(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Fang Zhongzhuang is a practitioner from Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province. On August 9, 2005, he was illegally arrested by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police and persecuted until he was comatose and a doctor stated that he was dying. Mr. Fang is still bedridden to this day and depends on others to take care of him. He has been in a forced labor camp twice and suffered four and a half years of brutal persecution in Shiliping Forced Labor Camp.

These pictures, taken in Lishui City Center Hospital, are evidence of his arrest and persecution.

Mr. Fan Zhongzhuang, 59, lived in Blk. 212-2 Daqiao South Road, Wuyun Town, Jinyun County. He had poor health in the past, but after practicing Falun Gong he became healthy. He was sentenced to forced labor for a year and a half because he went to appeal and wrote several letters to the leaders in the central government about the situation of Falun Gong. He was once hung from an iron door for fifteen hours. He was handcuffed on a door for six days and tied on a "tiger-bench" for three days at the first labor camp. When he was sentenced to three years of forced labor the second time, he was held for 38 months. Most of his time was spent in solitary confinement. The labor camp authorities also extended his sentence.

On August 9, 2005, the police raided his home, arrested him, and took him to Jinyun Detention Center. His family went to the Public Security Bureau and asked them what kind of crime Mr. Fan had committed. The police answered, "He exercised at home and sent out truth clarification material. We heard all that outside your door!"

Mr. Fan was interrogated for five consecutive days. Later the CCP police intensified the persecution. They handcuffed him and brutally tortured him. On August 27, 2005, he was sent to Lishui Center Hospital. He was in a coma, had a compound fracture of the cervical spine, and injuries and wounds covered his entire body. The doctor stated that he was dying.

Mr. Fan woke up two weeks later in the hospital, but was unable to talk for two months. He is still bedridden and depends on others to take care of him but is improving steadily. The physician is amazed at his recovery. Those responsible for his condition sent out rumors that he tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a building. The perpetrators from the Public Security Bureau fabricated accusations against him and sentenced him to two years of forced labor. At the present time, he is regarded as being under "house detention." Since the persecution began on July 20, 1999, Mr. Fan has been sentenced three times to forced labor.

Mr. Shi Biao from Wuyun Town, Jinyun County, was 35 years old. In September 2001, the County 610 Office arrested him and took him to a brainwashing center. He was beaten severely and covered with bruises. He also suffered severe internal injuries. He passed away on December 17, 2003, due to his severe injuries.

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February 15, 2006