(Clearwisdom.net) In the past six years of genocide against Falun Gong launched by Jiang's Communist regime, the abuse of women has been severe. According to "Violence Against Women" reports by the Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group, very few of the hundreds of thousands of detained female Falun Gong practitioners have been spared some form of violation, such as the humiliation of being stripped naked (often for great lengths of time), the denial of access to sanitary napkins, sexual attacks or rape threats, or having their breasts and genitals beaten or kicked. In the more severe cases, the police have raped or gang-raped female practitioners; they have shocked the practitioners with electric batons inserted into their vaginas, they have tortured the practitioners by shoving stiff brushes into their vaginas, and they have stripped them naked and thrown them into the cells of male criminals. One woman who survived these tortures said, "One cannot imagine the sinister nature of those police."

In the afternoon on November 25, 2005, police officer He Xuejian raped two female practitioners at the Dongchengfang Town Police Station in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province. One of the victims was the age of He Xuejian's mother.

Officers from the Xingtai Police Department and a district police department in Hebei Province handcuffed illegally arrested female practitioners in a police car and gang raped them. They drove them to a detention center and whipped them with bamboo planks and shocked their breasts and private areas with electric batons.

The guards at almost all detention centers and forced labor camps in Guangdong Province savagely attack female practitioners' breasts and private areas. They shock the practitioners' breasts and private areas with electric batons, burn their nipples with cigarette lighters, insert electric batons inside the practitioners' vaginas and shock them, insert bundles of toothbrushes into the practitioners' vaginas, and use hooks to attack female practitioners' private parts. The male guards touch the practitioners' sensitive body parts in front of a crowd to humiliate them. They also squeeze male practitioners' testicles and electrically shock their private areas until they are severely injured and bleed profusely.

At the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City, practitioners were often stripped naked and forced to stand in front of a camera. They were forced to stand in the snow for extended periods of time wearing nothing. The guards shocked their private areas with electric batons. In June 2000, 18 female practitioners were stripped naked and thrown into cells housing males. With encouragement from the guards, the male criminals raped the women.

In order to detain her, 610 Office agents and the Birth Planning Committee in Lutai Township, Huaiyang County, Henan Province, arrested practitioner Ms. Wang Guijin, who was nine months pregnant. They claimed to have induced labor, but in fact they performed an abortion by killing the baby.

On October 31, 1999, the more than 800 Falun Gong practitioners illegally detained in Changchun City prisons and labor camps] included pregnant women and mothers carrying infants. One witness said, "A police officer kicked the stomach of a pregnant woman. She was in so much pain, her face was covered in sweat."

1. The Chinese Communist Regime systematically harbors and encourages criminals

A police officer in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, raped two women. The police are now pursuing the women and have posted a reward for their capture

On the evening of November 24, 2005, officers from Dongchengfang Town Police Station in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, arrested 51-year-old Ms. Liu Jizhi and 42-year-old Ms. Han Yuzhi, both practitioners, at home. They interrogated and savagely beat the two women. A policeman even groped them in a lewd manner and told them obscenely, "Do you think I am being thuggish? If you continue to practice Falun Gong, I'll fine you until you are penniless!"

Around 2:00 p.m. on November 25, 2005, a policeman named He Xuejian took Ms. Liu to a room where he savagely beat her. Next he pushed her against a bed and started groping her breasts. Then he lifted her shirt and shocked her breasts with an electric baton. While watching the sparks from the baton, He Xuejian repeatedly commented, "This is fun! This is fun!" Policeman Wang Zengjun watched and said menacingly, "Beat her! Beat her up good!" Then he left the room.

Despite Ms. Liu's desperate struggles, He Xuejian stripped off her shirt, sat on her stomach, and violated her manually. Then he switched to another position in order to remove her pants. During the struggle, Ms. Liu pleaded, "I am thinking of your own good--don't do this to me! You are a policeman! You must not commit such a crime! This is totally wrong! You are a young man! I am an old woman. Please, spare me." He Xuejian ignored her plea and raped her. During the rape, He Xuejian repeatedly slapped her face and violently choked her.

After raping Ms. Liu Jizhi who is the same age as his mother, he did the same to 42-year-old Ms. Han Yuzhi. Police officer Wang Zengjun was present during the rapes of both women but he did nothing.

After the rapes, both victims were forced to mop the floor and do chores. They were released after their families each paid a fine of 3,000 yuan, which is equivalent to a local farmer's annual income.

