her anymore." They tortured her almost to death. After she was sent to the hospital, she was diagnosed with the last stages of lung cancer. She was then sent home and died soon after.

Several drug abusers poked inside a young female practitioner's vagina with a screwdriver. The pain made her scream. They even dared to take a used sanitary napkin and stuff it in her mouth. None of the guards on duty that day nor the witnesses in the crowd stood up to stop this evil persecution. Zhengzhou Women's Forced Labor Camp is a place of inhuman torture and abuse and is run by morally degenerate individuals.

The above cases are just the tip of the iceberg.


(1) For "tying the ropes," the police tie up the practitioner with a thin rope, circle the rope around her neck, and then tie her hands behind her back. Then the police use all the force they can muster to tighten the rope. The rope becomes tighter and tighter around her body, making it more and more difficult for her to breathe. The pain is so intense that she sometimes loses control of her bladder. There are instances when the rope was tightened enough to break a practitioner's arm.