I. The Jilin Province Education System is a focal point for that province's persecution

China's education systems have always played a major role in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. During the past 6 years, practitioners who are teachers and students, from kindergarten to universities have been harassed, followed, monitored, arrested, detained -- in prison, detention centers, and labor camps -- and fired from their jobs in the school system or forbidden to attend school. Some practitioners have been abused, insulted, tortured, injured, disabled, and even killed.

Falun Gong practitioners believe in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." They only want to tell people that Falun Dafa is good and that to practice it is not a crime. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Jiang's regime ignore the facts and the truth and brutally persecute these practitioners who just want to become better people. The ivory tower of the education system has been turned into a field for persecuting intellectuals and poisoning young students minds.

Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution started, the persecutors in Jilin Province have closely following the CCP. Their top priority is to persecute practitioners. They ordered the administration of all colleges and universities to persecute everyone in the system, including taking them to brainwashing centers and trying to "reform" them. Those practitioners who refused to write "guarantee statements" were suspended from their employment using various excuses. This seriously violates related laws and regulations and has created chaos in the colleges and universities. For example, the "policy" of Northeast Normal University is that, in order to adhere to superior's "orders," the university management suspends practitioners from their teaching positions or related duties and forbids practitioner students from attending school.

Below are some persecution methods used in the Jilin Province education system:

1. Creating a network and using three levels of management to persecute practitioners

All colleges and universities have "610 Offices" that are directly connected with the 610 Offices in the cities and the province. Many brainwashing sessions have been held within the educational system. When the 610 Offices from a higher level give orders, the 610 Offices in the colleges and universities send firm practitioners to brainwashing centers or forced labor camps. The directors of the 610 Offices in colleges and universities are usually vice presidents of the school. Members are mostly managers from the organization and propaganda departments. In each department or college, a vice chairperson is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong. Within every teaching unit, someone is in charge as well. All those mentioned above are made responsible for the persecution of practitioners and will be treated under the "implication" policy

To secure their respective positions within the system or to get promotions, some of these people ignore the facts about Falun Gong and cooperate with the police to persecute practitioners. They help to monitor the practitioners, arrest them, suspend them from work or dismiss them from school, as well as withhold their salaries.

2. Using the CCP organization to monitor and restrict young people

To assure its survival, the CCP uses all its power to force young people to become CCP members or members of its affiliated organizations. Grade 1 students (the first year of primary school) are all required to join the Young Pioneers. For example, in November 2005, two primary schools in Changchun City required grade 1 students, who had been in school for about a month, to join the Young Pioneers. Some classes joined as a group. Furthermore, the school forced the children's parents to sign their names in consent. By grade 8, all students are required to join the Youth League. In colleges and universities, the CCP tempts the students to join it with promises of future jobs and graduate school admission. Many kindergartens perform the ceremony of raising the (CCP) flag.

3. Instigating hatred and poisoning young people's minds

The persecutors direct deceived and poisoned "experts," such as professors and anti-traditional intellectuals to write articles and books slandering Falun Gong. They also include information that slanders Falun Gong in the textbooks of primary, middle, and high schools. They also propagandize against Falun Gong in schools and cities.

For example, the officials of the Education Bureau of Nanguan District, Changchun City wanted to slander Falun Dafa. In 2004, they organized an activity in the primary, middle, and high schools in the district to smear Dafa. -It was called, "the anti-evil cult activity of the Nanguan District Education system -- warnings and education." The activity lasted from August 2004 to January 2005, poisoning students' minds. The education system officials "trained" the principles and directors of the schools by forcing them to read out loud or watch the "Summary of Warning and Education, Anti-evil cult Poster, Publicizing Booklet," and "anti-evil cult films." Then, the principles and directors of the schools were required to brainwash teachers and students using these fabricated materials. The ideas propagated by the CCP should "enter the homes (of students), the classrooms," and come "face to face" with the students. The persecutors even held awareness competitions on the issue.

Furthermore, the persecutors created a horrifying atmosphere in society. In early April 2002, persecutors used primary school students to spread rumors about Falun Gong in Changchun City. Residents of the city resented the government's action and deeply worried about social security.

A teacher in the primary school, affiliated with Northeast Normal University, verified the following facts. In early April 2002, the principal of the school spread the rumor that "Falun Gong practitioners will abduct 500 young children." This principal claimed that he had received an anonymous phone call telling him about the news before he informed every student in the school about it. When people from outside the school asked the teachers about the incident, they all said they didn't know the details about this and asked people to contact the principal.

Around the same time, officials in the Andajie Elementary School in Changchun City gathered all of the students in the school's outdoor area and told them, "Falun Gong practitioners have planted a bomb in the school." They thus brought terror to those attending school and those from outside the school. Later on when asked about the incident, teachers in the school tried their best to avoid answering questions, saying that they didn't know much about it, and that the incident had passed, so there was no need to talk about it any more.