After the crimes, Song Xiaobin, Dongchengfang Town Politics and Law Committee secretary; Chai Yuqiao, Comprehensive Administration Office head; and Yang Shun, secretary of Xituan Village Party Committee formed a group. The group followed and threatened the victims' families and monitored their residences. They also monitored all Falun Gong practitioners in Xituan Village and forbid them from taking any long-distance trips. An "expansion meeting" was held in Dongchengfang Town, and all Party secretaries and village heads in the town attended. During the meeting, an order from the Hebei Province Department of Public Security was announced. The order announced a 100,000-yuan reward for the capture of the two victims described above, who must have gotten away. The government is trying to refute the rape charges and is attempting to send the victims to forced labor camps, after extorting 4,000 yuan from each one.

Ms. Liu Jizhi was savagely beaten and raped; she sustained numerous injuries on her buttocks and legs

Chongqing University student raped by police in front of detainees, whistleblower arrested, victim disappears, and offending policeman goes unpunished

Ms. Wei Xingyan was 28 years old and a third year graduate student pursuing a Master's degree in High Voltage Direct Current Transmission and Simulation Technology at Chongqing University. On May 11, 2003, Ms. Wei was arrested for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. On the evening of May 13, the police took her to a room in the Baihelin Detention Center in the Shapingba District. Two female inmates were ordered to remove all of her clothes. Ms. Wei Xingyan shouted, "I am a Dafa practitioner! You have no right to treat me like this!" One uniformed police officer ran into the room, pinned her to the ground and raped her in front of two female inmates. Ms. Wei said to the police in a solemn manner, "I will remember your police badge numbers! You will not escape punishment!"

Ms. Wei went on a hunger strike and was force-fed. During the force-feeding process her trachea and esophagus were injured and as a result she could not speak. On May 22, Ms. Wei was sent to the Southwest Hospital in Chongqing City, at the brink of death. Many plainclothes police officers from the "610 Office" watched her day and night and interrogated, followed, and arrested anyone who visited her.

After the rape was exposed, the Shapingba District Police Department refused to investigate the case and punish the rapist. Instead, it pursued and arrested the person who exposed the rape. The Chongqing City 610 Office, Chongqing City police and Chongqing University tried their best to cover up the facts while fanatically arresting dozens of practitioners in Chongqing City..

At the same time, Chongqing University was officially notified to "stay unified with the central government media" by "denying the existence of student Wei Xingyan, and denying the existence of a High Voltage Direct Current Transmission and Simulation Technology curriculum at Chongqing University." The university sealed Ms. Wei Xingyan's file and deleted information about the High Voltage Direct Current Transmission and Simulation Technology curriculum from the university's website. Anyone who talked about the rape became a target for arrest by 610 Office agents.

The female students who had lived in the same room and in the same hall as Ms. Wei suddenly disappeared. It has been learned that the 610 Office secretly moved them to other locations to keep them under control. All police officers with knowledge of the incident, including the rapist, were transferred to other posts to avoid an international investigation.

The whereabouts of Ms. Wei Xingyan are still unknown.

2. Crimes inside Beijing, the Chinese Communist Party's headquarters

Beijing is the central headquarters for the Chinese Communist Party. The crimes and atrocities that have taken place in Beijing are a direct manifestation of the sinister nature of the Chinese Communist regime and its policies. At the Beijing Custody Center and Labor Camp Dispatch Division, the police detain each Falun Gong practitioner in a separate room to beat and torture him or her. Painful screams are often heard. Police officer Huo Xiuyun encouraged the inmates to gag the practitioners and cover their heads with a quilt before violently beating and kicking the practitioners' private areas and whipping their buttocks. Such mistreatment breaks the skin on the practitioners' buttocks. The flesh swells and the victim has difficulty urinating. Practitioner Ms. Li Hong was in her 30s and came from Hubei Province. Inmates Zhang Su, Yan Yuqing and Zhang Cuifen tortured her this way with encouragement from the guards. Unmarried female practitioners are also sexually humiliated.

Practitioner Ms. Liu Shengping from Beijing was held at the Beijing City Forced Labor Camp Dispatch Division. When she refused to write a "guarantee statement" to renounce Dafa, the police officers stripped her of all her clothes, pinned her to the ground, and shocked her with about five electric batons. The electric current was so strong that her body convulsed involuntarily, even as she was pinned to the ground. Many black scars remain on her chest and back from the burns.

