(Clearwisdom.net) The following account exposes how police guards of the Harbin's Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp brutally torture and persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

Zhao Shuang, head of the No. 5 Division at this forced labor camp, used extremely cruel methods to persecute practitioners. Besides using high-voltage electric batons, tying practitioners to a metal chair, handcuffing them to a bed, hanging them up, beating and slapping them, he used other methods. This thug also pinched, pushed, and poked practitioners' bodies, pinched practitioners' private parts, and used a plastic bag to cover practitioners' heads.

Police guards injured the legs of practitioners Wei Hongwei and Li Shoutian so severely that they were disabled and had to hold on to something while going upstairs or downstairs. Practitioner Zhou Peihong's arm was bent so severely it fractured. Practitioner Tang Shaoyong's suffered from a ruptured eardrum due to a beating. The thugs beat Ms. Yu Enxiang's ears so severely that she became deaf.

The following practitioners also suffered gross mistreatment under the persecution: Gao, Ke; Yang, Wenjie; Zhang, Xiangfu (tortured to death); Gong, Wenyi; Zhang, Yiwei; Zhang, Delong; Sun, Hongda; Yun, Zuosheng; Sun, Peichen; Zhang, Fengtian; Wei, Changxin and others.

One practitioner was so traumatized that she nearly suffered a mental collapse. The abuser was Ji, the head of the No 4 Police Division.

No.1 Division head Yang Jintang handcuffed practitioner Mr. Guo Shijun to a metal chair for several days until he was almost unable to breathe. He died a few days after being sent home.

Policemen intimidate practitioners to write the three statements to renounce their faith in order for the captors to get paid a bonus

While policeman Yang Yu beat and insulted practitioners, he yelled, "I enjoy being a bad person."

Policeman Zhao Shuang frequently shouted, "I do persecute you! I do force you to work overtime! I do abuse you! The whole world knows me to be an evil person. If you expose the real situation here, I will abuse you even worse! I would rather you die than live! Even if you expose the persecution, I won't be afraid. I do this on orders from above: it's the Communist Party that lets us persecute you!" Sometimes he would yell during his night shift in the middle of the night. He also said, "The reason I make you write the 'three statements' is because I will get 200 yuan for each person who complies."

The guards ordered the criminal inmates to beat, to berate, to verbally abuse, and to monitor Dafa disciples. The sentry at the gate didn't allow practitioners' family members to visit their loved ones and ordered an internal information blockade. The officials made the criminal inmates monitor Dafa disciples continuously, working daily under high intensity, from 5 a.m. until late in the evening, sometimes to midnight or 3:00 a.m. or even all night.

The shameful tactics used in this forced labor camp

The food in this forced labor camp is extremely poor. Vegetables are cooked in water. The steamed buns are half raw and dark-colored. There were maggots in the pickles, and the soup frequently had flies in it. The written menu board listed such items as meat, tofu, and how much oil and what kinds of seasoning were used, but those were lies.

The camp also faked the bookkeeping records, stating that each prisoner was given 10 yuan to spend every month: four yuan for stationery, six yuan for medicine, plus 100 yuan for meals. We never saw one cent of this money, nor any supplies we could have used, but the police made the criminal inmates sign this fraudulent document.

The forced labor camp also compelled every person to pay a 300-yuan "baggage fee." Non-payment meant no family visits. In actuality, the practitioner's families brought the baggage. Three and sometimes five people shared one bed that was 4.92 ft wide. Toilet privileges were restricted, forcing us to eat sparingly and limit our fluid intake.

The police also persecuted practitioners' family members. They forbid visits if they refused to fill out a Dafa-slandering form. The police and the criminal inmates intimidated the practitioners not to reveal the real situation to their family members during visits. They threatened that the persecution and abuse would escalate if anyone revealed the true situation in the camp. Everything their families brought along had to be inspected; otherwise, things would be thrown away or given to the criminal inmates.

What I have related above is what I know firsthand about the abuse and torment under the persecution. It is just a small fraction of the incidents at that camp. The crueler inside stories are still being uncovered and will be reported later.

The evildoing personnel in the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp:

Camp Head: Shi Yingbai
Camp Deputy Head Liu Lun
The Administration Section Lead: Tao Dajian
The Education Section Lead: Wang You
No. 1 Division Head: Yang Jintang
Political Head: Yang Yu
No. 2 Division Political Instructor: Li Changchun No. 4 Division Head: Hao Wei
No. 5 Division Head: Zhao Shuang
Associate Head: Qiang Shengguo
Political Head: Wang Kai
Camp Warden: Guo Wanji
Public Prosecutor: Ren