(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening of October 26, 2005, Dafa practitioner Yin Wenjuan from Kaiyuan City, Liaoning Province was arrested by officers from the Hongqi Police Station in Qinghe District. Her non-practitioner husband Li Yuanjun was also taken away together with her. After a period of detention, Yin Wenjuan was released and she is currently remaining homeless to avoid further persecution. Her husband was tortured to the point where he cannot take care of himself. The Hongqi Police Station police still refuses to return the couple's personal belongings, IDs and confiscated money.

On the night of the arrest, Hongqi Police Station and Qinghe District Police Department National Security Brigade together interrogated Yin Wenjuan. Police chief Lan Wen shocked her with high voltage electric batons. Failing to get anything from her, the police sent her to Kaiyuan Detention Center on the afternoon of the next day.

Yin Wenjun started a hunger strike on October 28 to resist the persecution, but she was force fed and chained to the bed. On November 8, the police took her back to the Qinghe Hospital surgical department, where National Security Brigade captain Li Meng and Hongqi Police Station instructor Liu Fang took charge of persecuting her. Because she clarified the truth to doctors and nurses in the hospital, a doctor surnamed Zhou instructed a nurse to inject her with some unknown substance, causing her to sleep for an entire day. Later she was force-fed many times. Her hands and feet were chained to the bed, and she had to use a catheter for twenty days. No matter what pressure was placed on her, she never yielded to the evil. The surgical department director did not want to take any responsibility should anything happen to Yin, so he urged the police to transfer Yin to the internal medicine department. Twenty days later, the police took Yin to the Hongqi Police Station. On December 1, she was transferred to Qinghe Second Hospital. During her detention there, she once required emergency rescue because of the damage caused by force feeding.

Yin Wenjun firmly rejected the illegal arrest, trial and sentence imposed on her. The police later sentenced her to imprisonment on parole. But she refused to sign the verdict. In the end, the police had her family take her home after she was on hunger strike for 81 days and was on the verge of death. At present, Yin is homeless to avoid further persecution.

Yin Wenjun's husband Li Yuanjun was arrested together with her and was also brutally tortured by the police. They used 7-8 electric batons simultaneously to shock him. They even stuck the batons into his mouth. As a result, Li's whole body was bruised. His hair was scorched, mouth swollen, face deformed, hands numb, and one leg limp. Even so, the police continuously tortured him. In the next several weeks, they kept beating him every time they interrogated him. Since they could not find any evidence against him, the police had to announce that he is not guilty and let him go home. The inhumane torture has caused severe damage to Li. He cannot take care of himself, he developed a heart problem, and he cannot use one of his legs. He had operations on his hands, but to this day they are still numb. He also has headaches. The police still refuse to return his confiscated personal belongings and money.