The guards at the No. 2 Detention Center of Beijing's Chaoyang Police Department do not even spare unmarried women. Several guards used the most vulgar language to insult young female practitioners. They grabbed the practitioners' hair, slapped their faces, kicked, pinched, and twisted their sensitive areas. They forced the female practitioners to squat barefoot on the concrete ground. Some practitioners who had their menstrual periods were not allowed to wear underwear. If the practitioners disobeyed in the least, the guards and inmates would savagely beat them, strip them naked and tie them to a wooden cross so they could not move. They had to relieve themselves while they were still tied to the cross. Some practitioners had their menstrual period while being tied to the cross and blood streamed down their legs, yet the guards walked around them as if nothing was happening. As another torture the guards would pin a female practitioner to a wooden board, put a wooden plank on her stomach, and then four guards would stand on the wooden plank and jump, forcing blood and urine out of her body. One unmarried female practitioner lost consciousness after being tortured this way. When she came to, she still refused to tell her address. They stripped her naked. Four guards took off their clothes and threatened to gang rape her. She then told her name and address.

At the Shijingshan Detention Center in Beijing one very beautiful female practitioner, around 30 years of age, was brutally tortured. Male guards stripped her naked and tied up her arms and legs. They took photos of her naked body and showed her the pictures. They insulted and verbally abused her and threatened to circulate the pictures.

One female practitioner from Beijing was stopped by a police officer and savagely beaten when posting Falun Gong flyers. The police officer shouted at passersby, "She is a Falun Gong practitioner, a counterrevolutionary element. It's nothing, even if I beat her to death!" After cruelly beating her, the police officer dragged her under a bridge, tore off her pants and raped her. Then he sat on her and shoved his police baton into her vagina.

On April 6, 2004, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Kaneko Yuko, who is currently living in Japan, spoke at a United Nations Human Rights Commission meeting where the topic was women's rights. She talked about her experiences at the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp and said,

"The guards tried to coerce me into giving up my belief. They handcuffed my hands and my feet to a bed. The handcuffs were very tight and I had blood on my wrists. They inserted a tube through my nose into my stomach and also inserted a tube into my urethra. They would not release me to let me use the restroom even though I was menstruating. They didn't want me to soil the quilt, so they put a plastic sheet underneath me and bared my lower body. The temperature in June in Beijing is about 97 0F. My lower body was soaked in sweat, blood and other excretions. They did not remove the tube after each force-feeding and neither did they tie it up. The things they poured into me gushed out and poured all over my neck and shoulders. I was covered in the sticky solution that soured and rotted. They had me tied for nearly 20 days. Later, when they released me, I could not get up from the bed. The flesh on my back was ulcerated and I could not walk."

On International Women's Day, March 8, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Chen Ying from France and Ms. Xiong Wei attended a European Parliament press conference held at the European Parliament Hall in Strasbourg. They exposed the deprivation of women's rights and dignity prevalent in Chinese Communist forced labor camps. Ms. Xiong Wei, who was rescued to Germany, spoke of her experience at the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp. She said she was forbidden to use the restroom or use sanitary napkins when she was menstruating. When she protested, the guards handcuffed her and threatened, "We will break each one of your fingers and cook you in boiling water and then see if you'll still practice Falun Gong."

She mentioned a 19-year-old university student whom eight inmates had beaten under orders from the guards. The inmates stripped her naked and gagged her with her socks and underpants. They violently kicked her private area with very hard boots. About 20 days later when Ms. Xiong saw her again, the student had suffered a nervous breakdown.

Ms. Chen Yin, who was rescued to France, said that she was forced to remove all of her clothes, squat, and take a cold shower in the labor camp. The guards ordered about six inmates to beat her. She protested and was handcuffed to a window and injected with unknown drugs. As the drugs entered her body, she felt such pain as if her heart and blood vessels were bursting open. The left side of her body convulsed, and she gradually lost her memory.

3. In carrying out the government's persecution policies, female guards lose their humanity and inmates add crimes to their existing crimes

The Chinese Communist Party has coupled the "reform" of Falun Gong practitioners with police' and guards' bonuses, job credits and promotions. According to 610 Office policies, a police officer is rewarded with several thousand yuan for forcing one practitioner to give up his/her belief. Sometimes there are also promotions and other benefits associated with successful "reform." As a result, for the past several years, officers and guards at the police departments, detention centers, prisons, labor camps and brainwashing centers are stopping at nothing to torture practitioners.

