(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Weijun of Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province, was illegally arrested and detained during the past six years. She has suffered excruciating pain dozens of times, and was released only after her life was in danger. In the Shuanghe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Qiqihar City, she was attacked and beaten with electric batons by team leader Wang Yan, and was hung up, forced fed, and placed in solitary confinement in a "small cell." In the Women's Prison in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, she suffered many physical injuries and mental abuse. They tortured her with the "Big hang up," (1) being forced to sit still for long periods, hands cuffed behind the back, solitary confinement, and force-feeding through a nasal tube. They pulled the feeding tube back and forth after it had been inserted, then left the tube inside her stomach for a long time until the tube grew green fuzz. This happen repeatedly. She was diagnosed with late stage uterine cancer. The cancer had spread and she was given three months to live. She was not bailed out until August 2005, but was arrested again on October 17. Currently she is still being persecuted in the Heilongjiang Women's Prison in Harbin City.

Because Falun Gong practitioners have no place to file a lawsuit, and cannot get any response by legal appeal in mainland China, Dafa Disciple Chen Weijun is entrusting overseas Dafa disciples to appeal to the International Human Rights Organizations and Courts. Her appeal is as follows.

* * * * * * * *

I am Falun Dafa disciple Chen Weijun in China. Because I practice Falun Dafa, cultivating myself and pursuing compassion, and have been clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa, I was illegally detained and sentenced to eleven years in prison. During the past few years, I was subjected to all kinds of inhuman tortures. My human rights have been violated and my health has deteriorated. I am currently still being detained in prison.

In 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal to the higher authorities for help, and was arrested. On April 5, 2000, Dafa practitioners Ma Liming, Li Lin, Ma Fengying, Jia Zhonghua and I were illegally sentenced to forced labor camp for one year. We suffered all kinds of inhuman tortures at the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp in Qiqihar City.

Wang Yan, the leader of the fifth team, attacked us and beat my lower back with electric batons. Fu Ying, Wang Hongzhou, Zhang Zhaohong, He Aizhen, myself, and five others were confined in a solitary compartment, being forced to squat all day, and were called outside for interrogation, during which we were forced to answer whether we would continue practicing or not. If we said yes, they beat us severely. After that we would be forced to continue squatting. We had to relieve ourselves inside the compartment. They offered very little water for washing, and required us to use the same water to clean the floor. Once upon a time, after team leader Wang Yan slapped my ears many times, he forced Fu Ying, He Aizhen and me to squat. One day, just after I was taken out and beaten, Wang Yan called me to his office again and Wang Yan and Zhao together beat me with punches and kicks. They then tied me to the bed pillar with ropes in a squatting position, not allowing me stand or sit. My lower back was kicked until it became swollen and my legs turned black and blue from being kicked. I squatted there, and suffered agony beyond words, even more painful than being in labor and giving birth.

In order to protest the inhuman torture, we went on a hunger strike. The persecutors pried our mouths open with chopsticks, spoons, screwdrivers, and other hard objects. Wang Guofang's teeth were broken off. They cut off the bottoms of the plastic bottles, force-feeding us rice cakes soaked in vegetable broth. Once, a rice cake fell into the commode used by the police. They picked it up and continued to use it for the forced feeding. When force-feeding He Aizhen, they prepared five liters of water. They force-fed her while beating her until a practitioner who is a doctor found the team leader Wang Xiaojuan and told her that force-feeding like this would put her life in danger. Persecutors I encountered during this period included team leader Wang Yan, Wang Xiaojuan, superintendent with a surname Hong, another with a surname Bai, criminals Li Xiaoyang, He Jie, Zhang Jing, Zhao Jing, and others.

On May 24, Fu Ying, Kong Xiangli, Xu Jiayu, Zhang Hongxia and I were confined in a solitary compartment. We went on a hunger strike. He Jie force-fed me. Many water blisters developed in my mouth due to the impact of chopsticks and spoons on my mouth during the forced feeding, and my lips split badly. One day the criminals He Jie, Zhao Jing and some others stuffed a dishcloth into my mouth and tied me onto the central heating plate, ordering others to collect the waste when I had a bowel movement. After three or four hours, I was shocked with electric batons twice. Policemen participating in this persecution included one with the surname Liu and another Li.

