(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner from Liaoning Province. The Chinese Communist regime has persecuted me many times. I was incarcerated in a women's prison in Liaoning for three years. During those three years I was forced to take unidentified drugs and was otherwise severely tortured. I witnessed the persecution of other Falun Gong practitioners in prison. The policemen poked elderly practitioner Zhao Huiqin's face, hands and other parts of the body with sewing needles; practitioner Bai Xiuquan was forced to remain standing in a fixed position for a prolonged period of time; a guard and a criminal named Xu Ying tied practitioner Zhang Shujuan onto a bed and forced her to bend down, although her legs were disabled and could not bend without great pain.

Since I did not study the Fa well and had many attachments, I gave up on cultivation for a six-month period. With fellow practitioners' help I finally returned to cultivation, but I developed a certain mindset for doing things and didn't calm down to read the Fa. Also, since I had a strong desire of trying to make up for my mistakes, the evil took advantage of my loopholes again in 2002 and I ended up in a detention center. I started a hunger strike to protest the torture, but I was badly beaten. Several people monitored me and did not allow me to sleep. Later, I was illegally sentenced to three years of incarceration and locked up at Liaoning Province Women's Prison in Shenyang City.

I was forced to take unidentified drugs and tortured nearly to death

I lost consciousness as soon as I arrived at the prison. My blood pressure was always 240 to 280. Prison chief Jin Zhengyue asked some criminals to get some drugs for me. I felt very dizzy and sleepy after taking the drugs. Jin Zhengyue ordered two criminals to watch me. Criminal Xu Ying was a murder suspect. The criminals kept me from sleeping and forced me to write a guarantee statement. Xu Ying tortured me in a violent way, while another criminal tormented me in a phony nice way. They also said, "We are not going to beat you or curse you, but we can still torture you to death."

The unidentified drugs made me muddle-headed. I thought they would let me go to sleep once I wrote the letter, so I wrote the so-called guarantee letter. A few days later I asked them to stop giving me drugs, but they still forced me to take them. They pried my mouth open each time and checked if I had actually swallowed the drugs. Later, I learned how to spit out the drugs when they were not looking, but Xu Ying found out two months later. They forced me to take drugs again, but I resisted. They could do nothing about it. But, I still felt very tired during my imprisonment, as if I was poisoned somehow.

After I wrote the guarantee letter I felt very bad and cried every day. The persecution only worsened. They ordered me to write another two letters to renounce Falun Gong. I refused to do so, so they told all the criminals to get up early every morning to read books to me slandering Dafa. I refused to listen and said all those books were lies. Then the murder-suspect criminals beat and kicked me. The cell head also beat me occasionally, just because I refused to write the letters.

I was physically very weak those days and heard disturbing noises in my head. I didn't have righteous thoughts, and the evildoers forced me to write the letter. I told them that I did not know what to say, so they highlighted some slanderous words from their books and ordered me to copy out the contents for the letter. I refused, but they forced me to do it.

After doing that I felt very dizzy and my life felt very dark. I asked myself why I did it and why I could not resist. I tried to find an opportunity to tell them that my "reformation" is not real, and that I did as they wished only because I was forced to. Next the evildoers told me to take a test filled with slanderous questions attacking Falun Gong. This time I resisted and told them in public that I had not been reformed and that I was forced to write those things. So, the evildoers tortured me again in all kinds of ways. They beat me and deprived me of sleep.

Once they asked a criminal named Chen Qi from Shenyang City to read the slanderous book to me and told me to share my thoughts about it. Criminal Bai Shenghua, who is from Benxi and sentenced to life imprisonment, slapped me. I cried and told them not to persecute Falun Gong and me anymore, otherwise they will suffer karmic retribution.

Since I refused to be reformed, they would not let me go to sleep at night and they forced me to do labor in the daytime. Criminals Xu Ying and Bai Shenghua yelled at me every time I closed my eyes, keeping me from falling asleep. They even threatened that they would take turns watching me at night so that I could never go to sleep. They forced me to keep walking between machines. If I slowed down, they cursed me.

Whenever I thought of Master's teachings, I felt solid.

When they were out of tricks, head guard Jin Zhengyue ordered the criminals to keep me under 24-hour surveillance. They prevented me from using the bathroom. In the summer of 2003 I had kidney and intestinal problems, so I had to go to the bathroom quite often. Xu Ying beat me when I went to the toilet five times one night. She also told the chief Jin Zhengyue that I went to the bathroom nine times. Jin kicked and slapped me in her office.

