(Clearwisdom.net) I was arrested seven times in total, and I greatly regret that I caused some losses for Dafa. When the Minghui website asked for article submissions, my spouse asked me why I didn't write an article, and I replied, "Because I did not do well." I later overcame my sense of inferiority, and feel that I would now like to share my experiences memorizing the Fa.

Since I last left prison, I have not returned home so as to avoid any further persecution. Instead, I have been living away from my home for years. In June 2004, I read stories about fellow practitioners reciting the Fa in Minghui Weekly. The stories inspired me to start memorizing the Fa.

I started to recite "Lecture One" of Zhuan Falun on June 9. When memorizing the second section in "Lecture One" entitled "Different Levels Have Different Fa," I thought, "When will I be able to recite the whole 300 page book from memory?" I was only on page 7. Could I really recite the whole book? The thought of giving up came to mind. I recognized that it was my thought karma; it was interference from dark minions and rotten demons. I realized that if many other practitioners can remember the Fa, I can too. I had a solid basis for reciting the Fa. I had read the Fa more than 100 times, and my memory is good compared to others in my age group. The key to doing so must be a firm faith in Dafa and good xinxing. The Fa created everything in the universe. Everything I possess came from the Fa. How could I not remember the Fa in my mind? I enlightened that I should have memorized the Fa a long time ago. I must do what I enlightened to. I must memorize the Fa.

At the beginning of this effort I could only memorize one page each day, and every time I worked at it I felt sleepy. I often thought of giving up, yet I kept encouraging myself that if others can do it, then I can, and I must be persistent. Dafa is a book from heaven; it is a true treasure and has supernatural power. I realized I must remember such a supernatural book with a supernatural will and memory. I must first break through my notion that there is a limit to the human brain, and that I would not remember if I tried to remember too much at once. Instead, I must establish a Dafa disciple's thought that a Dafa practitioner is a supernatural person that must have supernatural memory. I will memorize Zhuan Falun.

This new thought brought great results. I could remember three pages each day. I forged ahead diligently on my path of memorizing the Fa, then the evil started to interfere again. On July 24, 2004, I was forced to again leave the place where I lived. After that I had to move five additional times to escape the search and seizure, and my memorizing the Fa stopped. In August of 2005, I finally found a safe place to live and started to memorize the Fa again.

I memorized the first three lectures while I was constantly moving. I started to memorize "Lecture Four" at my new place. I completed "Lecture Four" in one month, "Lecture Five" in fifteen days, "Lecture Six" in fourteen days and "Lecture Seven" in eleven days. Currently I am on "Lecture Eight."

My experience of memorizing the Fa is the following:

1. I have further realized the boundless and profound nature of the Fa. I became aware of many of my human notions that I did not notice before, and eliminated them.

2. My xinxing improved in the process of memorizing the Fa, which helped me to decide to share my experience. Several years ago, my spouse suggested that I write experience-sharing articles, but I did not write any because of my excuse that I did not do well. Through studying the Fa and memorizing the Fa, I broke through such notions and truly cultivated my xinxing. I made up my mind to do well to make up for the losses I brought to Dafa. My improvement in past years was heavily dependent on the experience-sharing I read in Minghui Weekly. How could I not contribute to the Minghui website? This experience-sharing is my attempt to share my enlightenment, lessons and experiences with fellow practitioners.

3. I learned to do the three things well in every minute. I often reminded myself as a Dafa practitioner that I came here for the Fa, not for personal joy, and that I must do the three things well. I first started reciting the Fa day and night, even when walking and eating. While clarifying the truth and exposing the evil, I also recited the Fa. This greatly improved the effectiveness of my truth-clarification.

Above is my personal sharing, please kindly point out any mistakes.