In July, Wang Liyan, Xu Jinfeng, Fu Hui, Wang Yanjie, Wang Guofang and I were tied up and our mouths were sealed shut with plaster adhesive. We went on a hunger strike. Zhang Jing used a spoon to stab at my mouth. My gums were stabbed, causing two big holes, and blood went everywhere. The scar still exists today. One day, team leader Wang Mei called me to her office, and added three months to my term of imprisonment. I was confined in a solitary compartment and fell to the ground in complete darkness. After one week, I was taken to another compartment, which was a little bigger. In August, the compartment was full of newly detained Dafa practitioners. It was too hot to breathe in the compartment. The windows were broken so all kinds of moths and insects flew around, noisily hitting the lamp and wall. When awakening in the morning, dead mosquitoes and winged insects covered our heads.

In December, not long after I went back to the big group, I was confined in a solitary compartment again. My wrists were handcuffed behind my back and I was forced to sit on the ground all night. Later, the persecution was intensified. We were cuffed in a half squatting position on tiptoes with one hand on the bed and the other below the bed. Shen Zili and Fu Zhenying were also persecuted. People participating in this persecution included team leader Wang Mei and criminal He Jie. In early October, my imprisonment term was prolonged for three months. On October 11, I was forced to undergo brainwashing by the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Center, which was psychological torture.

In late July 2001, the Nenjiang Police Station cooperated with the Harbin Police Station to illegally arrest Cai Mi, He Miao, Deng Weiguo and me one after another. We were detained in the Harbin Guxiang Detention Center for about forty days. I had to go on hunger strike twice. The first time was for three days. I was together with Yang Yuping, a fellow practitioner from Harbin, but we were separated after a few days. I went on a hunger strike for five days by myself. The leather tube used to force-feed me was as thick as a pinky finger. The criminals pried my teeth open with pinchers and pliers, breaking my teeth. They fed me with corn paste mixed with salt. Seven or eight criminals held me down and beat me. They inserted the tube repeatedly, and I vomited uncontrollably. The corn paste I vomited had turned red from my blood. They tortured me two or three hours each time. Every time it was just like passing through the gate of hell. According to criminal Yang Lu, they only ceased when my blood pressure and pulse disappeared. Deng Weiguo was persecuted to death. He Miao was sent to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. The persecutors were policemen with surnames Ma and Liu from Nenjiang Police Station and Harbin Police Station, superintendent Wang of Guxiang Detention Center, and criminals Li Wan and Yang Lu.

In November 2001, Liu Efang, Wang Yanbo, Lei Shuzhen, Ma Lili, one with a surname Guan, my husband (who is not a practitioner), and I were arrested by Nenjiang Police Station. It was about seven o'clock at night. For the beginning half of the night, the policemen did not allow us to use the toilet. For the last half of the night, they tortured us. Our hands were twisted inversely and cuffed behind our backs, causing excruciating pain. They even inserted hard objects between the hands and back to make it more painful. They interrogated us and beat us with brooms and hard brushes. I was firm in not selling out my fellow practitioners, so they beat me fiercely. Persecutors that did this were Yang Xiaoming, Zuo He, Wang Qingzao and others. On the afternoon of the next day, they sent us to the Jiusan Farming Department in Helongjiang Province and detained us there for one month. We went on hunger strike twice. They did not release us until some fellow practitioners' lives were in danger. One practitioner with a surname Guan and my husband did not go on a hunger strike and were not released. The persecutors were Feng Yong, Wang Qingjun, Zuohe, and others.

I was sentenced to prison for eleven years, and my husband seven years. Wang Yanbo, Lei Shuzhen, Dong Limin, Wang Tao, Dong Quangang, and Liu Efang were also persecuted and sentenced. I went on a hunger strike for fifty-three days altogether. Wang Tao, Dong Quangang, Liu Efang, and I went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution. We were forced to sit in the iron chair and force-fed three times. During the forced feedings, our hands were cuffed on the iron chair behind our backs. We were persecuted from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Our bodies were weak from the hunger strike, plus sitting on the iron chair caused us to suffer all kinds of injuries. They put a basin in front my chest to collect the nasal mucus. I could not bend my back and suffered indescribable pain. Persecutors included department director Ma Yong, superintendent Zhang, and policemen with surnames Ju, Wang and Li.

