(Clearwisdom.net) I usually take my child to a barber to get his hair cut, but this particular barber requires an advance appointment. As a result, when we are there, there are usually no other customers around so I only get to clarify the truth to the owner, the barber. Last month, I wanted my child to have a haircut, however I did not get a chance to make an appointment. So instead I took my son to the place where I get my own hair cut. My husband said that the children's barber did a better job cutting his hair, so I decided to return to the original barber to get his hair cut thereafter.

Today, though, my son needed a haircut, but the barber was not open, so I again took him to my hair salon. I had spoken about the persecution of Falun Dafa to the boss before and she was very supportive. Today when I went in, I saw that there were about eight other customers. I thought, "Isn't this a great opportunity to clarify the truth?" When the boss was doing my child's hair, I began to chat with her. "Have you heard the breaking news?" Hearing this, the other customers who had been chatting all quietened down. I began to tell them about the live harvesting of practitioners' organs in Sujiatun and other concentration camps. A lady said, "How come they are so cruel? Is there anything wrong with practicing Falun Gong?" A worker in the hair salon said, "Falun Gong [practitioners] are always quiet. They don't leave behind any trash after their events." I was very happy that this worker had read some truth-clarification materials before. We had a wonderful conversation. When I left, they were still discussing this topic.

From this incident, I realized that I did not always have saving sentient beings on my mind. I felt that I had already used lots of opportunities to clarify the truth. I could have done better, like what I did today. Every practitioner is a spokesperson who can spread the truth about Dafa wherever they go.