A few months later my husband came to visit me. Jin talked to him privately and compelled him to convince me to transform. I stopped him as soon as he started. I also told him all the details of the torture I had experienced. Finally I told my husband, "If you try to make me give up, you will be just like them who are nothing but evildoers. I will never give up!" My husband became quiet.

After my husband left I made a solemn declaration that all the things I had written or said in prison that were against Dafa principles are invalid, and that I will forever follow Master to cultivate.

In August 2004, guard Xu Honghua and chief Miao Yan took me to their office and said that if I rewrite the three letters, my sentence would be reduced. I refused to do so. I told them that I cannot sell out Dafa for a comfortable life at home.

I was released in 2005 when my sentence was over. I was very weak then, due to the torture. After reading the Fa and doing the exercises, I recovered with Master's help.

Actual eyewitness of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the prison

Falun Gong practitioner Zhao Huiqi was poked with needles on the face, palms and other parts of her body

In December 2002 I saw an old lady in my cell when I came back from the daily labor assignment. She had just arrived and was standing in front of the bed. Her name is Zhao Huiqin, a practitioner from Dashiqiao, Yingkou City. At night, chief Jin Zhengyue ordered two criminals to watch Zhao Huiqin and attempted to force her to write the guarantee letter. She refused, so they didn't let her sleep. They also took off her clothes and forced her to bend down, wearing only thin clothes.

Zhao was forced to do labor the next day, and at night was forced to bend down with thin clothes on again without sleep. The criminals E Guixiang and Fan Xiuli started beating Zhao after 3 o'clock in the morning.

The third night, E Guixiang and Fan Xiuli still would not let Zhao sleep and forced her to write the letter. When she refused, Xu Ying kicked Zhao and Fan Xiuli punched her in the face, making it swollen and black.

Fan Xiuli also used needles to poke Zhao's face, palm and body. She also ordered others to insert dirty toilet paper into Zhao's mouth. Due to some people's strong opposition, she didn't do it. The next day E Guixiang and Fan Xiuli wrote the letters for Zhao and forced Zhao to sign her name. After that I often saw her crying.

Practitioner Bai Xiujuan was tortured with forced standing for a long time

One night on my way to the bathroom I saw a women standing in the room. Since I had kidney problems, I went to the bathroom several times that night. I saw her standing there every time. I told myself that she must be a practitioner who had been forced to stand there for refusing to write the guarantee letters. Several days later I saw that she always closed her eyes when working and seemed to be very tired. She could not even walk straight. I learned later that she is practitioner Bai Xiujuan.

The criminal Chen Qi tortured Bai incessantly. She would not let Bai buy any necessary items from the prison canteen. When her family came to visit, guards inquired if Bai would write the letters and told her she could not see her family if she refused. Bai still refused to do so, which led to her husband divorcing her.

In May of the second year of her incarceration, they started torturing Bai Xiujuan again. They often beat her, so Bai started a hunger strike to protest the torture. A few days later they took Bai to a hospital and force-fed her. I saw several people carrying Bai to the hospital. I also heard from the people who went to the hospital with Bai that her hands, legs and feet were tied up so that she could not move at all. A few days later I heard that they carried Bai back to the prison, and that she was dying. Even in such a state, Bai still refused to write the letters.

The persecution of Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Shujuan

One day in the spring of 2003 I saw a newcomer in the cell after I returned from my working shift. She is Zhang Shujuan. The first day chief Jin Zhengyue asked criminal inmate Zhang Yuqin (sentenced to 15 years) and the murderer Liu Weibin (from Shenyang and sentenced to death with two years pending) to torture Zhang Shujuan.

The second night, these two criminals would not let Zhang sleep. They took off her clothes and forced her to bend down. Since Zhang had leg problems and could not bend down, they forced her to bend down and tied Zhang to the bed frame.

It was extremely cruel. I saw them, and they covered my head with clothing. I heard Zhang crying. I also heard the criminals saying, "Write the guarantee letter if you cannot stand this!" Zhang refused. She was not released until the next morning, when everyone went to work.

The next night they resumed their abuse of Zhang Shujuan. They forced her to stand up and removed her clothes. A few days later they still had not reached their goal, so they took Zhang to a small room so that nobody could see when they beat her. Back at work, some guards took her to a corner. They did not want others to witness that Zhang's face was disfigured from the beating. She was also completely blinded.

The torture lasted for a long time. Later they locked Zhang in a solitary cell. At the 2005 Spring Festival, Zhang was still in the solitary cell. She was released once but jailed in there again seven days later.

When Zhang's family came to visit, the prison would not let them see Zhang. They did not permit her to buy anything while in prison. She was still being incarcerated and tortured when I was released in 2005.

January 14, 2006