(Clearwisdom.net) Since January 26, 2006, Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained at Daqing prison have been on a hunger strike to protest the torture inflicted on them. Police are torturing them through force-feeding and strictly blocking news about this. The current condition of these practitioners is unknown.

According to sources, practitioners on hunger strike include Pu Fanwei, Jin Sheng, Wang Yudong, Zhang Zhi, Guan Zhaoqi, Zhang Zidong, Jiang Derong, Li Ronghong, Zhong Zhaoqin, Zou Guoyan, Wang Junfeng, Deng Qingshan, Yao Bin, Li Chao, Li Zhanbin, Zhai Zhibin, Zhao Yu'an, Zhang Xingye and others.

The head of the prison Wang Yongxiang and others incited the director of the prison hospital Gao Qing and deputy director Huang Zhiwei to force-feed highly concentrated saltwater once a day to practitioners on hunger strike. They assigned each prison division to forcefully take practitioners to the hospital to receive force-feeding and intravenous infusion. The force-feeding is very brutal. Many prison police and inmates use this as a chance to torture practitioners. When practitioner Jin Sheng suffered nose bleeds and vomited blood as a result of force-feeding, Huang Zhiwei still did not stop. Practitioners subjected to force-feeding suffered unimaginable pain. Their lives are in great danger. Few of their families have had the courage to seek their release. Consequently, the vicious police torture practitioners without any fear.

As of February 11, practitioners Zhang Zhi, Guan Zhaoqi, Wang Yudong, Li Ronghong, Zhao Yu'an, Zhang Xingye, Pu Fanwei were still unable to get out of bed. They were extremely weak. Pu Fanwei was nearly unconscious and Zhang Zhi was in critical condition. At present, Daqing prison strictly blocks news regarding their situation. Therefore the current condition of these practitioners is unknown.

We call on all people with a sense of justice and the international community to continue to support and pay close attention to practitioners who are detained at Daqing prison!