The primary school affiliated with Northeast Normal University is one of the best primary schools in Changchun City. Many students' parents are officials and people with high social status. Andajie Primary School is located in the central residence area of Changchun City. Rumors spread from the two schools had a negative effect on the entire area.

The officials in Changchun continued to use the police to investigate whether Falun Gong practitioners still worked there. To incite people's hatred and continue to deceive and control the masses, workplaces were required to warn their employees that Falun Gong would spread poison in the local area and that 5,000 people would commit suicide. Presumably, the Falun Gong practitioners that had recently been arrested were being described as the 5,000 people that would have otherwise committed suicide. The authorities used "evidence" from anonymous calls to frame Falun Gong.

4. Tacitly approving the evil acts and supporting the torture

Some work units in the education system acted as the persecutors accomplices. They tacitly approved the evil acts and actively supported the persecution with brutal torture. These people arrested practitioners and sent them to brainwashing centers, detention centers, and forced labor camps.

The persecution in the education system includes the employees. Practitioner Ms. Hu Huiqiu is a teacher in the Education Bureau of Changchun City. She wrote letters clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa to the head of the Education Bureau, Sui Mang, and to the District Education Director of Chaoyang District, Li Zhongbin. These two people then cooperated with the local police department to harass and intimidate her. One afternoon in mid-August, the head of the Politics and Security Section of the police department branch, Wang Huafeng, policeman Li Bin, and the director of the Adult Training Office of the Education Bureau, Kuang Yixing, came to Ms. Hu Huiqiu's home, trying to have her come to "have a talk." Ms. Hu firmly refused to go with them. She then suddenly felt sick and vomited. Her body twitched violently, and she lost consciousness. After she regained consciousness, the fit struck again. In spite of this, the policemen left only after her husband came home.

At 6:30 a.m. on August 23, a group of policemen from the Politics and Security Section of the Chaoyang District Police Department and Kuang Yixing from the Education Bureau went to Ms. Hu's home again, driving an unmarked van. They also had an ambulance come to Ms. Hu's place. The policemen surrounded her house, and they displayed a court order sentencing her to one year of hard labor. They forced Ms. Hu's family members to open the door and carried her into the ambulance on a stretcher. They then sent her directly to Team Six of the Jilin Province Women's Labor Camp.

Because of people's fear of the CCP, we could not obtain the actual number of practitioners tortured. Persecutors in Jilin Province have increased their efforts in the educational system to persecute practitioners. Below are a few examples.

II. Some facts about the persecution of practitioners in Jilin University

Jilin University is the largest university in China. It has at least 15,000 faculty and staff members and 60 to 70 thousand students. Persecutors in Jilin Province use the education system, which in turn uses the Jilin University staff to implement the persecution, because of its power to affect society.

Since April 25, 1999, officials and managers of the university have closely followed the Jiang regime in the persecution. They have stopped practitioners from teaching, tapped into their phones and monitored their activities. Many have been tortured to death or died as a result of the persecution. Teachers were fired and students were denied an education. Salaries and properties were confiscated. Practitioners were harassed, arrested and detained (in brainwashing centers, prisons, detention centers, and labor camps). Furthermore, some practitioners have been abused, insulted, tortured, injured, disabled, and even killed. It is impossible to get detailed information about the persecution every practitioner suffered, or an accurate number of practitioners persecuted.

A. Some cases of persecution

1. Teacher Ms. Shen Jianli was tortured to death

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Shen Jianli was a lecturer in the department of Applied Mathematics at Nanling Campus, Jilin University. Ms. Shen was in her 30s, and had graduated with a Master's degree from the Mathematics Department of Northeast Normal University. She worked at the Educational Research Center in the Mathematics Department of Jilin University. Before the persecution began on July 1999, Ms. Shen lived a peaceful and happy life. As a Falun Dafa practitioner, she lived according the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." She was kind, tolerant, and always a great help to people around her.

After the persecution began in July 1999, Ms. Shen's life was turned upside down. If practitioners practiced the exercises outdoors, the police arrested them. If they were found to have Dafa books, their homes were ransacked. Practitioners who practiced at home were registered, and community and government officials, employees from community centers, as well as the police would harass them at any time. University officials from Jilin University tried to force Ms. Shen to write a letter renouncing Falun Dafa and to turn in all her Dafa books.

In such an environment, Ms. Shen felt the need to travel to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa, carrying her little daughter in her arms. On the train, the police searched for and questioned everyone, in an effort to arrest practitioners traveling to Beijing to appeal. Ms. Shen was caught. The persecutors beat her on the spot. Her two and half-year-old daughter in her arms said, "Stop beating my mom."