On July 29, 2002, I was arrested and sent to Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison, and was transferred to the seventh prison district from the concentration team. One day during the Mid-Autumn holiday, because we could not bear the physical and mental abuse, a fellow practitioner named Wen Jie and I ran out of the prison gate. We were caught and confined in a solitary compartment. Deputy leader Xiao Lin came to the compartment to beat me, and created a huge bump on my forehead. I lay in bed several days due to dizziness. Even in my weakened state, they would not cuff my hands in the front instead of behind my back. The compartment policeman instructed the prison leader to carry out the same harm. Witnesses: Wang Shuxia, Feng Haibo.

The new prison leaders Wang Xing and Chu Shuhua intensified the persecution of Dafa practitioners. Chu Shuhua cancelled the three meals a day and only allowed corn paste to be provided for meals. Dafa practitioners Yang Xiuhua, Dong Lingui, Liu Yongjuan, Bi Yunping, Wang Shuwen and I went on hunger strike to protest. A group of male policemen force-fed us, pulling our hair severely, while our hands were cuffed behind our backs on the iron bars of the compartment. One person held a flashlight to my mouth. Dean Zhao Yingling directed this person. Criminal Shang Xiaomei used iron tools to pry my mouth open. I could not speak and felt weak all over my body. A policeman grabbed my hair and lifted me. Dean Zhao asked, "Nod if you want to eat, shake your head if not." I struggled and shook my head. He said fiercely, "Insert." Shang Xiaomei pulled the tube up and down. I blacked out. The policeman pulled me up, and the intense pain made me regain consciousness. Dean Zhao asked again, "Do you eat or not? Nod if you will, or shake your head if not." I shook my head again. This torture repeated several times, and the corn paste I vomited was even saltier than vegetable broth.

The next day Ms. Wang Shuxia began to vomit blood, and her heartbeat was abnormal. They continued to cuff our hands behind our backs day and night. The fourth day, Wang Shuxia was at her last breath after being tortured with forced-feeding. The compartment policeman did not allow her to lie down, saying that it was dangerous to her life if she lay down. Wang Shuxia and I were cuffed to one ground ring together. She leaned on my back and one day seemed like a year to her. An object that was inserted into her mouth to keep it open was left in after the forced feeding. Fellow practitioner Feng Haibo wiped our nasal mucus when he saw that our hands were cuffed behind our backs. Liu Yongjuan's mouth was kept open by a special tool for two hours, causing her to lose feeling in the mouth, and her mouth became deformed. The fellow practitioner next door was banging against the wall. On the tenth day, after a near escape, Wang Shuxia protested and was given steamed bread. I was tortured to the eleventh day, and all of us were so weak we could barely function.

Bi Yunping suffered a mental collapse and cried uncontrollably. The policemen and criminals taped her mouth shut. She was merely skin and bones. Her mouth was kept open by a special mouth-opening tool and a tube was inserted into her stomach. Her head was wrapped with adhesive tape and her hands were cuffed. Policemen still carried her to the iron chair for torture. I didn't see Bi Yunping again after that. Zhao Yingling once threatened practitioners by saying, "What about Bi Yunping? Didn't she die?" Doctors regard healing the wounded and rescuing the dying as their own god-given responsibility. But Zhao Yingling betrayed the conscience of a doctor, persecuting Dafa practitioners with medical methods, and is still at large. Persecutors included prison leader Wang Xing, deputy prison leader Chu Shuhua, section leader Yang Libin, team leader Wang Xiaoli, Lv Jinghua, Zhang Xiuli, policemen Tao Dandan, Yu Yongcheng, dean Zhao Yingling, criminal Shang Xiaomei, and others.

In October 2003, Xiao Lin and district leader of the seventh prison district Kang Yazhen, Cui Yan, pulled Dafa practitioner Guan Fenglan, who was wearing thin pants, Wang Shuxia and many others outside to freeze in the chilly wind for an entire day. Later, Xu Xiaowei and I, along with many others were frozen outside.

In November, Miu Xiaolu, Li Dongxue, Zheng Jinbo, Zheng Hongli, Chen Yunxia and many others were cuffed in the water room for twenty four hours, and not allowed to sleep or mop the floor after washing. After several days, water could be squeezed out of the practitioners' cotton clothes. Miu Xiaolu's feet were swollen severely, and she occasionally passed out. After one month, I noticed blood in my stool.

