Falun Dafa practitioner Bai Suqin is from Beijing's Huairou District, Yangsong Town, Nannianfeng Village, although she temporarily stayed in Miaocheng Town's Wangshishan Village in the same district. She has been a steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner for a long time, although her daughter, Xin Hao, has always objected to her practice. Xin Hao is a city management official in the Huairou District, and her husband is a police officer. Both of them are ardent followers of the CCP who do not hesitate to persecute practitioners. Bai Suqin has always tried to explain the truth to them, but they wouldn't listen and instead insulted Falun Dafa, Master and their mother.

On the evening of June 7, 2005, Xin Hao and her husband paid Bai Suqin a surprise visit at home and discovered that Bai Suqin was studying the Fa and sharing experiences with a few other practitioners. Xin Hao spoke to her mother very harshly and asked her husband to call the police and to block the door so as not to let the other Falun Dafa practitioners leave. Bai Suqin seriously advised her daughter and son in-law not to call the police and to allow the other practitioners to leave, or to suffer karmic retribution for their actions. However, her daughter scolded her even worse than before and threatened to send her to prison and keep her there for eight to ten years. In the end, the police arrested Bai Suqin and two other practitioners, Yang Lan and Yang Ge. Their present whereabouts are still unknown.

After Bai Suqin was arrested, her home was looted and the resulting financial loss amounted to over 500,000 yuan.

After that, the CCP flaunted Bai Suqin's daughter and son-in-law as good examples and praised them for "punishing guilty family members". Currently, Xin Hao and her husband continue to collaborate with the Huairou district CCP officials and persecute practitioners intensely.

December 29, 2005