Ms. Shen tried to go to appeal several times, but she was caught every time and escorted back home. Officers from the local police station (the Nanling Police Station) threatened to send her to a forced labor camp. The police planned to send her daughter to an orphanage and send both Ms. Shen and her husband, also a Dafa practitioner, to forced labor camps. Once, some police guards pushed her and her daughter into a police car and said to them, "We are going to send your daughter to an orphanage and you to a forced labor camp!" It was rumored that the police did submit a report to their supervisors, stating that they intended to send Ms. Shen to a forced labor camp, but the request was rejected because the child was too young.

The Nanling Police Station also ransacked Ms. Shen's home. Once, a few practitioners got together to read Zhuan Falun at her home. After the police received a tip, they broke into Ms. Shen's home, harassed her, and stole many personal items. At the time, several elderly people were at the house. The police threatened them, forced them to leave and even arrested some of them.

At the same time, Ms. Shen's work unit also put pressure on her. They treated her miserably and persecuted her. There were three levels of officials persecuting her at her work: The first level was the University leaders. Among them was Wang Shoushi, the Vice Party Secretary of Jilin University, who has the responsibility for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The second level was the local 610 Office, of which Liu Yuan is the director. The third level was the Institute leaders for which the party secretary is responsible. University officials' orders were given to the 610 Office, and then to the Institute's office. The 610 Office and Institute office carries out the persecution and then reports on the practitioners' situation, including their mental state, to the university leaders. The persecutors then decide on the next course of action in carrying out the persecution of individual practitioners, taking into consideration the practitioners' state of mind. Such a determination is made after talking with the practitioners. The persecutors at the Institute office then report the result of the "discussions" to the 610 Office, which in turn also has a discussion with the practitioners. They also report the results to the university officials. The university officials either talk to the practitioners or directly report the results from the 610 Office to their supervisors. The "discussions" generally center around asking the practitioners if they will continue with the practice, the practitioners' attitude about Falun Gong, and whether he/she will appeal or participate in Falun Dafa truth clarification activities. During the discussion with each practitioner, the persecutors threaten, cajole and apply other kinds of pressure.

Ms. Shen Jianli was forced to have these "discussions" many times. The authorities tried to force her to turn in her Dafa books and write a guarantee statement. The oppressors also talked to and pressured Ms. Shen's parents. They advised them to persuade their daughter to renounce Falun Gong. They threatened Ms. Shen's parents and insinuated that if she still refused to renounce the practice, "her career and future" would be in jeopardy. They asked Ms. Shen's parents to apply pressure on her and even asked that her parents turn in her Dafa books. When all these efforts did not succeed, they labeled Ms. Shen a "stubborn" person. In the eyes of Liu Yuan, director of the local 610 Office, Ms. Shen was the most "stubborn" person he had ever met.

Before the five universities were combined and became Jilin University, Ms. Shen was a mathematics teacher at the College of Science at Jilin Industrial University. The party secretary of the College of Science, known as Ma Zhensheng, as well as Liu Yuan and the officials of Jilin Industrial University, including Wang Shoushi who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, labeled Ms. Shen a "stubborn" practitioner. Soon after that, officials of Jilin Industrial University had a meeting and decided to cancel Ms. Shen's party membership, because she persisted in practicing Falun Dafa and believed in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance."

Besides disseminating slander and defaming Ms. Shen, the College of Science party secretary took away her right to work and her right to lead a normal life. After she was apprehended on her way to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa and escorted back, the party secretary kept her out of the classroom and told her that she had to attend a brainwashing session. They detained her in a small room at the College of Science and tried to force her to "repent and reform." In the small room, there was nothing but a desk and a chair. Ms. Shen refused to write any guarantee statements or articles of "reformation."

Seeing that Ms. Shen refused to "reform," the party secretary ordered her to stay in the office every day. She was monitored and forced to report to the officials whenever she would leave. Ms. Shen endured the unreasonable requests and helped her co-workers with some of their office work.

Seeing that Ms. Shen did not resist and protest, the party secretary thought of another way to persecute her. Ms. Shen was transferred to the shared computer lab to collect fees. This way, the pressure was still on her, she did not have any freedom, and it even saved money for the College of Science. Working in the computer lab, Ms. Shen did not get lunch breaks, and sometimes she had to work through the whole week except for Sunday afternoons. As a result, Ms. Shen had no choice but to bring her by then 3-year-old daughter with her to work on many weekends. The 3-year-old girl had to sit quietly in the computer lab until it was time to leave. Ms. Shen was never paid for her overtime work.

Ms. Shen had to endure "discussions," which could occur any time. In 2000, Ms. Shen's mother-in-law came to visit her from out of town. Ms. Shen reported to the authorities and went home. During that afternoon, a university official called her at home and forced her to immediately report back to the school for a "discussion." She was surrounded by a large group of people, who asked her to attend a brainwashing session, the minute she arrived at the office. When Ms. Shen refused, an employee of the College of Science (it is rumored that his/her name is Fu Wei, who was transferred away from the College of Science after the five universities combined) dragged her and her daughter into a car that was waiting specifically for her.

