(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I learned about what happened in Sujiatun from the internet. At the beginning, I felt shocked. However, after I calmed down and thought it over, I recalled that I heard about a similar thing several years ago. One of my friends once went to the No.1 Hospital Affiliated to Harbin Medical School and had kidney transplant surgery. At that time, I went to the hospital to visit him. According to what my friend told me, his surgery was very successful because the kidney transplanted into him was from a young death penalty prisoner who was of similar height and weight.

A staff member at the hospital said emotionally that one should not commit a crime on any account, as one will not be regarded as human if he or she is a prisoner. Almost every organ from a 6-foot-tall young man was requested for harvesting. When the body was carried out of the hospital, it did not look like a human body anymore. According to regulations, a death penalty prisoner's family cannot retrieve the body. What they receive are just ashes. Therefore, they do not know what happened to the body at all. One of my colleagues also told me that this kind of thing was common, and hospitals and prisons could make exorbitant profits from the practice. A hospital contacts some departments of a prison in advance. Generally, a hospital can "buy" the source of a kidney for ten or twenty thousand yuan. Of course, the money is not paid to the prisoner's family, who do not know about the transaction at all. The money is distributed among the prison authorities and relevant leaders.

From another angle, in the Tiananmen massacre of June 4, 1989, the CCP opened fire and killed many students, but the leaders of the CCP still deny the facts to this day. Those murdered students' families did not receive any compensation or explanation. Who could they charge? Similarly, some detained Falun Gong practitioners' organs were removed when they were alive. Their families did not know it. Or even if they found their family members' organs were stolen, where would they go to file a lawsuit? Who would accept their cases? It is a demonic net of the evil party from top to bottom that affects all Chinese people. In this demonic net, right and wrong are confused and black and white are mixed. Driven by the trend of the times, many people forsake their basic human conscience in order to obtain money and power.

However, because some people joined in with the party, others were apathetic, and only a small number of people stood up to break through it, the demonic CCP has been able to survive until today! Fortunately, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party rang the death knell for the CCP. As of now, nearly ten million people have announced their resignation from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Wake up, fellow Chinese people! When more of us stand up and expose the evil, when more of us are able to clearly understand the evil nature of this party and break away from it, that will be the moment to bring the perpetrators to justice and the moment when our nation will be revived.