Master told us in "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York:"

"In cultivation, the difference between humanness and godhood is just the difference of one thought. This difference of one thought sounds easy, but it can be achieved only with a deep and solid foundation in cultivation. If you can really devote a lot of effort to studying the Fa, you will be able to achieve that."

My computer had a serious problem. Whenever I turned on the encryption disk and tried to make truth clarification materials, the computer would reboot for no reason. If I didn't enable the encryption disk, everything was fine. I reinstalled the operating system, but the problem remained.

Based on my experience repairing other computers, I thought maybe the memory was defective, so I cleaned the memory slot and connectors and the problem appeared to be solved. But after a few days, the same problem reappeared. This time cleaning and reinstalling the memory card had no effect, so I reset the BIOS on the motherboard, and once again the problem seemed solved. But two days later it wouldn't work properly, no matter what I did. I began to fret over the problem. Logic said it was the BIOS, so I kept resetting it. But the problem actually was worse after resetting BIOS the previous time, and the computer wouldn't even boot. I felt helpless and defeated by this machine.

After a long time, I suddenly thought of the article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website about how fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts when confronted with problems such as this. So I began to send righteous thoughts to the computer. I didn't think about repairing the computer, only of clearing away the evil that interfered with my doing truth clarification. A few minutes later the computer booted up normally. I turned on the encryption disk and made truth materials. The computer hasn't had a single problem for more than two months.

False phenomena made me rely on my accumulation of human experience, which effectively trapped me in a circle of human experience that I couldn't escape until I began finally to send righteous thoughts to clear away the interference.

I came to realize that my problems resulted because my cultivation was not solid. When confronted with the computer problem, I came at it from a human perspective with human notions. I saw it as a human-made machine that failed as man-made machines fail rather than as interference from a supernormal source. I looked at the problem as an ordinary person would rather than from the perspective of the Fa. That was my mistake.