(Clearwisdom.net) I'm a new practitioner who began to practice Falun Dafa in August of 2005. The first time I joined a group for Fa-validation activity was when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) staged "The Same Song" show in Toronto. It was at 2:30 p.m. on January 15, 2006.

When I first heard the news that the CCP was going to present this show, I knew that they were doing something unsavory, but at that time, I was not yet quite sure why this song was chosen. During the group Fa study, I learned that this song has been used to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. After listening to two practitioners who had suffered this kind of persecution tell their stories, I understood that this song, which sounds so good and seems to be filled with sunshine, flowers and great expectations of people, has become a tool to persecute Dafa practitioners. I knew the truth, but those who were going to watch the performance didn't. My husband and I decided to join the other practitioners in distributing materials and clarifying the truth.

In my mind, I imagined a great and magnificent scene when Dafa practitioners distribute truth clarifying materials: some distribute the materials while others hold banners. I thought it must be exciting, but when I arrived there, I found my fellow practitioners were all distributing materials quietly, and at the same time telling people the facts about "The Same Song." It was not the exciting and busy scene that was in my mind at all. I was a little bit disappointed and even thought that by doing it in this way, it wouldn't help a lot. Later when I began to distribute the materials myself, I gradually realized its power. I also understood that it was my human attachment of showing-off that made me feel that way at the beginning.

First, we were told to distribute materials under the bridge before the entrance. We were not allowed to step onto the bridge, or even get near to the place where the performance would be later on. Later, we were only allowed to distribute materials on the bridge and not allowed to step off the bridge. Because of the cold weather many people chose to go by way of the corridor which had walls and a ceiling but not by the bridge. So after discussing the situation with my husband, our fellow practitioners and I decided to distribute the materials at the two entrances of the corridor.

After a little while had passed, I saw my husband talking to a middle-aged woman with a camera. Later on I learned that she was trying to make a secret video of the practitioners who were distributing the materials, but my husband had stopped her. My husband told me after the activity that he would not allow her to do it because it would worsen the CCP's persecution of Dafa practitioners. At the same time, she would have committed a wrong deed towards Dafa. Stopping her wrongful action was actually helping her.

I stood less than 20 meters from the entrance to the theater. More and more people began to gather in front of the entrance. However, fewer and fewer people crossed the bridge. It also became more and more difficult for me to distribute the materials. Standing on the border between the entrance and the bridge, I didn't know what to do. Two things prevented me from proceeding forward: one, we were given the rule that we couldn't get off the bridge; two, I was afraid that those who were walking in the crowd and who worked for the CCP would spy on us. Right at this moment a few people walked in my direction from the crowded entrance. I realized that this was a good opportunity and stepped outside the border. First I was distributing the materials just near the border. Later I went along with the crowd and approached the entrance. At the same time I began to realize that it was our Teacher who led me this way and asked me not to be afraid. The fear that I had just now disappeared. I was walking inside the crowd and distributing the materials like other fellow practitioners while clarifying the truth at the same time. I noticed that the security guards who prevented us from going over the bridge were all inside the building. None of them were outside. I understood that this was another arrangement of Teacher, i.e. to prevent them from interfering with what we were doing and to make it easier for us to clarify the truth. I deeply felt that Teacher never acknowledges the persecution arranged by the old forces and we practitioners should not acknowledge the persecution either. The same goes for the material-distribution activity. That is, we shouldn't accept the arrangement of the old forces and simply stay on the bridge.

I noticed as I proceeded that some Chinese immediately avoided me the moment they saw me. Others pointed at me and said that what I was doing was shameful for a Chinese person. Yet when some people saw me, they held up the materials in their hands and said, "I got it. I got it." Some Chinese people were happy to accept the materials that I handed them and even said, "Thank you." This was the first time I experienced that different people had different attitudes towards Dafa, and realized that truly more and more people are coming to know the truth.

When distributing the materials, my husband told me that the woman in green was the one who tried to secretly videotape Dafa practitioners. I went up to her and handed her materials, trying to tell her the facts. She looked in the other direction and dared not face me, saying, "No need, no need." I tried to persuade her to take one and have a look but she turned me down. She had a forced, uncomfortable smile on her face.

There were several people standing in the corner observing the crowd. I went over to them, handing them the materials and telling them the facts. I really hoped that they could realize what they were doing. The reaction of these people when facing me was similar: they looked the other way and were quite embarrassed when turning me down. Their deeds and words told me how weak the evil is when faced with Dafa practitioners. They didn't have the guts to look at me for even one second. Later, my husband told me that when I was distributing the materials, a few people were walking near me, but none of them took a picture of me or made any phone calls. Surely, as long as I have very strong righteous thoughts, there is no way for the evil to hurt me.

During the whole process, I could feel that Teacher was there, protecting me and helping me, getting rid of my fears again and again so that I could face it all fearlessly. I thank Teacher for his compassion and protection.