In December, Wang Shuxia and I, along with some other practitioners, went on hunger strike due to inhuman torture and venomous language of criminals. After one week, due to a medical accident, Wang Shuxia went into shock and was sent to the No. 2 Hospital of Harbin Medical University to recuperate for one night. We were released after that.

In March 2004, because our Dafa materials were taken away, Wang Fang and I went on a hunger strike. They inserted tubes into our stomachs all day long, changing it once a week. The leather tube painfully stabbed into my stomach and it was swollen, and my nasal cavity was swollen too. On the seventh day, when criminals were washing the tube, they remarked that it had grown green hair. Our chests were in severe pain, and we coughed. Wang Fang suffered a lung infection and was getting thinner each day. The leaders of the seventh district cuffed her hands behind her back on the iron chair of a bunk bed for nearly an entire day. Wang Fang's health deteriorated daily after that, and she was released only when she was dying. She died two months later. Persecutors included team leader Kang Yazhen, Cui Yan, policemen Wu Xuesong, criminals Yang Shuhua, Shang Xiaomei and so on.

On July 9, I was transferred from the seventh prison district to the first prison district. The next day, the prison district leader Cui Hongmei directed guards to execute the "Big hang-up" on me while playing poker with the criminals. After this torture, the skin on my wrists was broken. The fellow practitioner Wang Shuxia witnessed me being tortured. Persecutors: District leader Cui Hongmei, policeman Zhou Ying, criminals Tan Hongwei, Wang Botao, Han Jianyingm, Bai Xiaoli, Guan Hongying and so on.

On December 29, Zhang Linwen, Guan Shuling, Liu Xuewei, Zhang Xiaobo, Zhang Liping, Zhang Jing and I were tortured with the "Big hang-up." The handcuffs were embedded in our wrists. My hands and arms turned black and blue, and my hands were swollen like steamed buns. I was in very bad shape when I was released, and had to be carried by others. Persecutors included district leader Cui Hongmei, deputy district leader Xia Fengying, policemen Yu Li, Lv Cuijun, Hu Heng, Lu Min, Le Xufeng, etc., criminals Han Dianying, Zhang Xiuyuan, Li Yanjing, Man Yunyue, Sheng Gongmei, Wen Cui, Sun Xiuyun and others.

On March 18, 2005, some criminals made mischief and disturbance, so I was confined in the dark solitary compartment for three months. Because I refused to wear the prison uniform, criminal Xia Junli kneeled on my stomach with her knees. I was menstruating at the time, and this caused the bleeding to continue beyond the normal number of days. Being confined in the solitary compartment for a long time damaged my health severely. I was watched over by two criminals after I came out of the compartment.

After long-term mental and physical torture I was bleeding continuously again. I fainted and was sent to the hospital. I was diagnosed with late stage uterine cancer and it had already begun to spread. They told me that surgery was futile and I could not live longer than three months. The prison only provided 17,000 yuan for the medical expenses, and forced me to pay the rest. Moreover, I had to pay the two policemen, who were there around the clock, twelve yuan each day. After about forty days, I had no money left. The hospital drove me out, so the prison allowed me to be bailed out and go home.

After I went home, I studied the Fa and did the exercises, and my body began to heal. After two months a miracle occurred. My health recovered. On October 17, I clarified the truth to taxi driver and gave him a flyer. He reported me and I was illegally arrested by the Nenjiang Police Station again, and I am now detained in the Harbin Women's Prison.

All of the above has been my experience during the past several years. I have no place to file a lawsuit here, and have received no response to my appeal. In 2005, when people from outside tried to investigate the persecution of Song Qing, Zhang Jing and others, the prison made false testimony, hiding the truth.

I appeal to the United Nations and the international human rights organizations to uphold justice for me, guarantee the human rights, lives and health of the Falun Gong practitioners, guarantee Falun Gong practitioners who have similar experiences as me not to be persecuted any longer, and at the same time, to sue the department and individual persecutors mentioned above in an international court.


1. "Big hang up" - There are two forms in this torture: (1) With both hands cuffed behind the back and only the toes touching the ground, one is hung by a rope that is tied to the metal window frames. (2) One hand of a practitioner is cuffed to one bunk bed and the other hand to another bed, and the two beds are pulled in the opposite directions. One feels extreme pain as the body is pulled.