The officials took Ms. Shen and her daughter to a brainwashing center and detained them there. Ms. Shen's mother-in-law did not know what had happened and waited worriedly at home. At this time, Ms. Shen's husband, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zheng Weidong, was also in detention for refusing to renounce Falun Dafa.

In the brainwashing center, the police closely monitored the practitioners and kept them isolated from the outside world. They used this tactic to torture the practitioners mentally. The detained practitioners were left with two choices. The first choice was that they could renounce their belief, write the guarantee statements, and slander, attack, and even curse Dafa. Once the written articles from the "reformed" practitioners were considered "good," meaning that their attack and cursing of Dafa had reached a certain degree, the practitioners were released as being "reformed." The second choice was to speak the truth and refuse to renounce their belief. The tormenters sent these practitioners to forced labor camps, where they were further persecuted.

Worrying about her mother-in-law, Ms. Shen escaped with her daughter from the brainwashing center from the window one night. After her escape, the persecutors moved the brainwashing center to another location and controlled the practitioners more closely.

After Ms. Shen escaped with her daughter, Liu Yuan said in public, "I simply don't believe that we cannot catch her." Jilin University withheld her paycheck and tried to trap her with the money that she was owed. They lied and said that only she could pick up the money. At that time, the paycheck was in the hands of an employee named Li in the office of the Mathematics Education Center. In order to avoid illegal arrest, Ms. Shen became homeless, and had no source of income.

On March 6, 2002, Ms. Shen Jianli went to attend her husband Mr. Zheng Weidong's trial, which was held at the Nanguan District Court. The authorities arrested her inside the courtroom and left her daughter alone at the gate of the courthouse. Mr. Zheng was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Within one month of her arrest, Ms. Shen was tortured to death.

The persecution of Ms. Shen Jianli by her tormentors at Jilin University did not stop there. Ms. Shen's salary was not given to her family members. The money is still being held at the Mathematics Education Center. Ms. Shen's daughter cannot attend Jilin University's dependent's School for many reasons, including financial difficulties. The little girl now lives with her grandmother in a rural area and goes to school there.

Mr. Zheng Weidong's parents and Ms. Shen Jianli worried terribly about their children in detention. They endured tremendous suffering for a long time, and they suffered from depression. Ms. Shen's mother-in-law has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Injustice allowed for a wife and mother to be tortured to death, and for a husband and father to be sentenced to a long prison term. A little girl thus lost her father at age 3 and her mother when she was just 5. Ms. Shen was threatened, detained and forced to become homeless, having to move from place to place to avoid arrest. The couple's parents are still struggling under this huge burden, suffering both mentally and physically. They have even been denied the right to know their children's whereabouts.

2. Mr. Song Changguang, a student of Jilin University, was tortured to death

Mr. Song Changguang, 26, lived in Biangang Township, Shuangchenzi Village. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and experienced great physical and mental improvement.

In 2001, Mr. Song was to graduate from the University of Jilin, Telecommunications College. In December he went to Beijing to appeal, as this was his right under Chinese law. He was arrested on Tiananmen Square. The government's liaison office in Beijing returned him to the Jilin authorities. He was then detained in the Chaoyanggou detention center. Later, he was sentenced to two years in a labor camp and taken to the notorious No. 4 group. While there, he suffered inhuman torture. Especially in September 2001, the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp began using inhuman torture to transform the detained Falun Gong practitioners.

The police and inmates who were not practitioners severely beat Mr. Song because he did not give up his belief and would not write the "Five Guarantee Letters" [promising not to practice Falun Gong again]. His body was covered with bruises. His toenails fell out due to a cruel beating with a hammer. He was unable to walk and came down with severe pulmonary tuberculosis. Later, his family spent money to get him out of prison to see a doctor, took him to a hospital (the month long stay in the hospital cost them 10,000 yuan) and then took him back home. Due to internal wounds and foot injuries, he had difficulty walking, could no longer work, and often coughed and experienced lung congestion. Due to these physical and mental injuries, he was often in extreme pain and his health condition was unstable. In November 2003, he stayed in bed and could no longer get up. His family sent him to the Jiutai hospital for treatment, but medicine did not help him. Six days later, on November 12, Mr. Song Changguang died.

3. Renowned philosopher, professor Gao Qinghai died as a result of persecution

Mr. Gao Qinghai is a renowned philosopher. He used to suffer from many illnesses, including heart disease and sciatica and had to receive treatment in a hospital yearly. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1993, after which he regained his health.

