Harbin Women's Prison Head Liu Zhiqiang is inciting inmates to rampantly persecute Dafa practitioners. The situation is very urgent, and help is needed to rescue the practitioners.

Dafa practitioners in Harbin Women's Prison Division 8 appealed for their unconditional release by hunger striking and refusing to wear inmates' uniforms. On January 17, 2006, prison head Liu Zhiqiang brought nine thugs from Division 9 who specialized in "transforming" practitioners. Zhang Chunhua, head of Division 8, led them to brutally persecute Dafa practitioners. The more inmates torture practitioners, the earlier they can be released. The nine thugs brought by Liu Zhiqiang had all achieved a 6, the highest score for early release. They rampantly persecuted Dafa practitioners, and below are some examples:

On January 17, 2006, the inmates taped practitioners Jia Shuying and Li Xiuhua's mouths shut and sent them to isolation cells, where they were detained until January 25, 2006. They also cuffed 6 practitioners' hands behind their back to the bed legs in different rooms. They forcibly removed practitioners' clothes and only left them in their underwear. The thugs forced them to wear inmate uniforms, chained them to the floor, and made them sit on the freezing floor with the windows open. These practitioners were tortured like this for two days until they agreed to wear the uniform.

On January 19, because practitioner Wang Aihua did the Falun Gong exercises, the inmates handcuffed her into a position where she had to squat down. Yu Ying, Ma Hongying, and Zhang Chunyan brutally beat Wang Aihua until she had severe chest pains. On January 21, Wang Aihua again wanted to do the exercises and was beaten by Chen Zenglian. Later, Wang Aihua went on hunger strike again. These 9 inmates tortured her during the day and directed other inmates to torture her at night as well. Right now, the 5th floor (where Division 8 is located) has a very bad situation. Although Zhang Yanfang (who started to practice in the prison) has started to do slave labor, she was still moved to the east side of the 4th floor, Team 20, for persecution.

Wang Jianping is a practitioner detained on the east side of the 4th floor. On January 20, Division 8 head Zhang Chunhua handcuffed her. After Zhang Chunhua left, inmate Zhang Hongying (who behaves very badly) slapped Wang Jianping 30-40 times. She also kicked Wang, and spat on her face. Another inmate lay in bed watching the beating. After Zhang Hongying beat Wang, that person gave Zhang an apple. After Zhang beat Wang again, that person gave Zhang a banana. Zhang then went to the office to give a massage to officer Zheng. After coming back, she tightened Ms. Wang's handcuffs. Because her blood flow was blocked, Wang Jianping's arms were numb and her hand turned blue. They did not release her handcuffs until she agreed to wear the inmate uniform.

Division 8 head Zhang Chunhua incited inmates to commit crimes. After handcuffing practitioner Wang Jianping, she led inmates Zhang Hongying and Zhao Dongmei to handcuff Zhou Chunzhi. Zhao Dongmei grabbed Zhou's hair, and Zhang Hongying slapped Ms. Zhou hard in the face. They then handcuffed Ms. Zhou behind the back onto the bed's leg. Because of the severe beating, Ms. Zhou's face turned red and she found it difficult to breathe. The inmates did not release her until she agreed to wear the inmate uniform. When Ms. Zhou asked Zhang Hongying why she was beating her, Zhang Hongying said she would beat even harder those from other divisions. Dafa practitioners Yang Xiaolin, Wang Yanping and Lv Yinghua (who started to practice in the prison) were also handcuffed onto the heating pipes so that they could not squat or sit. They were not released until they agreed to follow orders to do slave labor.

On January 25, inmate Zhang Hongying used a water bottle to beat Ms. Wang's head, and continually swore at her, claiming that she was insane. Zhang also claimed that "Officer Zheng has authorized me to search beds eight times a day and do body searches three times a day. I was also authorized to handcuff practitioners and confiscate their Falun Gong articles." Practitioner Zhou Chunzhi reported this to an officer. Zhang then slapped her in the face. Zhang also denied that she beat anyone and said Dafa practitioners were trying to frame her, claiming "there are no witnesses or traces." After Dafa practitioner Wang Hongzhou went to an officer to report this, Zhang Hongyi then threatened the Dafa practitioners. Policeman Sun Yu also covered for her.

After the nine thugs went to Division 8, they persecuted practitioners viciously. They also monitored the previous persecutors in Division 8 and reported them to the officers. As a result, these people treat practitioners even more badly. Together with Zhang Chunhua, Zheng Jie and other officers, they handcuffed practitioners to the ground tightly. They also covered the doors with newspaper, taped practitioners' mouths shut, beat and kicked practitioners. They also slapped practitioners in the head, and beat their private parts. They did not allow practitioners to sleep or even close their eyes. They forced practitioners to wear inmate uniforms and handcuffed their hands behind their back. When calling names during a gathering, they pulled practitioners' handcuffs. When practitioners did not yield, they pulled the handcuffs again to make them tighter. The pain was tremendous. During the daytime, they covered practitioners' mouths and beat them badly, without obvious injuries showing to the outside. They also searched for practitioners' articles. Even if practitioners agreed to follow orders, they are still closely watched, and severely tortured.

Above is the situation in Division 8, but things are even worse in Division 9.

The nine inmate thugs that prison head Liu Zhiqiang brought from Division 9 are Zhang Fang, Chen Zenglian, Zhang Chunyan, Yuan Wei, Yu Ying, Ma Hongying, Wang Minhua, Zhang Jinhua, and another one whose name is unknown.

Zhang Chunyan is a criminal who had stolen people's property. She lived in Changchun City and was sentenced to 9 years in prison. She is 54 years old, and her behavior is really bad. Since entering the prison in 2001, she has been monitoring practitioners. Her detention term was reduced several times as a result of her persecuting Falun Gong practitioners.

March 7, 2006