(Clearwisdom.net) In the last few months of 2005, it was extremely cold, and the water on the freshly washed clothes quickly turned into ice. Regardless of the weather, no matter how cold, windy, rainy or snowy, the Deyang Prison in Sichuan Province forced dozens of Falun Gong practitioners to perform army drills in the exercise yard: standing in the soldier posture, running or walking. All the practitioners were forcefully shaved and were not allowed to wear hats or gloves - even an elderly practitioner in his 70s was not exempted. Every day, the guards used various excuses to torture the practitioners.

Since July 20, 1999, Deyang Prison has been used to detain Falun Gong practitioners. Currently the prison has more than 70 practitioners detained. In more than six years, the prison has used various measures to persecute more hundreds of practitioners. The methods used on practitioners include brainwashing, forced "transformation", physical abuse, forcing them to run for several hours without stopping, stand and face the wall, stand for prolonged time, binding them to torture devices, sleep deprivation, denial of water and food, forcing them to work in the workshop for 36 hours continuously, etc. Due to the brutality of Deyang Prison, some practitioners became disabled or severely injured from the beatings, and some were even tortured to death.

The guards organized a special group of people and used them to torture practitioners. They set up several dark rooms without windows where the perpetrators commit crimes of torturing practitioners. They used many torture methods on practitioners such as "Riding a Plane" and "Riding a Motorcycle." The most vicious is called "Man-Han Full Menu" (a famous name for a traditional royal meal that contains 108 large dishes and countless small dishes. It is used here as the torture name to indicate that it comprises various types of tortures.) The practitioners were forced to stand, held in a painful squatting posture, or maintain a painful position next to the wall for several consecutive days and nights. The perpetrators silenced practitioners by stuffing dirty rags into practitioners' mouths, using tape to seal practitioners' mouths, and tying practitioners' hands and legs. Then, the perpetrators tortured and beat practitioners. The torture usually did not leave many marks on practitioners' hands and feet but caused internal injures.

Practitioner Jiang Shengui, who was an outstanding teacher, lost his teeth, had serious internal bleeding due to the beatings, and often vomited blood. Practitioner Chen Daiping was sent to a hospital after being severely injured from beating. Practitioner Li Chengdong's heart was damaged from beating. Dozens of practitioners staying on the second and third floors were forbidden to go downstairs. Every practitioner was monitored by two criminals around the clock. The criminals' role was to physically and mentally abuse practitioners. Practitioners were not allowed to talk to anyone or have meals with others. No matter where practitioners went, they were ordered to report to the criminals, or they would face a severe beating.

If a practitioner had any grievance and reported it to the guards, the practitioner would face more severe persecution. The beating left practitioners disabled and injured. For example, two of practitioner Li Wenbing's ribs were fractured, practitioner Pan Pu became deaf from beating, Xiao Hongmo and Xu Changzheng lost teeth, and Chen Kaixiang was unable to move for more than one week after the beating and was incapable of taking care of himself. Cao Ping's foot and hand were fractured while he was detained. The prison doctor refused to give him any medical treatment. Instead, Cao Ping was sent to Deyang Prison. After several months of brutal torture, Cao Ping was at the brink of death. The prison had to send him home in an attempt to avoid bearing responsibility for his death. Soon after being back at home, Cao Ping passed away. Yet the perpetrators spread lies to the public that Cao Ping died from cancer.

In 2002, the prison held a so called "transformation class." All the practitioners were forced to stand as a punishment. The perpetrators also tried to force every practitioner to call himself/herself a "criminal." In hot weather, practitioners were denied water or restroom use. In winter, practitioners were not allowed to wear hats or gloves, which induced frostbite on every practitioner's hands and feet. The guards often punished practitioners by locking them in solitary confinement, putting them under harsh management, applying torture instruments to them, forcing practitioners to recite the prison rules, depriving them of sleep, and forcing them to do hard labor. The daily workload assigned to the practitioners was so heavy that it could not be finished even in three days and nights; practitioners were forced to work more than 10 hours a day, even on Sundays. The guards had criminals who were so-called team heads of production or some committees monitor practitioners around the clock. The criminals could beat practitioners at will at any time. They dragged down the practitioner to the ground from the top level of the bunk beds and beat the practitioner. If a practitioner tried to speak, they would seal the practitioner's mouth. Their torture methods are vicious.