The persecution began in July of 1999 and changed Mr. Gao's life. His status and social influence made him a focus of the persecution. The persecutors claimed that his influence reached beyond Jilin Province, and that influence had to be eliminated nation wide. As a result, the head of the nation's 610 Office, Li Lanqing, the National Education Committee, the Jilin Province party committee, and the Jilin University party committee pressured Mr. Gao. To get promoted, Su Rong, the vice party committee secretary of Jilin Province, visited and pressured Mr. Gao every day for a period of time to get him to "reform." Officials from Jilin University also applied pressure to Mr. Gao and even implicated his students. In this repressive environment and with such huge mental pressure, Mr. Gao could not study the Fa and practice the exercises. In late 2000 this resulted in a relapse of his old illnesses. Later on, he suffered from new illnesses and passed away in October 2004.

4. The Nanguan District Court in Changchun City, Jilin Province sentenced Pharmacist Mr. Huang Yuxin to nine years in prison

Mr. Huang Yuxin is from Qionglai City in Sichuan Province. He graduated from the Huaxi Medical University with a bachelor's degree in medical chemistry. After graduation, Mr. Huang Yuxin landed a job at the Second Teaching Hospital affiliated with Jilin University, Jilin Province. On September 21, 2004, the Nanguan District Court in Changchun City, Jilin Province, arrested him and sentenced him to a nine-year prison term. Presently, Mr. Huang Yuxin is appealing his case to the intermediate court.

In 1994, Mr. Huang Yuxin began to practice Falun Gong because he believed in Dafa and the principles of "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance" and had the wish to become a kinder and more honest person. He was known as a very good person. On September 21, 2004, two co-workers from Jilin University's Second Teaching Hospital attended the court's trial of Mr. Huang and testified about the contributions Mr. Huang had made to the hospital. Not long after Mr. Huang graduated and began to work at the hospital in 1997, he was told to computerize the pharmacy department, and he did an outstanding job. In 2000, he attended the National Internet Conference of Pharmacists in Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. In 2001, he attended the Junior Pharmacist Technical Sharing Conference in Beijing. Mr. Huang Yuxin published several papers and made a great contribution to the procedure of distributing medicine from the pharmacy department. The new procedure helped reduce the rate of errors in filling prescriptions.

Mr. Huang never took advantage of his occupation in the form of bribes, as is commonly practiced in China. One time, a pharmaceutical company offered to give him five thousand yuan, but Mr. Huang refused to take it. When the company owner put the money on his desk, Mr. Huang returned it. Many people later found out about this incident. The result was that staff from pharmaceutical companies knew that Mr. Huang would not take bribes and respected his integrity. Mr. Huang also helped people. Whenever anyone asked him to exchange workdays, he would use his own day off as a workday in order to accommodate his co-worker. He also did not pursue personal benefit or fame. For example, when promotions were being given in 2002, his outstanding performance was ignored because he was a Falun Gong practitioner. Even though he did not get a promotion, he still worked very hard as usual. Because he never complained about his work, the department gave him an additional bonus every month. At the beginning of the SARS epidemic in 2003, he was among the first group of people sent to deal with SARS cases in disaster areas. His salary did not increase, but decreased even when working in disaster areas. Still, he never complained. This good and kindhearted person was arrested and sentenced to a prison term because he spoke up for justice for Falun Gong.

On November 17, 2003, under the direction of police officer Cai Yubin, the director of the street committee office, Wang Guiqin, tricked Mr. Huang into opening the door of his home. Dozens of police officers then charged into Mr. Huang's home. Without a warrant, they searched his home computer. Failing to find any "evidence" on the computer, they still did not want to give up. A tall man wearing glasses from the City Public Security Bureau asked Mr. Huang if he was a Falun Gong practitioner. Mr. Huang did not answer the question, but instead told them that their actions were against the law. Before he finished saying this, four or five police officers dragged him down the stairs, while he shouted, "Falun Dafa is Good" and "Truth, Compassion and Forbearance are good." Because he said this, he was cruelly beaten. Later, he was taken to a private interrogation room in the Nanguan Branch Office of the police department. After being tortured inhumanely for seven to eight days, he was transferred to the Third Detention Center.

After Mr. Huang was arrested, the police thoroughly searched his home and confiscated a lot of things, including pay stubs, bank deposit books, a scanner, computers and gold chains. The total worth these items was valued at forty-six thousand yuan. They also detained Mr. Huang's wife in the Quanan Police Station for more than twenty-six hours. On the evening of November 19, 2003, they also arrested Li Xuewei, who was visiting Mr. Huang's home.

About ten days later, the police tricked Mr. Huang's wife into coming to the Nanguan Branch Office, where they interrogated her.

Two other practitioners Ms. Xu Shuxiang and Xing Yuling were also arrested on charges of "being involved in Huang Yuxin's case." Both were tortured to the brink of death. Ms. Xu never recovered. On January 18, 2004, less than a month after she was released, she passed away.

