(Clearwisdom.net) On February 16, 2006, Dafa practitioners Qiu Qinghua and Zheng Shoujun were arrested by police from the Panjiabao Police Station while they were distributing information about the persecution of Falun Dafa in Panjiabao Town. The practitioners were driving a car at the time. Everyone in the vehicle, except the owner of the car, was detained. After the police determined that the owner of the car was Dafa practitioner Han Liguo, they went to ransack his home the next day. The gang, led by Li Wei, thoroughly searched everywhere, including on the roof, and confiscated Dafa books and materials.

On February 17, Qiu Qinghua and Zheng Shoujun were sent to a detention center in Liaozhong County. They maintained righteous thoughts and actions, didn't co-operate with the police, and shouted "Falun Dafa is good." They were tortured by policeman Li Wei in the police station and detention center. Both of them held a hunger strike for 5 days to protest. Qiu was sent to Zhangshi Labor Camp on February 20 on the verge of death. The next day the authorities let his relatives take him home.

Qiu Qinghua's health is improving now. Zheng Shoujun, however, is still being persecuted and is on hunger strike. He is presently in great danger.

We hope all Dafa practitioners in China and abroad will send forth righteous thoughts to help save these fellow practitioners.

The people involved in the persecution and their telephone numbers:

Dou Hongliang, head of the police department: 86-24-87899199 (Office), 86-24-87800005 (Home), 86-13840502006 (Cell)
Lin Yongxian, vice head of the police department: 86-24-87897855 (Office), 86-24-87800009 (Home), 86-13604015000 (Cell)
Wang Tie, vice head of the police department: 86-24-87885023, 86-13504988801 (Cell)
Feng Dongchan, head of 610 Office: 86-24-87883425 (Office), 86-24-87822610, 86-13504008811 (Cell)
Li Wei, head of the national security team, police number 115225: 86-13604909119 (Cell), 86-24-87820003 (Office)
Zhi Yong: 86-13604909562 (Cell)
Ding Guoqiang: 86-13514206868 (Cell)
Zhu Dezhen, head of Panjiabao Police Station, the primary criminal in the persecution: 86-13898890033 (Cell), 86-24-87971419 (Office), 86-24-87893455, 86-24-87971410