(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioners you have been working hard! Your telephone calls have greatly shaken the evil who dare to do harm to Falun Dafa. Every sentence said in your telephone calls is disintegrating the evil behind those evildoers, and eliminating the surface dimension's viciousness of these scoundrels. Your calls have made the evil dare not do whatever they want, and have helped to strongly support detained Falun Dafa practitioners.

According to one family member of a detained Falun Dafa practitioner, he was cursed and kicked out by the State Security Division head the first time he requested the release of his family member. The second time he was treated much better.The third time the division head tried to find excuses for the detention of his family member, because local police departments have received so many telephone calls from overseas practitioners, which powerfully stopped the policemen from committing more crimes, and also enabled many people to learn the truth. People with a conscience fear being exposed and this can stop the evildoers from doing more bad deeds.

We suggest that local practitioners put an emphasis on exposing local persecution cases, in addition to collecting persecution facts and sending them to our website, and sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and strengthen our fellow practitioners who are detained. We need to let local people truly know the evil crimes done to local practitioners. All people with any conscience would condemn these evil deeds upon learning the truth.

We hope that all practitioners will begin writing down the persecution facts related to themselves, and not just limit it to arrest, detention, forced labor, or prison sentence. We also need to expose cases of harassment, especially during holidays and sensitive dates, and other persecution facts that need to be exposed.

The purpose of exposing the evil is to stop further crimes, and save sentient beings. We hope practitioners will be able to produce more truth-clarification materials targeting local persecution facts to further expose the evil, and save more sentient beings.