(Clearwisdom.net) I was fortunate to begin Falun Dafa study during my junior year in college in September 1997. The school environment was very good then. Assistants led practitioners in diligent Fa study. My health improved greatly, and I became very peaceful, too. Master's Fa principles opened the door to my wisdom. My ability to understand things improved significantly. I made great progress in my school and graduated with honors. I started to believe firmly that Dafa is the profound Buddha Law.

In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under Jiang Zemin's Regime, started persecuting Dafa. Other practitioners and I went to Beijing to validate Dafa. I also downloaded Master's lectures from the Internet and disseminated them to other practitioners. Police discovered this and I was illegally sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp.

At the Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp, I mistakenly followed somebody, taking that person as my model. I let people who went astray in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp affect me too. In 2001, I returned home from the forced labor camp. Because I had given up Dafa, I stopped studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Later, I felt my xinxing had become worse and worse. Just then I remembered Master's lectures. I felt that in this complex human world, I'd lost the purity that I had when I practiced Dafa.

I reconsidered "transformation." As I was reading the cultivation story of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and the Eight Immortals, it made me think of many of the principles Master taught us. I suddenly had the desire to read Zhuan Falun. I started to read the new lectures calmly. Through reading I suddenly realized and understood that this persecution during Master's Fa-rectification era is directly related to the old forces' interference in other dimensions. So I asked fellow practitioners to publish my "Solemn Declaration" on the Minghui website. I made up my mind to follow Master and to continue my cultivation, but my attachment to fear that welled up occasionally shook my determination, making me feel the difficulty with every step I took. But I kept in mind Master's admonition to study the Fa more, and as I did so, I had more and more righteous thoughts. In the recent years of my cultivation, my righteous thoughts helped me overcome obstacles, one by one.

In 2002 I was transferred to a city high school as a teacher. I followed the principles Master taught us and did my teaching work really well and won acclaim. For each semester since then, the school arranged for me to give demonstration lessons to teachers and leaders from my school and other schools. I took those opportunities to validate Dafa and showed them by example the standard of a cultivator. Every time I earned praise I always thought: this is Dafa's mighty power. No doubt, this established a basis for me to validate Dafa later on.

Once, some practitioners and I hung up two truth-clarification banners at a certain place in the city. It was the first time that Dafa banners appeared in the city. The news spread rapidly. It was the time of the CCP's important conference. The local Public Security Bureau was investigating and watching closely. One policeman who understood the truth about Dafa already called me and warned me that the police were checking my file and it was very urgent because they may persecute me. I sent forth righteous thoughts. Then I thought that I should go directly to the school director to clarify the truth rather than waiting for the police to force the school leaders to persecute me. I had one thought: as long as I speak the truth, the evil that was trying to persecute me from other dimensions would be eliminated, no matter how vicious they appeared to be in the human world.

I went to the director's office, and the director listened to me carefully. I told him about the benefits I received from practicing, about being persecuted and going back into teaching, and a few other things. I explained facts of the persecution. I spoke for almost three hours, until the director reminded me that it was time to go home. The director said to me at last, "I wouldn't say anything bad about Falun Gong. If it is truly like what you say, hopefully Falun Gong's name will later be restored." I told the director, "If the police come to the school to give pressure, please help control it for me." Police didn't come to school and the investigation stopped. I then wrote a long letter to the director and attached a truth-clarification CD.

Since then, every time agents from the 610 Office came to the school to investigate, the director always praised me for my teaching and said I was following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to be a good person. The police didn't know how to respond. Prior to October the year before last, the police arrested a local practitioner. They were trying to pressure me. I refused to go to see them in the director's office. They had to leave. Since then, nobody from the "610 Office" ever came to harass me again.

Through diligent Fa study and continued improvement in my righteous thoughts, I was able to eliminate the attachment to fear. I often think: An Arhat is always in a happy mood. I should let go of all my attachments and clarify the truth lightheartedly and with dignity.

