(Clearwisdom.net) Every Falun Gong practitioner detained in Changliu Detention Center in Tonghua City has been persecuted.

At Changliu Detention Center every practitioner is forced to work over ten hours every day. The detention center director knows that forced labor is illegal, but he turns a blind eye to it. Falun Gong practitioners are provided with two meals per day: corn buns and radish soup. On Monday the bun is made with very crude flour. Daily necessities are sold there at two to three times fair market price.

In November 2004, a Falun Gong practitioner wrote a letter to the director of a detention center (whose family name is Lu) informing him of the bad situation and asking for improvement. Lu secretly goaded a female guard, Li Xinchun, into punishing the practitioner. When the practitioner protested and demanded her right to freedom of belief, Li Xinchun dragged her from the cell to the yard of the detention center and beat her. Many guards and the team leader Jiang Hong were there, but none of them tried to stop the beating. The practitioner was beaten black and blue on her face and knees.

Jiang Hongjie is the so called doctor at the Changliu Detention Center. He overcharges practitioners for medical treatments. A bottle of IV or salt water costs 100 yuan. Jiang incited inmate Jia Xiubo to force-feed Falun Gong practitioners. He also encouraged Jia to torture practitioners. When it was pointed out to Jiang that the force-feeding tube should be disinfected, Jiang said "It's clean enough to wash it with cold water. I am not afraid of being exposed." One time when the force-feeding tube was taken out of a practitioner's mouth it fell on the floor. Inmates said, "It's too dirty, throw it away." Jia Hongbo said, "Doctor Jiang would not allow it." Jiang Hongjie ordered male inmates to affix practitioners to a tiger bench for force feeding, pulling hair, grabbing their ears and squeezing practitioners' necks. Some kind hearted inmates wiped off the practitioner's throw-up. Jiang ordered them to stop doing that, "Leave the throw-up there." Jiang also went to cells to incite inmates to treat practitioners badly. With the encouragement of Jiang, Jia Xiubo added more salt when force-feeding practitioners in order to torture them. Some inmates could not eat after seeing such horrifying scenes.