(Clearwisdom.net) In the last fleeting moments of Fa rectification, if the thousand-year-long wait turns into lost hope, that will be our lifetime regret. I urge fellow practitioners to not hesitate but to forge ahead diligently.

When I speak to fellow practitioners, the first response I hear is, "I'm too busy. How can we practice the exercises, study the Fa, and save sentient beings as well as the three things Teacher asked us to do?" The Chinese character for the concept of "being busy" is composed of a vertical stroke and the character "wang," meaning "death" in English.

Do not miss this opportunity for which we have been waiting for millions of years just because you are busy with ordinary trifles. Be clear-headed, my fellow practitioners! When you receive Dafa materials that other practitioners distribute, do you consider that they too have trivial household responsibilities? When you experienced the changes in your body, did you think of Teacher's grace and toil? What do we do for Dafa and sentient beings? Have we never felt conscience-stricken? Do not be apathetic or complacent, either. That is dangerous. If you keep on going like that for long, how can you measure up to the title of "Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period"?

Let's study the poem "Assisting the Fa" in Hong Yin together:

You resolved to save sentient beings,
And assist Master as he journeys this human world;
Come now, and help me turn the Falun,
When the Fa is fulfilled, Heaven and Earth will be yours to travel.