On August 20, 2004, the Nanguan District Court put Mr. Huang Yuxin and Ms. Li Xuewei on trial. Since there was no evidence to prove that the two practitioners had committed any crimes, the judge stopped the hearing.

One month later, on September 21, 2004, the court re-opened the hearing. Following a pre-determined course, twenty minutes after the hearing began, Presiding Judge Zhao Bo denied all the legal arguments made by the defendants' lawyer and accepted all the arguments from the prosecutor. Mr. Huang and Ms. Li were sentenced to nine and seven years in jail, respectively.

A happy family has been broken up because of the persecution.

5. Jilin University (formerly Jilin Industrial University) student Mr. Gao Hongfei subjected to relentless torture and brainwashing (Photos)

Mr. Gao Hongfei, a student from Jilin Industrial University and also a dedicated Falun Dafa practitioner, was one of the victims of the communist government's persecution. While being detained at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp, he suffered brainwashing and torture, resulting in severe injury to his lungs. Fearing that his death would create problems for the management, the camp released him. Mr. Gao's father, unable to withstand the duress and constant threats from the authorities, passed away. His aged mother was forced to work and make a living to pay off her son's huge medical expenses.

¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ ¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ

Practitioner Mr. Gao Hongfei, 29, came from Fanshi County, Shanxi Province. He went to Beijing several times to clarify the truth. In October 2000, he was arrested by the local police from Changchun City, Jilin Province, and secretly detained in the Tiehua Detention Center for 37 days. He was then sentenced to the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp in Jilin Province. While serving his sentence, Mr. Gao was subjected to very inhumane treatment.

Fenjin Forced Labor Camp officers tried hard to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. Because it was winter and no field labor could be done, the practitioners were locked up in cages and forced to sit on sharp, corrugated boards. After a few days, their buttocks would begin to bleed. Anyone found closing his eyes was reported and cruelly beaten.

It has been the camp's policy to "re-educate" detainees sent in for practicing Falun Dafa, first by brainwashing, and later through torture until the practitioners renounce their faith. During the brainwashing sessions, the practitioners are constantly bombarded with distorted and slanderous materials in both audio-visual and written format. Unyielding practitioners are then subjected to physical abuse until they break down physically or mentally. Those who withstand the torture have their sentences extended, meetings with visitors refused, and even basic toiletry supplies from home not allowed.

For three months, Mr. Gao suffered under these conditions in the Fenjin Forced Labor Camp. In March 2003, he was transferred to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp, Jilin Province, which proved to be even harsher. Rather fragile physically, Mr. Gao was not allowed to read the Falun Gong books or practice the exercises, and the long hours of forced labor quickly wore him down. By the end of 2001, he fell very ill. He was diagnosed with severe lung problems and his days were numbered. To avoid taking responsibility for his death, the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp released him and sent him home.

After he was released, Mr. Gao was sent to a hospital for treatment and was told he was not going to live long. After returning home, however, his strong faith and constant Fa study slowly brought him back on the road to recovery. After eight months in bed, he returned to normal.

Mr. Gao was still under constant surveillance, and the local police officers again came and threatened his parents. Mr. Gao's father, unable to take the harassment, died under duress. They also confiscated his Falun Dafa books and other related materials.

In March 2003, on his way to Taiyuan, Mr. Gao was arrested by the Yangqu County police and locked up in the Xinghualing Police Station to await sentencing. At that time, the whole country was facing the SARS emergency. Since Mr. Gao's case did not meet the requirements for imprisonment, he was sent back to his home district police station, where the local police officers confiscated his motorcycle and his computer and extorted 3,000 yuan from him as "bail" for his release.

The frequent threats and extortions drove Mr. Gao's family to financial ruin and forced his aged mother to work to make ends meet and pay off the debts incurred by his medical expenses.

6. The persecution received by professor Wu Yueping

Practitioner Mr. Wu Yueping, 48 years old, used to be a professor at the School of Philosophy and Sociology, Jilin University. He had been sent to a forced labor camp for distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. In the forced labor camp, the guards ordered the inmates to beat him. They also forced him to do hard physical labor even when he had a high fever. Mr. Wu went on hunger strikes three times to protest the

persecution. He was released when his body was extremely weak.

After he was released, the authorities from Jilin University suspended all his teaching activities and stopped paying him any bonus and a big part of his salary. In early 2005, the university authorities lowered his rank from full professor to associate professor, which was announced to the whole university. On October 24, the university authorities even removed his name from the list of professors, only because he persisted in Falun Gong practice.

