(Clearewisdom.net) After the persecution facts similar to those of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp were exposed, I heard some opinions from fellow practitioners. Some of them thought that those persecuted practitioners had arranged for their existence in the human world that they would leave that world in this tragic way, so as to awaken people's conscience. I think that this understanding is not right, because the old forces had arranged this incident not to save sentient beings, but to test Dafa disciples and eliminate those whom they do not want to become the Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. From the bottom of our hearts, we should not acknowledge the existence of this persecution arrangement. We should do everything in our power to eradicate it. At the same time, by recognizing the intention of the old forces' making this arrangement, we can also remind ourselves and achieve the goal of not falling into the old forces' traps.

From Master's Fa I understand that the ultimate goal of the old forces is not to save the sentient beings, but to ruin them, as they do not care about humans at all. Furthermore, the old forces hold the view that the Dafa practitioners' personal cultivation is of utmost importance. From the very beginning of a Dafa practitioner's cultivation to the very end, the practitioner is always tested on their faith in Dafa. After this incident was exposed, isn't it true that some practitioners have doubted the actual existence of this tragedy? I also heard some practitioners asking why such tragic things were not exposed until now.

This particular tragedy began in 2001. I believe that if this tragedy were exposed then, some practitioners' faith in Dafa and Master would have wavered. I heard a practitioner saying that he had developed some doubt about Dafa when a certain incident had come to light, namely when the eighteen female Dafa practitioners in a labor camp were stripped naked and pushed into male cells. That terrible tragedy had already surpassed the limits of his comprehension. This practitioner eventually pulled through and overcame this tribulation with the help of other practitioners.

I remember an older practitioner telling us a story. In ancient India a king wanted to eliminate Buddhism. He had all of Shakyamuni's disciples arrested and made them line up; then asked them one by one whether or not they believed in Shakyamuni. Those who said they did were immediately beheaded while those who said that they did not were released. When several hundred of them had been killed, that is, after all of the disciples displayed their xinxing levels, Shakyamuni waved his hand and instantly all of the beheaded disciples who died came to life again.

Master said,

"Another problem would be that since the evilness that was overwhelmingly pressing down at that time was extremely enormous... In the picture posted on the Clearwisdom Website, we saw that the Earth resembled the image of Satan. That was only a manifestation of the karma on Earth. Since every karma particle has its own distinctive karmic image, collectively, they also have an overall image, which is the image of karma. But at that time that evilness far exceeded this karma by many times. It was extremely frightening to beings at many levels--Earth wasn't the only thing covered by the evil. They thought that without undergoing a test this huge, a Fa this enormous couldn't be established. Yet they were also aware that with such a huge tribulation pressing down, human beings wouldn't be able to endure it and they'd be destroyed. They also knew that it would be very difficult for Dafa disciples to come through a tribulation like that. Still, they thought, "Then let them be destroyed." They even regarded me as a cultivator. They believed that enlightening to a Fa this immense would require a test this huge. Think about it, everyone: it's easy to talk about this, but in truth, it was extremely frightening. The environment at that time was so extremely horrible that it was beyond description." ("Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America" from Guiding the Voyage)

Master further said,

"The situation changed after these things were destroyed. The situation has gradually changed since March of this year. Without the manipulation of those evil factors, the evil humans have lost what reinforced their minds. They now think that Dafa has passed the test. These matters are in the process of being concluded; it's only that there's still a group of people who haven't stepped forward." ("Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America" from Guiding the Voyage)

Perhaps we will never clearly realize how much Master has borne for us during the process of our cultivation.

As this evil tribulation has occurred, we should not only hold even more firmly onto our faith in Master and Dafa, but also even more clearly recognize the true face of the old forces. We should use this tragedy in clarifying the truth to the various governments and executive branches and hurry up in saving the sentient beings.

April 10, 2006