(Clearwisdom.net) Interference and trouble during the Fa-rectification are the result of loopholes created by our attachments. The loopholes are taken advantage of by the old forces. If we just simply send forth righteous thoughts and do not truly look inward to find out the problem that causes the loophole, then we cannot eliminate the trouble at its root, and the interference will continue.

One hot summer day, I went out to clarify the truth with another practitioner. We stood in the cool shade of a building for the sake of comfort instead of the place planned earlier, which was under the baking sun. Even though there were many people coming and going, almost no one took our materials. Half an hour later, a fellow came out of a store and chased us away. We viewed this as evil interference since he prevented us from truth clarification, but we could not persuade him. We went to the place under the baking sun and continued our mission. The situation suddenly changed, many passers-by talked with us and understood the truth and took the truth clarification materials. It seemed at the beginning the fellow from the store was interfering with us but actually he was helping us find our attachment.

No matter what difficulties or troubles I run into now, I am able to look inward until I discover the true loophole. The attachment is not easily found at times. Sometimes it will remind me through a fellow practitioner or other people. At one time, my attachment to selfishness was right in front of me, but I was not able to realize or acknowledge my attachment.

If we look at things from two different angles, it will be clearer. Something appeared troublesome with interference, but it reflected our attachment and inadequacy. As long as we realize it and correct it right away, we will improve ourselves quickly.