Opinion | 4/25/06

I find that the general American media organizations - although with some very notable exceptions - currently operate in a very idiosyncratic fashion.

Most fail to report important news impartially, if they even report it at all. Perhaps this is due to political or economical pressures.

This point was especially true during last week's "call for attention," when Dr. Wang Wenyi, a pathologist, as well as a reporter for The Epoch Times newspaper, courageously tried to alert the world of the organ harvesting of live Falun Gong practitioners in China.

Throughout the past few weeks, informants have surfaced to reveal the unspeakable crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party. Reports by The Epoch Times of organ harvesting of live prisoners in more than 36 concentration camps in China have been confirmed through phone calls and personal testimonies. Yet the shocking news failed to garner the attention of the blind and deaf media.

It is sad to note that almost all media sources that reported the Dr. Wang incident failed to mention the reason behind her actions. Even more depressing is that in spite of the audacious efforts of Dr. Wang to enlighten the world of the atrocities going on in China, she was labeled a "heckler." In my opinion, that is a distasteful misnomer for a courageous woman.

James Hwang

Business administration junior


Category: Organ Harvesting