(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of October 11, 2005, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Fengqin from Yushu City, Jilin Province was illegally arrested by State Security agents. They extorted money from her, beat her, and brutally force-fed her. After ten days she was near death, and her family members sent her to the hospital. The doctor said they couldn't do anything to save her. Ms. Li died on the afternoon of January 30, 2006. She was only in her 50s.

On the morning of October 11, 2005, Ms. Li Fengqin was at her friend Ms. Yang Xiuhua's home. Suddenly several State Security agents stormed in, arrested her and took her to the State Security Division Office in Yushu City Police Department. Policeman Qi Li (male) kicked Ms. Li very hard down to the floor. As a result, her right leg could not support her weight. At around 2:00 p.m., policeman Zhang Deqing (male) pushed her into a police vehicle. On the way to the Yushu City Detention Center, Ms. Li Fengqin felt extreme pain in her chest and stomach area, and she could barely breathe. Upon arriving at the Detention Center, she could not get out of the vehicle by herself. Policeman Chai Wenge dragged her into the detention center with help from another policeman, Zhang Deqing. Ms. Li collapsed on the floor. She was dragged and carried into the cell by prisoners.

Ms. Li Fengqin began a hunger strike to protest her illegal detention. On the seventh day of her hunger strike, prison guards dragged her to the clinic to be force-fed. The doctor who conducted the force-feeding has the last name of Li. They tied her on a stretcher, forced a tube down through her nose, and fed her some preserved vegetable soup and corn meal with powered milk. The next day when they carried Ms. Li into the clinic room, guard Teng Qingling (female) was assisting. With both hands tied up, Ms. Li Fengqin said, "Please do not force-feed me any more. The food will be vomited out later anyway, why bother torturing me?" Teng Qingling replied, "Why would we listen to you?"

On the afternoon of the tenth day of her hunger strike, Ms. Li could not sit up any more. The doctor came to check on her, said nothing, and left. They let her family pick her up around 6:00 p.m., and she was carried out by prisoners.

Ms. Li Fengqin started vomiting a green liquid upon returning home. Her family sent her to the Yushu City Hospital. The doctor could not feel her pulse or measure her blood pressure; her pupils were dilated, they could not draw any blood from her, nor could they inject a needle into her veins. Her abdomen was bloated. The doctor said she was dying with late stage intestinal obstruction and that an operation was not feasible. He told her family to prepare for her funeral.

Ms. Li Fengqin lost consciousness later. Her family transferred her to the Second Hospital of Changchun City Medical University. The doctors there could not find any blood pressure, and tried to rescue her for 14 hours. Ms. Li was sustained on intravenous injections, including human blood protein. She died on the afternoon of January 30, 2006, after her family spent at least seventy to eighty thousands yuan on emergency treatment.

At the beginning of October 2005, the Yushu City State Security Agents and policemen from Zhengyang Station arrested ten Falun Dafa practitioners: Ms. Li Fengqin, Ms. Yang Xiuhua, Mr. Wen Fenghai, Ms. Gao Yunlan, Ms. Yang Shuqin, Mr. Su Yucai, Ms. Gao Fenglian, Ms. Chen Shujie, Mr. Yang Yongchen, and Mr. Yang Changsong. They each were extorted out of two- to ten-thousand yuan.

Relevant Contact Information -

Office of Yushu City Detention Center in Jilin Province: 86-431-3611820

Yushu City Police Department operator, 86-431-3622781, or 86-431-3623537 Director Guo Changtian (male): 86-431-3622924 (Office)

Deputy director's Office: 86-431-3630472, or 86-431-3622732

State Security Division Head, Zhang Deqing: 86-431-3650116 (Office), 86-431-3660024 (Home), 86-13630547970 (Cell)

Zhenyang Police Station of Yushu City: 86-431-3622235

CCP Yushu City Political and Judiciary Committee 610 Office director, Li Fenglin (male): 86-431-3630197, 86-13180991109 (Cell)

Yushu City Bureau of Justice: 86-431-3623153

Director, Feng Yuquan (male): 86-431-3624910 (Office), 86-431-3660312 (Home), 86-13844955566 (Cell)

Deputy director, Han Zhongtian: 86-431-3625366, ext. 2236 (Office), 86-431-3690852 (Home), 86-13844958856 (Cell)