(Clearwisdom.net) Clearwisdom has reported the shocking news about the CCP-built Sujiatun Concentration Camp to detain more than 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners. The facility harvests organs from living practitioners and then cremates them to destroy the evidence of their crimes.

This reminds me of something that happened in Anshan:

Photograph of the Deceased Practitioner Ms. Zhang Li

Ms. Zhang Li, 40 years old, was a practitioner in the Tiexi District of Anshan City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Zhang was illegally arrested by police and sent to the Anshan Detention Center. She suffered from vicious abuse and was near death from torture. She passed away on August 27, 2002 in the Anshan Central Hospital.

She was forced to leave home to escape persecution for practicing Falun Gong. The Lishan District Police Department of Anshan City arrested her on March 19, 2002, when there were five practitioners in the house. As one of the "most wanted" on the blacklist, she was sentenced to life in prison. During her imprisonment, the police interrogated and tortured her brutally on many different occasions. On August 27, 2002, her abusers tortured her so cruelly that her life was hanging by a thread before she was finally sent to the hospital. Because the police denied her any medical treatment until it was too late, she subsequently died. As confirmed by eyewitnesses, Ms. Zhang Li's trachea and armpit were sliced open as she was dying. After each interrogation in the First Detention Center of Anshan City, others witnessed that she was scored with bloody knife wounds. The police wrapped her corpse with a white cloth to cover their crimes.

There were many practitioners clarifying the truth of Dafa in Beijing in 2001. When they were arrested they did not tell their names or addresses to avoid trouble with their local governments. The police sent them to different detention centers according to their town of origin. Around 200 Anshan practitioners were arrested and sent to the detention centers. The police brutally tortured them with thick cords. Later they were sent to other locations. Now, no one knows their whereabouts.

When I heard about the evil crimes committed inside Sujiatun Concentration Camp, I was reminded of those practitioners sent to other places. The same events happened in other districts of China, so I appeal to our practitioners and righteous people in other areas to pay attention to all similar cases around you.

March 18, 2006