(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Cui Shuyong was held in the Third Labor Camp of Henan Province. He suffered from inhumane tortures by the guards because he refused to give up Falun Gong. They beat him so cruelly that the rubber club they used was broken. They also bound Mr. Cui with a rope the thickness of a finger, and tied it so tightly that the rope snapped. He endured these tortures for fifty days. A year has now passed, and Mr. Cui still has problems with his legs.

At the beginning, the police in the labor camp deprived Mr. Cui of sleep by having two guards flank him day and night. One week later, they started physically torturing him. First they hung him up with a rope. Then they bound him, and the two guards lifted him up and threw him to the ground. Afterwards, they cruelly beat him with rubber clubs and steel pipes the size of a finger. After the beating, guard Shen Jianwei cruelly beat him in the face with his leather shoes. When he got tired he said, "I don't want to damage my shoes, your face is worth less than my shoes." Finally, guards Wang Yonggang, Li Fubing and others urinated on him and spit on his face. Mr. Cui was tortured for fifteen days like that, and as a result he became unable to stand upright.

One week later, they resumed the torture. They tried to force him to slander the founder of Falun Gong and to declare allegiance to the communist party, but he refused, so they continued beating him. They beat him at night and forced him to do hard labor during the day. He was not allowed to sleep. In the summer, he was not even allowed to wash his clothes.

The tortures used towards the end became even more brutal. Rubber clubs were viciously thrust against his chest causing him to scream in pain. To prevent his screaming from being heard outside, guard Zhang stuffed his mouth with a broom. During the torture, they broke a rubber club and a finger-sized rope. They tortured him like this for fifty days. Now, one year later, Mr. Cui still has difficulties moving about.

The forced labor camp imposed extreme demands on Dafa practitioners regardless of their physical conditions. There were constant threats of not having their terms reduced. Practitioners were forced to work more than twelve hours every day, sometimes as many as fifteen hours. If they failed to finish their assignments, they were abused and beaten.

The products they made are exported to the U.S. and Europe. Here is a list of the companies involved: Hiris, Longyuan and Senyuan Factory. Their vehicle numbers: Henan K66266 (Joint venture by China and foreign countries), Henan KD1355 and Henan K82052.

Despite these crimes, the Third Labor Camp of Henan Province was awarded the "Advanced and Civilized Labor Camp" designation. This award was obtained through fabrications and deceiving superiors.

The guards involved in the persecution of Mr. Cui are Shi Baolong, Meng Guanglu, Zhao Zhimin, Xu Yongwang, Shen Jianwei and Zhang.