(Clearwisdom.net) Guards from No. 5 Brigade of the Zhongba Forced Labor Camp in Guizhou subjected unlawfully detained practitioners to mental torment and physical abuse since February 2005.

The guards tried to force practitioners to read books about the Communist Party's struggles and books that sing the Party's praises. Then they ordered the practitioners to read Dafa-slandering books. Nobody read them. Having no other choice, the officers had to read them out loud themselves. After that, they ordered practitioners to write a critique report. As a result, some practitioners wrote Solemn Declarations; some wrote, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good;" and some simply refused to write anything at all.

Because of this, the guards hurriedly resorted to so-called "Storming the Fortifications" techniques. They set up "black rooms" in the brigade and hung a sign saying "Administration Area: Restricted." They made a rule that whoever was confined there would go to bed late and get up early and would have limited food and water. Practitioners were sent into the black rooms group by group. Seeing that those in charage still couldn't achieve their goal, they set up a "Storm Fortification" room. Each squadron assigned two guard-assigned henchmen to attack the determined practitioners. They used all kinds of torture, beatings, insults, deception, threats, sleep deprivation, and other tactics to abuse and mistreat the practitioners.

Practitioner Mr. Du Xiangsheng, was originally a judiciary officer. He definitely refused to obey and questioned the guard Song Xuefei, "What kind of law did I violate so that you should 'storm' me?" Song had no reply. Two days later, however, he called for reinforcements and confined Mr. Du.

Mr. Wu Changyu was a 76-year-old practitioner. Because he wrote that he would firmly cultivate Falun Dafa, Mr. Wu was sent to the "Restricted Administrative Area," where guards insulted him and forced him to do military drills. He was confined for 64 days beginning on July 25. He still had bruises on the back of one foot after he returned to his former squadron.

On the morning of June 2, 2005, guards from the No. 2 Squadron beat practitioner Mr. Peng Yeliu in the "storm fortification" room. Mr. Peng ran out and rushed into the courtyard. The guards followed close behind and chased him. Practitioner Mr. Tian Zhongfu protected Mr. Peng behind him. Morning roll call was just over, and many people were in the yard. The guards resorted to violence under the watchful eyes of the masses. Practitioners Dai Qiyuan and Ou Xiyong shouted, "Stop beating!" Soon after that, the guards tied up Mr. Tian Zhongfu and confined him, accusing him of "attacking police officers." They put Mr. Peng Yeliu into the "Restricted Area." They then sent Mr. Dai Qiyuan to the same area, accusing him of "Not finishing the work load." Mr. Ou Xiyong was placed in confinement for almost one month. Lu Dang, head of the No.1 Squadron, gave an order to prisoners assigned to monitor practitioners: "As long as practitioners in the No.1 Squadron express their support for other practitioners you should stop this, using whatever means necessary."

On July 10, labor camp head Qian Zhengnan "inspected" the No.5 Brigade. Qian placed Mr. Wu Zhongran into confinement over the June 2 incident.

The above are only a few of the incidents of abuse and mistreatment under the persecution that are too numerous to list.