7. Professor Zeng Lingwen, almost 70 years old, was detained many times

Ms. Lingwen Zeng, female, 67, was a professor of Physics at Jilin University. Professor Zeng started practicing Falun Gong in 1992. After that, all of her illnesses gradually disappeared and she became healthier and healthier. She had been detained twice in 1999 and since then, she suffered many other types of persecution. During that period of time, Ms. Zeng used her own cultivation experiences to clarify the truth to the police, the neighborhood committee and her university leaders. This allowed some kind-hearted policemen to understand the truth, so they stopped harassing her. Unfortunately, on February 9, 2002, 3 days before the Chinese lunar New Year, following PRC leader Jiang Zemin's new order to "Kill them without pardon," local police arrested her again. They held her in a brainwashing center without notifying her family members. Two month later, her family received notice that she had been sentenced to two years in the notorious Changchun Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp for not giving up her practice of Falun Gong.

8. Mr. Wang Hui, an instructor in the Mathematics Department of Jilin University, was brutally tortured

Mr. Wang Hui is an instructor in the school of mathematics at Jilin University. On July 22, 1999, he went to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. The police arrested him and transferred him to the Chaoyang District Police Department. After detaining him for 15 days in the Daguang Detention Center, the persecutors sentenced him to 1 year of forced labor because he refused to write a guarantee statement.

In the forced labor camp, the persecutors hung him up for 4 days and 4 nights. He went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. In early 2000, Mr. Wang was released for medical treatment because of his kidney disease. Around July or August 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal again. The police arrested him, sent him back to Changchun City, and sentenced him to forced labor. During his detention in a forced labor camp, he was brutally tortured. In the fall of 2001, he was released. However, the authorities from Jilin University suspended him from his teaching position, yet required him to report to the school every day and stay in his office.

During the manhunt in March 2002, the police in Changchun City arrested him and sentenced him to 2 years of forced labor. In the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp, persecutors tortured him with various methods: hanging him up in the air for 3 days and 3 nights, shocking him with electric batons, beating him with a three-buckle belt (an extremely brutal instrument of torture that would immediately bruise and lacerate the victim's body), "Riding the airplane" (see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/9/29/52921.html for a description and reenactment photo), and sleep deprivation. For example, in April 2002, inmate Ma Lijun used a rattan to beat Mr. Wang's back until Ma was exhausted. Mr. Wang's back turned purple and black, and he could only lie facing down when sleeping.

9. Jilin University faculty members, husband and wife Mr. Feng Gan and Dr. Ji Ping are put on the wanted list

A young couple at Jilin University, Dr. Ji Ping (wife) and Mr. Feng Gan (husband), have been on the wanted list since November 2002, when the Party's 16th National Conference was held, because they remain firm in their practice of Falun Dafa.

Dr. Ji, 30, received her Ph D. from Jilin University and became a teacher there. Because she insisted on practicing Falun Dafa, she suffered all kinds of harassment from the police and her work unit. In November 2000, she left Changchun City with her husband, Mr. Feng, to avoid further persecution. In the Jilin University's 610 Office record about Falun Gong practitioners, Dr. Ji and Mr. Feng were recorded as "missing." They are listed right after Sheng Jianli, the first one on record, who died as a result of persecution.

Mr. Feng Gan, 33, got his Master's degree from Jilin University and also became a teacher there. He was forced to leave home with his wife to avoid further persecution. In November 2002, during the Party's 16th National Conference, the police accused the young couple of groundless charges and put them on the wanted list. Another practitioner Chen Yuzheng was put on the wanted list at the same time.

10. A student at the medical school of Jilin University expelled for persisting in his belief

Below is the student's description of how he was persecuted:

I am a student enrolled in a five-year school program at the Medical School of Jilin University, Changchun City, Jilin Province. Due to the persecution of Falun Gong by Jiang's regime, however, I still cannot graduate even though I have been studying for 7 years. Here is my story.

My mind and body have both benefited since I started practicing Falun Gong. My body is healthier, and my mind has improved. I have fully recovered from health problems such as neurasthenia, knee arthritis and tracheitis.

On July 20, 1999, the Public Security Bureau in Changchun arrested many Falun Gong practitioners without valid reasons or legal procedures. I went to the provincial government to appeal, but the government ordered the armed police to beat Falun Gong practitioners. They punched and dragged me into a car and took me to a police station, where I was detained until midnight. Because we couldn't get a reply from the provincial government on whether the arrested Falun Gong practitioners would be released, we went to the Beijing Petition Office on October 22, 1999. At the door of the petition office, we were arrested and taken back to Changchun by those who claimed to be personnel from the Changchun City Public Security Bureau. After 15 days of detention, my school (It was Bethune Medical Institute at that time. It has been combined with four other colleges and is now part of Jilin University.) punished us by suspending us for one year.