I teach Chinese Language and Literature at the high school. Dafa opened the door to my wisdom. I can melt into and become interconnected with what I learned from my readings and use it in teaching the students, and point them in the direction of understanding the principles of being a good person. So, all the students like to take my Chinese class. During a teacher's survey, students always gave me high scores on my teaching evaluations. I tried to find proper opportunities to channel the topic to "cultivation" and switch the textbooks' article topics to the April 25, 1999 Zhongnanhai Peaceful Appeal. When the class was over, the students applauded.

Once there were adjustments in class arrangements, to divide classes into arts and science sections. Many students from other classes joined my class. The class monitor stayed in my class. She got to know the truth already and asked me to teach her how to practice. She remembered what I said: the purpose of clarifying the truth is to dissolve hatred. The more people that understand the truth, the sooner this persecution will end. One day she took the opportunity to present a speech before the official start of class. She purposely mentioned the "Falun Gong" topic and asked me to clarify the truth to the class. I had just thought about how to get to this topic. It turned out that she and I were thinking the same thing. She later experienced the wonders of Dafa and felt the rotation of the Falun in her abdomen. I told her it was Master's encouragement for her. After that, she often distributed truth-clarification flyers to her classmates.

One student, the chairman of the student union, was being groomed to become a CCP member. My class monitor and this student came from the same hometown. She patiently persuaded him to listen to me about withdrawing from the CCP. At last this student carefully read "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," borrowed Zhuan Falun from me and began practicing.

Each time I clarified the truth in class I always maintained my righteous thoughts: clarifying the truth can eliminate the evil. As long as I have righteous thoughts, the old forces will not dare to persecute me. When I met students who couldn't understand the truth, I used the opportunities of their visiting my home to show them truth-clarification videos or tried to guide them to break through their human notions and learn to think independently.

I often took the opportunities of field trips to clarify the truth to students and tried to avoid any arguments between me and my students. I learned how to start a conversation with non-sensitive topics and understand the other party's way of thinking and depth of thinking. When I read books or magazines, I tried to gather historical information to better facilitate conversations when clarifying the truth, so I wouldn't be only focusing on the issue of persecution. I would introduce principles and help them break through their human notions. After a while, when they would see me, they would ask me about cultivation stories in a matter-of-fact way. Several of my coworkers changed their biased opinions of Falun Gong and started re-thinking the persecution.

I have recently taken two approaches at the same time at school to clarify the truth - openly and secretly. When I chat with coworkers, for security reasons, I give them materials such as Nine Commentaries secretly. I remind myself to study the Fa daily and send forth righteous thoughts, do the three things and read current information, such as Minghui Weekly. I tried to participate in group studies and compare myself to others to find my own shortcomings. Sometimes when I didn't do well and after other practitioners pointed it out, I would adjust my mindset and continue to assist Master to rectify the Fa.

Since I had transferred to this school, we broke the long-held college entry exam record for three consecutive years and made it to first place in our county in the arts and sports areas. All the neighboring schools were amazed. The director said the school was led to glory during those three years. I believe this is the good fortune Dafa brought to the beings in this area.

Dafa has given me wisdom and strength in every breakthrough on my cultivation path. Compared to other practitioners, I still have many areas that need improvement. The Fa requires us to improve rapidly. I need to cultivate more diligently.

I didn't use any of Master's quotes in this article. Some practitioners didn't think this was proper. But I understand it from a different perspective. I think this is related to my own cultivation state. Every righteous thought I have in validating Dafa is based on my study of the Fa. When clarifying the truth I try to maintain a pure mind without worrying too much. I try to bring the principles of the Fa that I can remember into my conversations, to make people understand them and see through the evil's lies. When clarifying the truth I also try to compare what I say to Dafa principles. Sometimes I didn't clarify this well and found my attachments, but I would then find opportunities to make it up the next time, to improve myself.