(Clearwisdom.net) On January 12, 2006, policemen from Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province broke into Ms. Liu Dan's home. She was too weak to walk due to previous persecution. The police covered Liu Dan with a blanket and carried her down six flights of stairs. They sent her to the court in Jiguan District and illegally sentenced her to four years of imprisonment.

Liu Dan, 30, had been arrested on October 24, 2005 and was subjected to various torture methods in the Jiguan District Police Station. She was hospitalized twice due to being severely persecuted. On November 22, while Liu Dan was still having injections at the hospital, she was illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor. She was then sent to the Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. When the severe torture pushed her to the brink of death, officials at different levels were afraid of being held responsible, so they ordered her family to take her home. On December 7, Liu Dan's father took her home. She was severely injured, and he took care of her all day and all night. Starting on January 2, 2006, under orders from the 610 Office in Jixi City, the Jiguan District Police Department kept Ms. Liu under 24-hour surveillance.

After 610 Office agents in Jixi City could not keep Liu Dan in the labor camp due to her health, they created many false legal charges against her. They claimed that three people, including a person with the last name Xing in Mudanjiang City and another named Guo in Jidong County, reported her for wrongdoing in 2003. The agents had the Jiguan District Procuratorate file a lawsuit against Liu Dan on January 6. On January 12, they prosecuted her during a show trial.

Liu Dan's parents and relatives were traumatized by witnessing the severe persecution. Before the 2006 Chinese New Year, a dozen or so policemen who had stayed in an apartment next to Liu Dan's family moved out, taking their surveillance camera and alarms with them. However, they asked policemen from the Nanshan Police Station in Jiguan District to go to Liu Dan's home every day, checking to see if she if she was still home and how her health was. The police forced Liu Dan's father to sign a paper guaranteeing that his daughter would never leave home.

The following is an account of some of the persecution Liu Dan received while detained at the Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp (the Harbin Rehabilitation Center).

In late November 2005, Liu Dan was detained in the Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was very weak. There was a deep scar on her face from a beating by the police in Jixi City. When Ms. Liu arrived at the labor camp, she had been on a hunger strike for a month to protest the persecution.

In the labor camp, Policewoman Liang Xuemei monitored Liu Dan and subjected her to brainwashing. Liu Dan continued her hunger strike to protest the unlawful detention. Each day, four or five police officers and one or two inmates dragged her to another room for force-feeding. They brutally force-fed her two or three times a day. Her front teeth were broken from being pried apart, and her other teeth were loosened. The spoon used during force-feeding was mangled from the prying. Her lips, tongue, and the interior of her mouth were all damaged. Every time they finished force-feeding Ms. Liu, her clothes, hair, and face were soaked with soybean powder and soup. Her face was extremely pale and scratched by fingernails. Upon seeing her going through such torture, other inmates shed tears.

Before Liu Dan had been sent to the Harbin Forced Labor Camp, her stomach was bleeding and her esophagus was damaged. Several times, the camp guards forced a feeding tube down through a nostril, making her suffer more. Liu Dan once told me, "A nurse named Liu Ying force-fed me by inserting the tube through my nostril. I vomited the soybean powder along with my stomach liquid. What I threw up was more that what they had force-fed. Several hours later, nurse Liu Ying force-fed me in the same way. Again, I vomited everything."

The next day, a nurse with the last name Zhou again attempted to insert the tube through her nostril. Liu Dan resisted firmly. The tube went through her nostril five or six times, only coming out from her mouth each time. In another instance, it almost went into her trachea. When they pulled the tube out, it was covered with blood. Blood dripped from the tube and stained the front of her clothes. None of this stopped the nurse. She asked another nurse whose last name was Wang to insert the tube into her other nostril. In the end, they used a syringe to take half a tube of blood from her stomach.

The labor camp guards injected Liu Dan daily with four or five bottles of medicine. Her blood vessels were in poor condition and she refused to accept the injections. The guards had to try seven or eight times to insert the needle. Her arms and hands were covered with wounds and bruises from the needles. She never mentioned how much pain she was enduring, yet from her looks while she was sleeping, one could see the pain.

Liu Dan said two sentences that I will never forget. "You see that I have been suffering so much. In fact, Teacher is the one enduring the most. Gods will keep walking along the paths they choose."

Liu Dan also sang to us in a weak voice. She sang several songs composed by practitioners, both in Chinese and English. Her firm belief in Falun Dafa impressed us all.

In early December, 2005, Liu Dan was moved from the Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp. The guards said that she was under arrest. The guards who had participated in the force-feeding in Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp include Lu Lixin, Liang Xuemei, Zhang Chunjing, Feng Yuanhui, Liu Ming, Guard Lu, Guard Huang, Wang Dan, and Si Shuai.

Practitioner Chen Lichun, who was arrested and sent to the forced labor camp at the same time as Liu Dan, is still illegally detained in the Heilongjiang Women's Forced Labor Camp.

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Zhang Zhi'an, party secretary and head of the Administration Office of Heilongjiang Forced Labor Camps: 827-26608 (office), 86245607 (home), 86-13903650118 (cell)

Bao Hua, chief commander of the Jixi City Police Department: 2330366 (office), 86-13904873366 (cell)
Zhong Yuqiang, deputy commander of the Jixi City Police Department: 2355433 (office), 2325699 (home), 86-13904679568 (cell)
Li Yugang, director of the Jixi City Political and Legal Committee, 2337977
Chen Geng, deputy director: 2399177 (home)
Yang Daren, head of the Jixi City 610 Office: 6101610 (office), 2654457 (home)
Yang Bosheng, deputy head of the 610 Office: 6103610 (office), 2324908 (home)
Jiguan District Police Department in Jixi City: 2353281, 2657706
Ji Chunjie, deputy chief commander of the Jixi District Police Department: 86-13946827979 (cell), 8135905 (office)

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