Financial Times & MSNBC: Internet giants grilled on China policies

February 15, 2006

The giants of the internet industry were put on the defensive on Wednesday when US lawmakers compared their compliance to Chinese censorship laws with the use of IBM's technology in the organisation of the Holocaust.

The Sun Herald: Internet giants come under fire on Capitol Hill [Excerpt]

February 15, 2006

WASHINGTON - Google and Yahoo found themselves denigrated as tools of China's Communist government in a congressional hearing Wednesday that led Yahoo to apologize for inadvertently assisting in the arrest of a Chinese dissident and Google to state that it could abandon China if censorship causes major business disruptions.

WSJ: Chinese Internet Censors Face 'Hacktivists' in U.S. [Excerpt]

February 13, 2006

Surfing the Web last fall, a Chinese high-school student who calls himself Zivn noticed something missing. It was Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that accepts contributions or edits from users, and that he himself had contributed to.

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