In 2003, the prison held another "brainwashing session." Three to five criminals monitored one practitioner. If they thought that the practitioner did not meet their requirement to give up the belief of Falun Dafa or write the required three statements, they would cruelly torture the practitioner. Physical punishments included forcing practitioners to run around a field for several hundred laps until the practitioner was too exhausted to move. The criminals then drag the practitioner and force him to keep running. Such torture lasted for several months. The prolonged torture left many practitioners with serious symptoms of illnesses. The guards told the practitioners that they should seek medical treatment since they were ill. They injected practitioners with drugs and forced practitioners to swallow pills. A 78-year-old elderly practitioner Yang Shouming was forced to stand in a "soldier posture" under the scorching hot sun for a long time. He fainted three times. There are more elderly practitioners like Mr. Yang who are under various torture and maltreatment.

Dozens of practitioners including Xu Tianfu, Luo Xiaoxing, Gan Jing, Yang Yourun, Gong Guanlei, and Wei Bing were subjected to harsh management and locked into solitary cells. The practitioners could not rest in the night. The long-term mistreatment caused these practitioners' health to deteriorate. Yet, the prison defamed the practitioners by saying, "See how they became after practicing Falun Gong." They also spread slanderous rumors that the practitioners purposely wounded themselves, did not treasure their own lives, and disrupted the prison orders. The perpetrators framed practitioners for numerous crimes. When they sent the practitioners whom they tortured to the edge of death to the clinic, they pretended to be good people who cared for the practitioners.

On the morning of September 1, 2005, the siren was activated in Deyang Prison. The prison was under lockdown. Anti-riot guards moved in and gathered the practitioners at the restricted management area of the 2nd team ward. Because they refused to call themselves "criminals", admit any wrongdoing, or accept any slanderous labels forced on practitioners by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), many practitioners were subjected to the guards' brutal beatings. The guards used various torture methods on practitioners. Over 70 practitioners were locked into solitary cells. Every practitioner was monitored by 2-3 criminals who were all either murderers or committed serious crimes. The guards gave the criminals' orders, and the criminals carried them out. The guards made the criminals commit more crimes.

The guards put practitioners under continuous persecution. With the instructions from the 610 Office, the guards locked the most determined practitioners on the first floor. There were dozens of practitioners being forced to do hard labor at the workshop. The practitioners who were locked on the first floor were Yang Shouming, Li Xiaobo ( a well known good person), Chen Jingxi (Bachelor degree, an outstanding teacher), Zhang Wanyou, Yuan Xiaodong, Lv Zonghe, Liao Jianpu, Luo Jiangping, Lu Bingxin, Tang Kerong, Chen Jianhua, Bao Mingquan, An Keqin, Huang Keming, Li Tianguo and Wu Shihai etc..

Wu Shihai graduated from a university and was a high school teacher. He was sentenced to a forced labor camp twice for practicing Falun Gong and clarifying the truth. He has been secretly sent to a mental hospital and was injected with drugs to destroy his neural system. He was so severely injured from the brutal beatings that he was unable to speak and had difficulty walking. Whenever it was time to report numbers (the guards demand that the prisoners to report their numbers several times a day), Wu Shihai was cruelly tortured. The guards defamed and humiliated him, dragged or carried him in and out, or held him up above the floor and then forcefully threw him on the ground. Several criminals beat him at the same time. He was often starved. Recently, the perpetrators bound him to a torture instrument, handcuffed him and locked him into a solitary cell. He was only allowed to wear a thin layer of clothing, with almost no bedding. He was forced to sleep on the cold floor in the freezing winter.

The guards denied the visitation between practitioners and their families, did not allow communication through letters, and did not deposit the money sent by families to practitioners' accounts. The practitioners were requested to report their thoughts in writing. If a practitioner refused to write, he would face more punishment from 610 police.

This is the real reflection of so called of "humanity" defined by the evil Chinese Communist Party. Those who never lived in the CCP's society will find it difficult to truly know the darkness of the prisons and viciousness of CCP. It tortures you, beats you, humiliates you, tears your family apart, and destroys everything in your world. Yet, in the end, you are supposed to thank them.

We call for all the kind people in the world to support the imprisoned and tortured Dafa practitioners in Deyang Prison.

Sichuan Province Deyang Prison ( known as "95 Factory of Deyang, Sichuan Province" on the outside)
Postal code: 618007
Telephone: 86-838-3820115, 86-838-3820224
Prison head: Ma Aijun
Political Section of Deyang Prison: 86-838-3820225
Head of Political Section of Deyang Prison: Wang Gang
Daily Affairs Section: Li Kaili
Head of 2nd Ward of Deyang Prison: Zeng Guofu
Disciplinary guard of 2nd Ward: Chen Ping
Policemen of 2nd Ward: Cui Weigang, Zhang Jun