(Clearwisdom.net) After the White House incident where Dr. Wang Wenyi voiced her protest, I calmed down and began to seriously think about it.

Dr. Wang's action, from our understanding, was in line with the theory of "going beyond the limits of forbearance" in the Fa. President Bush, Hu Jintao and many western media have kept silent for too long about the persecution of Falun Gong and the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. As Dafa practitioners, we should be understanding and supportive of Dr. Wang.

What has transpired at the White House has happened and it is now not only Dr. Wang's personal issue. The incident has led to progress in breaking through the media blockade. However, in this process, The Epoch Times has lost its press pass to the White House. Also, a number of ordinary people now feel that practitioners are too extreme, thus making it more difficult to clarify the truth to them.

On the one hand, one could have quietly sent forth righteous thoughts when reporters were not supposed to speak at the ceremony, and then ask about the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners when reporters were given the opportunity to ask Hu and Bush questions. This may have been a better and more effective method. Then, if there were no chance to ask questions, one could have shouted to convey the message. This would not have looked inappropriate and the old forces would not have any excuse to persecute us.

But on the other hand, we have to ask ourselves, are we just clarifying the truth but ignoring saving sentient beings? Are we using "going beyond the limits of forbearance" to clarify the truth and save beings, or are we protecting our own feelings? Is the purpose of saving the beings about being rewarded? Are we truly, completely, at the level of thinking about others and the truth?

After charges were brought against Dr. Wang in the U.S. court, I realized this was the evil's effort to try to stop practitioners from ending the persecution. What could be more outrageous than witnessing a murderer try to stop the victims' attempt to stop the killing? The charges should be dropped. But if we as practitioners continue to be impulsive and emotional, and don't use more rational thinking, then we will be left behind and trapped by the old force's arrangement. This would also allow the old forces to change the situation to what they want. Thus, we all should look inside, adjust our own viewpoints, grasp the fleeting opportunity, make a breakthrough in clarifying the truth, and block the CCP's evil efforts to obstruct the hearings on the organ harvesting issue and force the U.S. government to prosecute Dr. Wang through economic pressure.

It should be emphasized that we can't protect Dr. Wang by using our human emotions. Otherwise it would be the same as when we used human feelings in trying to rescue the practitioners from the death camps in March. We wouldn't be able to achieve our goal, and worse, the result could be the opposite. With everything that appears, we should eliminate ordinary people's worries, instruct each other based on the Fa, and improve as a whole. Only in this way can we succeed in what we should do, lessen our losses, and save living beings.

As we saw, during the two or three weeks after the exposure of the Sujiatun secret concentration camp, many practitioners did not pay attention and did not act right away to expose and stop the persecution because of their human mindset. Later when we started to act, it was already two to three weeks late, thus allowing the evil time to transfer all the human and material evidence and then announce an invitation to "investigate" the camp. On a more serious note, even after we began to take action, many practitioners did not act with the righteous thoughts to save sentient beings. Instead, they acted with ordinary people's feelings of grief and indignation. In this way, although they did act, the result was not good and more time was wasted. It allowed the evil to gain more time. Under the current circumstances, we have to learn from our past lessons. We cannot continue to be overly emotional like ordinary people. We must realize that, even though the White House incident may have partially clarified the truth, if it did not serve the purpose of waking up Hu and Bush or save them, then it was imperfect. But if we allow the CCP to use this incident to pressure America and cause a negative effect on Dafa, then it would negate many of our efforts over the past few years. I personally think that if all of us can use our strong righteous thoughts to deal with the U.S. court's prosecution and stop the persecution of Dr. Wang, then we would be able to make up all the losses caused by the White House incident.

From Dr. Wang's action, I automatically thought of those practitioners in mainland China who went to Tiananmen Square and shouted, "Falun Dafa is good" and were accused of "disrupting the social order" and then forced into labor camps. What's the difference between that and prosecuting Dr. Wang and then putting her in jail for six months? Would this be a light punishment? It is not.

The progress of Fa-rectification will not wait for us. Time does not wait for us. Many things that have happened were influenced by Dafa practitioner's thoughts. For example, many ordinary people, governments, groups, and media did not believe or were numb toward the organ harvesting from living practitioners. Doesn't this reflect many practitioners own similar thoughts and feelings? When ordinary people's governments and media did not want to face the urgent situation concerning so many lives, doesn't it also reflect practitioners' conditions? The evil has been hurrying to kill and destroy the evidence. In Fa-rectification, there is less and less time and fewer opportunities left for people to know the truth. After our delayed reactions toward Sujiatun, before many of us got a chance to sit down and look inside, new situations arose one after another. Facing so many new situations, whether we practitioners look at them rationally and keenly, whether we follow Master to save beings with wisdom, these are the tests we face one after another. These are the times when everyone's cultivation status shows. If we don't measure ourselves based on the Fa, we only fall further behind, and this would be a situation neither we nor the lives that are depending on us would like to see.

We strongly suggest that all practitioners calm down and look inside immediately, no matter how busy you are. Only this way can Dafa practitioners be responsible and act as one body. When facing difficulties, every one of us needs to look inside and find his own shortcomings. We need to take responsibility for living beings; we need to be rational and sensible. Only by looking inside can we achieve this. Only by looking inside can we be effective in ending the persecution. Master asks us to do the three things well at the same time. If one of the three things isn't done well, the result of the other two things will be weakened too.

April 25, 2006