I am a new practitioner who began to cultivate in Dafa in 2004. Teacher opened my third eye the first day of my cultivation, and Teacher's law body taught me in person the five exercises. I am one of those who cultivate with their third eye open. I am describing what I saw in the other dimension to share with my fellow practitioners.

When the Chinese Communist Regime attacked and suppressed Falun Gong with their dirty tricks, the whole area around Mainland China turned gloomily dark, with evil spirits lingering around and doing bad things.

I had a strong yearning to learn more about this Dafa and to find out what made so many people steadfastly believe in it. What was the Communist Party, so good at hiding its true state in the past, so afraid of now? I just had to find out.

It so happened that my brother found me and tried to tell me the facts about Dafa. He also got me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I quickly went through the book on the first day and greatly appreciated the deep and broad meanings of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." I also felt subconsciously that Dafa was bound to encounter strong resistance from the old evil forces.

The next day my brother could not believe that I finished reading Zhuan Falun in one night. He asked me some questions on Dafa principles and was surprised by my understandings. For the next few days I felt tired and needed to sleep over 20 hours a day. I knew very clearly that I did not fall into deep sleep, and I vaguely felt that the pages of Zhuan Falun were turning on their own. My brain cells seem to appear among the lines in the book, and I clearly saw one picture after another that displayed to me the progress of history, the movement of the cosmos, transmigration, etc.

On the seventh day, I saw a "respectable person" appear in the air. He gave me a spinning "wheel," taught me some movements, and then disappeared with a smile. It was a wonderful feeling to sense the "wheel" spinning non-stop in my body. Then it floated into my lower abdomen, rapidly expanded, and disintegrated suddenly into a few smaller "wheels." One of them moved to my head to organize the random images in it; another one expanded in an energy channel on the left side of my abdomen; a few others spun slowly around the larger joints of my body. Another bigger one expanded and supported me under my feet and caused me to feel that I was rising.

A few days later my brother took me to see an elderly practitioner. We talked for a long time. I told him all the feelings I had gotten after reading Zhuan Falun and described to him the "respectable person" teaching me the five exercises and the big-lotus hand gesture. The practitioner smiled, "You truly have a predestined relationship with our Teacher and Dafa. You saw Teacher's fashen." He then took out a copy of Essentials For Further Advancement and showed it to me, saying, "Look at page one and you will know." I received the book with both hands and saw Teacher's picture when I opened it. I realized that the "respectable person" was Teacher.

In the subsequent month I learned how to send forth righteous thoughts. Aside from sending forth righteous thoughts on the hour every day, all I did was study Dafa. I was able to read through Zhuan Falun quickly and have a deep appreciation of its meanings. I also felt that the law-wheel generated from the original one under my feet had expanded and enveloped my body. While the law-wheel was spinning clockwise, transparent beams were absorbed and filled my body one after another.

One morning I woke up by myself as usual, began my meditation, and sent forth righteous thoughts. A deep voice told me that I needed to continue on. Then I felt that law-wheels of various sizes in my body all gathered around my abdomen and dissolved into the one that was originally there. The large law-wheel that had enveloped me suddenly expanded and radiated with a strong but non-dazzling white light. On its rising up beyond the sky it combined with many different colored lights. It passed through one layer after another of different dimensions, moving toward an enormous dimension that was much farther and deeper. When it got there, it dissolved into it quickly. I felt that the law-wheel became even more powerful. It was a feeling of going home, which was so wonderful and beyond description.

The law-wheel that enwrapped me went through the solar system, the galaxy, and the whirlpool body that was composed of numerous galaxies. Then it went through a light belt composed of numerous whirlpool bodies. Then it passed through a "milky space" formed by numerous light belts. Then many "milky spaces" formed individual "beads." Many different sized "beads" lay randomly around on a chessboard-like plate.

The above was what I saw after I learned Dafa.

By the way, there are many practitioners in my area who do not diligently do the three things that Teacher asked us to do and have neglected validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. They feel that they have good inborn quality and are at a higher level than other practitioners. I feel that, no matter how high a level you came from, as long as you have not reached consummation, you cannot relax in what you need to do. Furthermore, we learned what we have learned so far after studying Teacher's Fa, so how can we not follow the Fa and complete our tasks well? Only by doing better can we establish our merit.