(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher told us that all his gong and Fa is in Zhuan Falun, and that it is up to us whether to study it or not. As long as we study Zhuan Falun, we will find everything we need in the book. One enlightens to however high one can; whoever enlightens obtains. Some practitioners say that they can't find the content of Fa-rectification in Zhuan Falun while others find it. Teacher also told us that everything was in the book, but why couldn't I find anything about Fa-rectification in Zhuan Falun?

Teacher already said that Fa-rectification was arranged on a previous earth, but when it happened, we weren't on the path that the old forces had arranged for us. When I thought about what Teacher said, I realized my historical responsibility. Each practitioner truly cultivating has his or her great historical responsibility during Fa-rectification. We all play a role in assisting Teacher in rectifying the Fa in the world.

While doing the three things Teacher told us to do, I know that I am a particle of the Fa. I study the Fa, practice the exercises, cultivate my xinxing, send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and clarify the truth to save people. I can't compare myself to those practitioners who do the three things better than me, though.

While doing the three things now, I don't feel that they are part of some routine. I feel that I'm doing my own things. I realize that my xinxing improves while cultivating in Dafa and assisting Teacher in rectifying this universe which deviates from the Fa. It is the greatest and most important thing and I realize that it is my historical responsibility and mission that I fulfill my role as a Dafa practitioner. I help strengthen Dafa's energy field.

When I enlightened to a new level reading Zhuan Falun, I also enlightened that the lotus flower on the back cover of Zhuan Falun means that Fa-rectification will be successful and Dafa practitioners as a whole will reach the consummation while the evil will disintegrate. The evil in world is the wicked CCP.

Now when I do the three things, I use Dafa's great energy to do it. In my daily life, I hold myself with a practitioner's high standard without bringing any negative effect to Dafa. By doing so, when I remove my attachments, my mind is very clear because I know why I am here.