A married couple, both Falun Dafa practitioners, resides in Panjin City Liaoning Province. Mr. Xin Minduo was sentenced to 18 years in prison and his wife Bao Juncen has been illegally detained for eight months in Panjin Detention Center.

On August 3, 2005, the couple, Mr. Xin Minduo and Mrs. Bao Juncen, was arrested and subjected to inhuman torture. On September 12, 2005, the Xinglongtai District Court in Panjin City sentenced Mr. Xin Minduo to 13 years in prison and Mrs. Bao Juncen to 12 years in prison. The couple appealed, and the upper level court revoked the verdict, sending the case back to the District Court since there was insufficient evidence for any conviction. The District Court sent the case to the District Procuratorate Court and then back to District Security Bureau 610 Office. The authorities continue to fabricate evidence in an attempt to convict them again. (Their initial attempt was exposed in the court and dismissed.)

On December 12, 2005, the Xinglongtai District Court reopened the case. The plaintiff and his lawyer refuted the allegations one by one during the proceedings. Mr. Xin Minduo declared, "I am innocent." Shortly after the session ended, the District Court announced that it would uphold the initial verdict. On December 26, Mr. Xin appealed again. The Panjin District Court (influenced by the City Political Legal Committee and the 610 Office) ignored the facts and, against the law, upheld the original verdict. On February 21, 2006, they secretly sent Mr. Xin to Jinzhou Nanshan Prison in Liaoning Province.

After Mr. Xin was sentenced to prison, his wife's case was delayed for two months. The authorities continued fabricating evidence. On February 20, 2006, the Xinglongtai District Court convened. All the allegations were refuted in the court and the public prosecutor Pei Guangyan was speechless. The proceedings were quickly brought to a close and no verdict was declared.

We learned that Mrs. Bao Juncen's case was sent back to Public Security Bureau security department. Xu Hao from the Public Security Bureau refused to release Mrs. Bao to her family and sent her case to the Legal Department in Panjin City.

The family members of the couple went to all the related facilities and personnel to appeal the case and request the couple's release. They were abused and threatened everywhere they went. When they found Deputy Mayor and Director of the Public Security Bureau Yang Zhenfu, he said with disdain, "Mr. Xin Minduo has committed a crime." On March 23, the family members found Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Zhao Guihai, and asked him to release Mrs. Bo. Zhao Guihai threatened them, "What do you want? I will arrest you for harboring criminals."

What kind of facility is the "Legal Department in Panjin City?" We might never know. What kind legal procedure did they follow when they sent the case there? What other games will those who "enforce the law" play next? Nowadays, theft and robbery are all over the place. Bicycles go missing after just a few minutes of being left outside. Crisis is everywhere in society Nobody is keeping order. For those who believe in "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance," the authorities use all sorts of power to persecute and abuse them.

Parties responsible in Panjin City:

Party Secretary in Panjin City Cheng Yajun: 86-427-2824110 (Office), 86-427-2823335 (Home), 86-13604231111 (Cell)
Deputy Party Secretary Qi Jihui
610 Office Deputy Chief Liu Chuang
Political Legal Committee Deputy Secretary Chen Yougui
Deputy Mayor and Director of Public Security Bureau Yang Zhenfu: 86-427-2822003
Public Security Bureau Monitor manager Sun Tianming: 86-13324251388 (Cell)
Political Legal Committee Secretary Liu Desheng: 86-427-2839045 (Office), 86-427-2839049, 86-13898700000 (Cell)
Xinglongtai District Political Legal Committee Secretary Wang
Deputy Secretary Chen Zheng
Public Security Bureau Security Dept. in Panjin City: 86-427-2683315, 86-427-2683316
Director of Security Dept Xu Hao: 86-427-2683315
Panjin Detention Center Director Chen: 86-427-2684251, 86-427-2684252
Liu Zhongyin 86-427-2682511
Wang Yonggang, and Director Han: 86-427-2682555,86-13514278086 (Cell)
Prison physician Sui Jiwei
Xinglongtai District Court Chief Judge Li Zhenguo: 86-427-7821073
Criminal Court Judge Xing Daien: 86-427-7820428
Ma Li, Zhou Liming
Panjin City Procuratorate Court Chief Judge Zhang Yue: 7823351
Director of prosecution Zhang Xilin: 7820270
Pai Guangyan, Wang Jianpo

Panjin City Middle court
Li Changjun, Zhu Fuqi: 86-427-2825999 (FAX), 86-427-2822611,86-427-2839552, 86-13065256888 (Cell)
Wan Yinghua, a false witness: 86-427-2875090
Address: Residential Committee secretary in Xingshunshequ Xinghai Street.