(Clearwisdom.net) The guards at the Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province have recently become more treacherous and cunning. They are not openly carrying out the persecution as they did previously. Now they secretly lock up Falun Dafa practitioners on the top floors. Aside from guards and "cangues" (two people who follow the practitioners around and monitor them 24 hours a day), no one else is allowed to enter.

With encouragement and support of the guards, drug addict criminals Liu Li and Deng Qin (a resident of the Nanchong area) thought of many wicked ideas to persecute practitioners. They locked up practitioner Ms. Geng Xiaojun in a dark place and hung her up for one day and night before letting her down. When they saw that she still refused to cooperate, they crossed and folded her legs together, and used a rope to tie her legs in this position for over ten hours. Ms. Geng was only released when she lost consciousness from the torture.

After Ms. Geng Xiaojun was subjected to another torture, her skin developed generalized swelling and many egg-sized boils appeared. She was forbidden to sleep for many days and nights. For many months she was forced to sleep on the cold, hard floor while one hand was handcuffed to a bed frame and the other hand was handcuffed to either Zheng Caiguang or Liu Jianping. Later the boils burst open, and the whole room was filled with the terrible smell. As a result, she was verbally and physically abused for as long as half a year. Under such difficult conditions, Ms. Geng maintained steadfast belief in Master and Falun Dafa. With protection from compassionate Master, Ms. Geng finally freed herself.

Female guard Wang Shan encouraged drug criminal Ling Yan (a resident of the Ziyang area) to persecute practitioner Ms. Jing Huiping. Guard Wang Shan tried to compel Ms. Jing to shout insults at Master and Falun Dafa, but Ms. Jing refused. Wang Shan beat her up and told Ling Yan and Li Yan (a resident from the Dachuan area) to beat Ms. Jing until she lost consciousness. During the process, much of her hair was pulled out. Every day Ms. Jing was not allowed sleep, to use the bathroom, to bathe, or to drink water. She was verbally and otherwise physically abused every day and forced to do hard labor. As a result, Ms. Jing could no longer move her neck and her limbs. Because this persisted for a few months, her neck and limbs became deformed. She is still incarcerated and being persecuted.

Female guard Li Xiurong tried to compel practitioners to shout insults at Master and Falun Dafa, and also made them write these insults in a "thoughts reflection" journal. Anyone who would not write them was subjected to cruel tortures and hard labor. The collaborators Gu Yunsheng (a resident of Jiangan County) and Hu Jianying (from the Nanchong area) were ordered to monitor the practitioners and to report to the guards anytime. The collaborators tried to compel practitioners to give up their belief in Dafa. If the practitioners did not agree, the collaborators would inform the guards, who would then persecute the practitioners. Gu Yucheng and Hu Jianying slandered Master and Falun Dafa frequently and helped the guards on a daily basis to read brainwashing materials to the practitioners in an attempt to poison the practitioners' minds. Collaborator Lei Hong (from the Dachuan area) was very vicious in her verbal and physical assaults. She used a metal clothes hanger to hit practitioner Ms. Wu Silian in the face and hand, and verbally attacked the practitioners. Lei Hong frequently slandered Falun Dafa and Master and tried to compel others to follow her. The people responsible for the persecution used all kinds of means, but none of them worked on the true practitioners.

Drug addict criminals Li Jing (from the Dachuan area) and Xu Zhen (a resident of Suizhu) helped to carry out the persecution. They tortured practitioner Ms. Yang Fengying until she suffered a mental disorder and amnesia. Everyday they beat her until she had many bruises and lumps all over her body. They even forced people to slander Master and Falun Dafa. If the practitioners did not cooperate, they would not be allowed to sleep, go to the washroom, or drink water.

Ms. Li Yanfei, principal of the Yuan Nursery School in Suizhu City, was illegally arrested many times and sent to forced labor for several years. In spite of this, she never gave up her belief. They had no choice but to release her. They eventually sent her to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp to be persecuted. The guards made her stand every day and refused to let her sleep for as long as a month. She was on a hunger strike for over a month. In prison Ms. Li Yanfei was tortured with the tiger bench, extreme forced labor, sleep deprivation, heavy beatings, fines, brainwashing, deprivation of bathroom use, being hung up, and other forms of abuse.

Guards' information:

Nanmusi Women's Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province, Postal code: 641200
Fax: 86-832-5212057
Main telephone line: 86-832-521205l, 5212052
Address: Nanmusi Area in Gongming Town, Zizhong County
Chief Wang Baojun: 86-832-5212189 (Office), 5212057(Office)

January 16, 2006