(Clearwisdom.net) I work in China in a French-owned company. A manager was coming from France to discuss business and I seized the opportunity to tell him about Falun Gong, the persecution, and the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He accepted what I said, saying, "What you are doing is not easy. I respect you guys."

Once before the New Year, he asked me to help his wife's new company visit a factory in China to check on some products. I distributed truth clarifying VCDs to workers there. Some of them reported me to the manager of the factory, who then called the wife of my manager and threatened to report me to the police. My manager immediately called me and fired me. He also asked a Chinese employee to notify all Chinese clients that from the day I left the company, that my actions had nothing to do with the company.

This thing happened suddenly. I immediately explained to the factory boss that, "Please believe me that I was well-intentioned. In the New Year, everyone gives gifts to bless each other. I also want to send my best wishes to you all. These VCDs and beautiful cards tell the real story about Falun Gong. They are positive and inspiring, and beneficial to people. So I want to share these truths and positive views with you all. Please do not believe the slander the CCP spews against Falun Gong. Considering the party's past political campaigns (like the Great Cultural Revolution, for example), how can you believe that they say?"

The boss nodded and said, "Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but we cannot accept your gifts. The workers were afraid so they told the chief. There are too many people in the factory. The chief does not wish the workers to spread these things " I explained to her again that what I did had nothing to do with my company or my manager, yet I had just been fired as a result. She sighed and said, "You'd better leave here, too."

I then considered what I had done wrong.

I thought I should have begun by clarifying the truth verbally first, and then asked them whether they wanted to watch the VCD to learn more. Then I'd give it to them, which would have been more sensible. I should not assume that after they watch the VCD they will know the truth naturally. What is more, my actions seemed inconsiderate to the wife of my manager, so he blamed me, saying that he could not tolerate me doing Falun Gong things during work hours, which was the official reason for firing me. I wrote back to him that I disagreed with his actions, thinking that my actions did not warrant such a severe punishment. In a normal society, I would not need to explain my beliefs to people in this way. Occasionally giving New Year gifts to people at the workplace is not forbidden. In a normal society, I would not lose my job for doing what I did. I also said to him, "I have my own shortcomings in this issue. I was not considerate enough and I will improve. In the future, I would do this thing with more consideration. I have a strong will to improve myself as a cultivator." I expressed that I understood his fear, but I told him that practicing Falun Gong is my individual issue. I also thanked him for his care and support of his employees. I told him that in one's life, a person faces many choices. The principles they follow will decide their future fate. I hoped he would reconsider. He replied, "This decision was made unhappily. I am very respectful of you and admire your courage very much. But my decision of terminating your work contract is the best plan for both of us. Thank you for your contribution to the company. I wish you the best in the future." A colleague told me that another reason that the French manager fired me was that the company was negotiating a joint-venture with a big company in China. He did not want this issue to become a problem to the negotiations. He worried it would be a potential liability and be disadvantageous to the company.

A few days after I was fired, I took a walk to my old workplace. I was surprised to find a 2 to 3 meter long crack in the front wall of the building. It was being repaired at the time with black cement. It was surprising because it is a new office building. What caused it? The other companies on the same floor did not have this situation. Was it a warning?

Not long after that, I found a new job. The new company also ordered products from the factory I mentioned before. In the first week of my working there, I heard from my old colleague that all of the factory's exported goods were garnished for compensation. After a half-year, my old colleague in that French company called me and told me the great change in the company. It turned out that after I left, the company was purchased by another company. Half a year later, the French manager was fired. His wife's company also closed. I felt very sorry for them after hearing the news.

The above is my personal experience. The relationship between cause and effect is very clear. It is true that good or bad fortune is determined by one's thoughts.