As we were deprived of the right to appeal, and there was no place to speak out, I began to mail letters out and clarify the truth to people about Falun Gong. On November 17, 2000, the public security section police officers from Changchun city's Chinese and Japanese Friendship Hospital, where I was doing my internship training, searched my bedroom without presenting a search warrant. They cursed at me, pushed me down on the bed and confiscated my Dafa materials and books. I asked to see a search warrant several times, but one was not presented. Later, the local police station on Shenzhen Street took me along with my classmate Jin Guangxu, to the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun city.

At the labor camp, the police officials Yu Xuewen and Lu Zhisheng told criminals to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Xu Hui, a criminal, hit my hip with a piece of wooden bed board. Chen Hexin, another criminal prisoner, hit my kidney area and forced me to sit in a very painful position. They also tortured me with some other means such as "Riding an Airplane" (described in number 8 above).

Because I did not understand the Fa well, I did something that a Dafa practitioner should never do [renouncing my faith]. Later I knew that I was wrong and wrote a solemn declaration saying that I wrote it under duress and that it was void. I was released on October 18, 2001.

Now I have been out of prison for almost four months. My school has expelled me. I cannot understand how an institution of higher education can violate a student's right to return to school. The school's decision will ruin my future and has brought my family misery. After being at the school for seven years, I still cannot graduate.

B. Persecution of other practitioners who worked with Jilin University

1. Ms. Gong Manning, a graduate student at the Northeast Asia Research Center, was jailed at Tiebei Prison in Changchun City in May 2001.

2. Associate Professor (Jilin University) Ms. Yang Lingyun, 60, was persecuted by the Jiang regime for practicing Falun Gong. She died from an illness in early 2004.

3. On March 5, 2004, Jilin University expelled four teachers who persisted in practicing Falun Gong. Wang Yuejian (School of Mathematics), Feng Gan (School of Mechanical Science and Engineering), Meng Juanjuan (School of Philosophy and Sociology), and Liu Yong are the four teachers.

4. Liu Shaoying, 65, the vice president of Jilin University worker's union, was sentenced to 1 year of forced labor in March 2002.

C. The authorities of Jilin University who conducted the persecution

People in charge of the persecution include university party secretaries Wang Wenjin and Zhang Wenxian, vice secretaries Bing Zheng and Wang Shoushi, and 610 Office Director Liu Yuan. These people actively persecuted practitioners.

The university 610 Office director Liu Yuan created files on every practitioner to prepare for persecution.

Ma Zhensheng is employed with Mathematics Center.

Hao He also actively participated in persecution.

Chen Binggong is a professor at the Administration College in Jilin University. He is one of the editors of the magazine "Langtaosha." Since July 20, 1999, he has published many articles in the magazine slandering Falun Gong. The articles also describe Heizuizi Female Forced Labor Camp, a place where practitioners are tortured, as a paradise for inmates. The persecutors used administrative methods to force work units in northeast China to subscribe to the magazine "Langtaosha," because it instigated hatred and promoted the persecution of Falun Gong.

Gao Wenxin is a professor and director of Philosophy and Sociology College in Jilin University. He wrote textbooks and published articles slandering Falun Gong.

Jilin University demanded that 29 steadfast practitioners on its five campuses declare their positions before September 8, as University officials planned to ask the city to start a brainwashing session for them.

The director of the 610 Office, Liu Yuan, is the prime persecutor of practitioners at Jilin University. He has sent several teachers and students to labor camps, aggressively brainwashed them and applied severe psychological pressure to them. He is directly responsible for the death of Ms. Shen Jianli, a teacher in the Applied Mathematics Department. He personally forced Ms. Shen and her four-year-old daughter into a brainwashing center. The pair managed to escape that night, but the police arrested and imprisoned Ms. Shen, and later tortured her to death. (For related reports see: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2002/4/30/21513.html)

In the big roundup in mid-March, 2002, Liu Yuan led police to the bedroom of Ms. Zhao Po of the Public Foreign Language Department on Nanling Campus, and arrested and detained her. Ms. Zhao went on a hunger strike and also took no water to protest. After ten days, she was near death. At the end of March, doctors found that she had suffered several organ failures and had severe uremia. They were forced to let her go. Her current situation is not known.

Hao He collaborates with Liu Yuan and has sent many practitioners to the detention centers and labor camps without informing their families. One practitioner suffered a mental breakdown from the forceful brainwashing in the labor camp and became a totally different person. This practitioner went to Beijing to appeal and was sent back to the Siping Psychiatric Hospital. They tortured her in the hospital and then transferred her to Changchun Detention Center. Hao He went to see her during her detention and she claimed that she suffered unbearable torture and had very poor health. The practitioner later went to Beijing a second time to appeal and was recognized by Hao He at the Beijing Train Station. He took her back and personally sent her to the police department. The police then sent her to a forced labor camp. Hao is also mainly responsible for the critical condition of practitioner Zhao Bo resulting from the torture.