(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yi Haizhu from Jiamusi City is in critical condition at the No. 1 Detention Center. She has been sent to the emergency room many times. Despite her condition, persecutors at the Hegang City Police Department are planning to fabricate charges against her and sentence her to prison.

On February 27, 2006, officers from the Gongnong Police Department in Hegang City illegally arrested Yi Haizhu. She refused to tell her name or answer questions [Note: practitioners often withhold their names due to the persecution policy of implicating and pressuring family members, friends and work units]. To protest the illegal detention, she held a hunger strike at the No. 2 Detention Center in Hegang City. In early April 2006, officials transferred Ms. Yi to the No. 1 Detention Center. Her hunger strike has lasted for more than 50 days, during which period she was sent to the emergency room many times. According to inside sources at the detention center, the authorities refuse to release her, and instead ordered the detention center doctor to give her daily IV infusions. Yi Haizhu is emaciated and at the brink of death.

While Yi Haizhu is in danger of dying, her parents, sister and brother-in-law went to the Hegang City Police Department many times and asked for her release, but the officials refused to let them meet with Yi Haizhu. They are also planning to fabricate charges against Ms. Yi, to sentence her to prison.

Right now the persecution is still continuing. Rescuing fellow practitioners who are in danger is the responsibility of each Dafa practitioner. We cannot be indifferent or slack off in our efforts. We must cherish our fellow practitioners' lives when they are faced with the evil persecution!

Hegang City Police Department:
Main switchboard: 86-468-3340600, 86-468-3340277
Address: Hongqi Road, Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province
Ren Xiubin: head of the police department, 86-468-3344591, 86-468-3522015
Zhang Chunqing, deputy head and deputy CCP secretary at the police department: 86-13904682688 (Cell), 86-468-3353188 (Home), 86-468-3353909 (Office)
Ma Baotai, deputy head of police department: 86-468-3226789 (Home), 86-13803680777 (Cell), 86-468-3333777 (Office); he personally directed the arrest of more than 50 Falun Gong practitioners at a Fa conference on September 7, 2005
Lin Zhongfu, deputy head of police department: 86-13904680888 (Cell); used to be in charge of persecuting Falun Gong
Yao Wenbo, deputy head of police department: 86-468-3222490 (Home), 86-13904680065 (Cell), 86-468-3344591 (Office)
Zhao Yanfeng, female, deputy head of police department: 86-468-3427918 (Home), 86-13904682257 (Cell), 86-468-3340257 (Office)
Zhao Rongzhou, deputy head of police department: 86-468-3351178 (Home), 86-13945760333 (Cell), 86-468-3352233 (Office)
Liu Weidong, head of National Security Division: 86-468-3230391 (Home), 86-13904883910 (Cell), 86-468-3345610 (Office)

Gongnong Police Department in Hegang City:

Main office: 86-468-3436110
He Qingyan, Chief of Hegang Public Security Bureau at Hegang Branch: 86-468-3458668(Home), 86-13904681298(Cell), 86-468-3423113(Office)
Zhang Xinchang, political secretary: 86-468-3450508(Office), 86-468-3347796(Home), 86-13904680435(Cell)
Li Shujiang, Deputy chief of Gongnong Police Department: 86-468-3429199 (Home), 86-13069950888(Home), 86-468-3425698 (Office)
Jiang Tao, Deputy chief: 86-468-3434668 (Home), 86-13304687777 (Cell), 86-468-3422575(Office)
Zhao Ji, Head of the Criminal Police Team: 86-468-3420688 (Home), 86-13946716777 (Cell), 86-468-3423798 (Office)
Ding Dianhua, Political head of Criminal Police Team: 86-468-3454305 (Home), 86-13945751999 (Cell)
Zhang Jun, Deputy head of the Criminal Police Team: 86-468-3428432 (Home), 86-13009978427 (Cell)
Li Xianghui, Deputy head of the Criminal Police Team, 86-468-3453723 (home), 86-13945750018 (Cell)

No. 2 Detention Center of Hegang City:
Head office: 86-468-3400001, 3400002, 3400004, 3400006, 3400007, 3400009

Fax: 86-468-3400008 (Office)
Director Li Shulin: 86-468-3355666, 86-468-3349999, 86-13904683000 (Cell), 86-468-3400001
Political head Liu Zhengke: 86-468-3451033, 86-13945761176 (Cell)

Detoxification Center director Zhang Fuhong: 86-468-3434969, 86-13904683833 (Cell), 86-468-3400003
Deputy director You Jie: 86-468-3343467, 86-13846812233 (Cell), 86-468-3400004
Deputy director Ren Xiusong: 86-468-3351119, 86-13946760537 (Cell), 86-468-3400007

No. 1 Detention Center of Hegang City
Li Yingchen, Director: 86-468-3400777, 86-468-3279283 (Home), 86-13803681777 (Cell)
Kong Fanqi, Political head: 340617186-468 (Office), 86-468-3457288 (Home), 86-13945769618 (Cell)
Zhao Yinghuan, deputy head: 386-468-406171(Office): 86-468-3433737 (Home), 86-13803680007(Cell)
Wang Qinglong, deputy head: 86-468-3406171(Office), 86-13019026995 (Cell)