(Clearwisdom.net) Since my childhood, I have liked to be by myself so that others would not bother me. Each time I went to other countries to validate Dafa, I tried not to leave my contact information with fellow practitioners, in order to stop them from contacting me later and interrupting my personal life. I found excuses to do so, such as: "Dafa practitioners should only interact for Dafa purposes, not personal reasons."

Once I helped a fellow practitioner purchase a MP3 player, and I had to leave my address and phone number with her. My thought was that Master must be helping me let go of my attachment. I felt that the fellow practitioner really wanted to contact me, and I started worrying that she may come to my home and visit. Out of such a fear, when we ran into each other in Hong Kong, I pretended I did not see her. I wanted to keep a distance from everyone.

I thought the fellow practitioner would think I really did not see her, but another practitioner told me what she really thought about me, that "I did not even want to talk to her." I realized I must have hurt her. How could I hurt others out of my selfishness? I told Master in my mind, "I am wrong; I should not have hurt her. I knew it was Master helping me to get rid of my selfishness. Nothing that happens to a practitioner is an accident. Yet I chose not to face my issue, and I hurt a fellow practitioner."

Earlier, I would have always felt regret for what happened. Now, after years of validating Dafa, I learned to treat everything rationally. I realized I must not be moved, I must place Dafa and saving people as my top priority and eliminate any thoughts that do not serve this priority. I told myself, "I was wrong and I will not do it again. However, I do not have time for regret; Master will see my regret and the practitioner will give me a chance to correct my mistake. I should let it go in my mind and focus on doing the three things well. I will be able to change the environment, and she will forgive me."

I truly let go of the attachment, thinking about nothing but the three things. I believe in Master and Dafa. I believe that as long as I do well, Master will provide me with a chance to correct my mistake. Two months later I ran into the fellow practitioner on a busy street. I called her and she ran over immediately; I was filled with gratitude to Master at that moment.

My brother was not happy with me for a while because I left for Dafa activities when my mother was sick and in critical condition, and because I clarified the truth about Dafa at my mother's funeral. I realized my mistakes afterwards. However, I first let go of my attachment to this. In the meantime, I continued to actively participate in Dafa activities, I continued to clarify the truth to my brother, and I sincerely cared about him. He soon forgot about the unhappiness between us.

We must always put Dafa as the top priority. We should not be moved, regardless of what happens, because any attachment will be taken advantage of by the evil. I realized that the conflicts among fellow practitioners are mostly caused by the evil taking advantage of our omissions. We must not be moved, regardless of what happens during truth-clarification and validating the Fa. As long as we do well the three things Master told us to do, any conflicts will be resolved, and any difficulties will be broken through. As long as we do well what we should do, the result will be what it should be, and I believe the result must be a good one.

January 4, 2006