To Langfang City officials:

My name is Nie Chunling, and my husband is Yang Jianpo. We are both Falun Dafa practitioners. Before we began cultivation, we had a business, and even though we were not short of money, more than a decade of high-stress work seriously affected my health - I had heart disease, kidney inflammation, a bladder tumor and high blood pressure. These diseases were a serious danger to my health, and I had to live in pain constantly. The diseases made me hot-tempered, and as a result, we were on the brink of divorce.

April 2, 1998, is a day that my entire family will never forget. We were able to obtain the Fa on a chance opportunity, and ever since, we have walked on a path of cultivation. Our family relationship improved tremendously and we lived happily together. Our business improved, as well.

However, soon the Jiang Zemin regime and the CCP began the brutal nationwide persecution of good people who live by the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance". Dafa disciples were sent into labor camps, had their homes broken into illegally, and were imprisoned. My family was no exception. Our house was broken into countless times. I was arrested 18 times, and my husband was in and out of labor camps. All of our savings was taken away by the Public Security Bureau through illegal fines and various fees. Our children only managed to survive with the help of relatives. From 2003 to 2005 alone, the police confiscated our possessions with a total value of about 80,000 Yuan. Then, when we started a fast food restaurant, my husband Yang Jianbo was illegally arrested by the Guangyang District Public Security Bureau on February 20, 2004. Policemen confiscated 30,000 Yuan worth of goods for the business from our home. My husband was then illegally sentenced to prison without any legal documentation. Our restaurant was forced to close down, which resulted in another huge loss.

Under such difficult circumstances, with the help of my family and friends, I received a loan to buy a cargo van and started a delivery business. I borrowed 110,000 Yuan in total. In order to clear this debt, my husband and I decided to sell our house in April 2005. However, our identity cards had been taken away by the National Security Team of Langfang City and they refused to return it to us. We had no choice but to request another one at the Beimenwai Police Station. After that, it was taken away again by the Guangyang District National Security Team. Instead of selling our house to repay our debt, we ended up losing another several thousand Yuan.

At the end of November 2005, my husband went to Inner Mongolia to deliver vegetables and fruits. Due to his clarifying the truth of the persecution along the way, he was detained by police from Gulanqi Habaga and lost another 7,000 Yuan. Today, we have a clothing business and more than 10,000 Yuan worth of winter clothes that need to be sold, but the Langfang Public Security Bureau has once again illegally detained my husband Yang Jianbo and intends to sentence him to imprisonment.

My family is facing a grave situation right now. On February 6, 2006, I was brutally beaten up by Xin Pingyu's gang from the National Security Team when I demanded the release of my husband at the Langfang City Guangyang District Public Security Bureau. My heart disease recurred and I was bedridden. I was incapacitated in my home for two days.

My husband Yang Jianbo has committed no crime in telling the facts to the public. This afternoon, my daughter went to the Political and Judicial Committee to report our situation but was turned away. I had no choice but to write this open letter to ask the police to stop their criminal deeds, release my husband Yang Jianbo, and return justice to us.

From a woman anxiously waiting for the return of her husband,

Nie Chunling

February 7, 2006