These enticements of financial gains and other benefits have not only perverted the male guards but also the female guards. They all follow the CCP's edicts to ruthlessly torture female practitioners in hopes of "reforming" them. They also order inmates, some of whom are prostitutes, to insult and torture female practitioners with promises of sentence reductions.

At the Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province, the inmates use various debased tactics to persecute practitioners, all with the encouragement of the division heads. Inmates stripped one 47-year-old practitioner naked and tied her up with a rope. They stuffed her vagina with dirty dishcloths until they could not fit in any more. Then they kicked her private area and stabbed at her vagina with a toothbrush. Another practitioner refused to curse Master or to attack Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. She was stripped naked and hung from a metal window frame. The inmates took turns further torturing her. They grabbed her breasts and violently yanked them until blood dripped from her nipples. They refused to let her use the restroom before tying her up, and they put feces on a used sanitary napkin and taped it to her mouth.

At Dalian City Drug Rehabilitation Center, with encouragement from guard Wan Yalin, several inmates stripped a quiet and graceful girl named Ms. Chang Xuexia. They pinched her breasts, plucked out some of her pubic hair, and stabbed her vagina. They used a brush that is usually used to clean the water tank. They then put a basin under her to see if she was bleeding. When no blood came out, the inmates switched to a larger brush and repeatedly stabbed her vagina with it. Another practitioner, Ms. Wang Lijun, was tortured repeatedly. Inmates tied many knots on a thick rope and pulled it back and forth across her vagina. Her entire lower body swelled. The head police officer then ordered inmates to jab her swollen vagina with the splintered end of a broken mop stick. This torture made Ms. Wang's vagina bleed profusely. Her abdomen and vagina were so swollen that she could not pull up her pants, sit, or urinate. Ms. Wang still could not sit upright two months after the sexual torture. She also became crippled. I witnessed these inmates using this same torture on an unmarried girl.

Jiang Dongmei, a female guard at the Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province, encouraged head inmate Xie Lifang, a 28-year-old owner of a brothel disguised as a saloon and a prostitute herself. Also participating in the following abuse were Sheng Chunlan and several other prostitutes. They tricked a whole group of Falun Gong practitioners into entering a confinement cell. They stripped off each practitioner's clothes and held her on the ground. With one person sitting on the victim's chest and another person sitting on the victim's thighs, they physically humiliated the practitioner by viciously pinching her nipples, piercing her nipples with needles, using a square stool to pound on her abdomen, kicking her lower bodies, jabbing her private parts with their knees, plucking her pubic hair, and stuffing paper into her vagina. Practitioner Ms. Du Xiuju (42 years old, never married, and a teacher at the Technical School in Lianyun Harbor) suffered from vaginal bleeding for over a month after being tortured. The practitioner who suffered the most was 35-year-old Ms. Huang Hongping. Xie Lifang and other vicious people kicked her head and face, pulled her hair, slammed her head against a wall, and used all of the debased methods described above, causing her to lose control of her bladder and bowels. The ruffians even cursed her while beating her, saying, "We will beat you to death, just like we would beat a dog to death. The authorities will not investigate our actions!" Ms. Huang Hongping's abdominal area, the inner side of the thigh and her entire lower body turned blue and purple. Blood pooled under her skin. Even after lying in bed for over a month she couldn't walk normally and had to rely on two people to hold her while she walked.

Practitioner Ms. Wang Yuqin from Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 45 years old, passed away on March 13, 2002, after suffering such brutal persecution.

The guards at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp often bolster themselves with "orders from above." "There are orders from above. We will be held criminally responsible for the death of other labor camp detainees but not for the torture deaths of Falun Gong practitioners!"

It is obvious that the evil Chinese Communist Party regime and its persecution policies are the source of all of these crimes!

During the past six years of persecution against Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist regime has abused and murdered innocent people and raped women "in the name of the state and regime" through the use of the regime's machinery. This has led to widespread moral corruption, as human rights and the law are regarded as worthless. Women's rights and dignity are not protected. The regime's decrees have brought countless disasters to the Chinese people. Heavenly principles and the rule of law will severely punish all those who have participated and are still participating in this persecution.