(Clearwisdom.net) A Falun Dafa practitioner from Suizhong County Liaoning Province was illegally arrested by Suizhong County police on November 17, 2005 and his home was ransacked. He is still detained at Suizhong Detention Center, and police have threatened to have him sentenced to prison.

Mr. Liu Wanli, 41, lives at Xishan village Qiuzigou Township Suizhong County. He went to Beijing to peacefully appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong on May 1, 2002. He was arrested by Tiananmen Police Station police and later sent to "Hulu Island Police Department Beijing Office." He was brutally beaten and then sent to Suizhong County Police Department Party Security Section. There, he was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp and suffered the full term at Hulu Island Forced Labor Camp.

During the time he was at Hulu Island Forced Labor Camp, Liu Wanli suffered tremendous amounts of torture. In November 2002, Hulu Island Forced Labor Camp started using violence in attempt to forcibly "transform" practitioners who refused to write the so-called three statements. Policemen Ding Wen and several others used multiple electric batons to shock Liu Wanli's private area. In addition, they also beat him with "wolf's fang" sticks. Liu Wanli shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" Policemen forced the electric baton into Liu Wanli's mouth and shocked his mouth, head and various places on his face. As they were shocking him, they said, "The central government has given the order, 'Beating them to death counts as suicide.'"

Liu Wanli's mouth and nose were bleeding from the beatings. Policemen saw that Liu Wanli still was not cooperating, so they became enraged and employed even more vicious tools to torture him. Liu Wanli's burned flesh gave off an unbearable odor, many parts of his body were severely deformed, and his face was so deformed that it became completely swollen.

In April 2005, Liu Wanli went home from Hulu Island Forced Labor Camp. He worked as a carpenter to support his elderly parents. Liu Wanli worked earnestly and always received positive comments from customers. He did not expect the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials to persecute him again.

However, on November 17, 2005, Hulu Island City Police Department and Suizhong County Police Department police took Liu Wanli away again. In addition, they ransacked his home. Policemen confiscated his Dafa books, notebook computer, laser printer, inkjet printer, paper cutter, book stapler, printing accessories and some other personal belongings.

After Liu Wanli was taken away, he was illegally detained at Suizhong Detention Center. The police intend to further persecute him. They have also prohibited his family from visiting him and sending him material goods. It has been learned that policemen and local government officials intend to illegally sentence Liu Wanli to prison.

Telephone numbers of responsible individuals and places where truth clarifying is needed:
Suizhong County CCP Committee assistant clerk (in charge of political and judiciary issues) Cheng Fushun: 86-429-6122976 (Office), 86-429-6126566 (Home), 86-13909897566 (Cell)
Suizhong County Political and Judiciary Committee clerk, Shi Minxin: 86-429-6123475 (Office), 86-429-3160826 (Home), 86-13909897826 (Cell)
Suizhong County Political and Judiciary Committee assistant clerk, 610 head, Shang Ergui: 86-429-6131710 (Office), 86-429-6125589 (Home), 86-13130960038 (Cell)
Suizhong County Political and Judiciary Committee 610 assistant head, Chen Guohua: 86-429-6131710 (Office), 86-429-3926576 (Home), 86-13898297068 (Cell)
Suizhong Police Department assistant chairmen, Wang Limin: 86-429-6127518 (Office), 86-429-6128682 (Home), 86-13842917169 (Cell)
National Guard Group group leader, Li Changhua: 86-429-6122876 (Office), 86-13700196626 (Cell)
Suizhong Court director, An Gang: 86-429-6131556 (Office), 86-429-6183278 (Home), 86-13190350301 (Cell)
Suizhong Procuratorate chief procurator, Jiang Gongchen: 86-429-6123556 (Office), 86-429-6123114 (Home), 86-13909897866 (Cell)