(Clearwisdom.net) I was detained at the Henan Province Third Forced Labor Camp in August 2003 and was subjected to brainwashing along with Mr. Zhao Guoan. Mr. Zhao once told me that he was clear-headed only when he was reciting the Fa.

Mr. Zhao Guoan refused to write the three statements and instead wrote down "I will firmly persist in cultivating Dafa until the end and die with no regrets." Drug-addict inmate Liu Wei reported this to the camp guards, and the guards beat Mr. Zhao brutally. After Warden Jia Zhigang got off work that evening, he had the criminal inmates bring Mr. Zhao to the so-called "conversation room." Mr. Zhao was beaten mercilessly until he fell to his knees. That night the guards ordered him to face the wall until 2 a.m. At 4 a.m. he was forced to get up to face the wall again. He had to work during the day with no rest at night. That lasted for two weeks.

The last time I saw Zhao Guoan, the guards had asked inmate Chen Guoqing to call him out. Mr. Zhao was unable to walk normally at that time, and Chen Guoqing grabbed his neck, held him to the ground, and then pulled him back up, saying, "Don't pretend." Meanwhile the guards suggested using Mr. Zhao's debit card to buy food for themselves.

Mr. Zhao died as a result of the harsh treatment. Afterwards the guards had Chen Guoqing spread the rumor that Zhao Guoan was bailed out for medical treatment.

February 14, 2006